[NOVA] The Ask (K 2.11)

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Ksenia, you and Captain Dai walk out from the lounge together. She looks you in the eye and asks, direct and without any caution or tension in her eyes, "Did you have that talk, Boo?"


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    I look over at her sidelong, a little smirk still on my lips. "Yep."
  • "So, what was the upshot?" She's still casual, Ksenia, but the interest is undisguised.

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    "Want to head to your suite?" I ask as we're in the hall, sort os standing there between places. "I could tell you all about it." My smirk's still there, and it's not like I'm going to make a move on her here in front of anyone, but yeah, Ima frak yer brains out, Cap.
  • Ksenia, Zoo gives you the "lead the way" hand sweep, with a lazy grin on her face that matches yours. The two of you are in her quarters in a few seconds, and the Captain sits down on her bunk, patting the space next to her. "So? I need to hear it, Boo, not just try to figure out the look on your face. I can't imagine Mei's okay with this, who would want to share you, but if you tell me, I'll believe you."

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    I take a seat by Dai, close, our thighs almost touching, and turn. I scan the room for that diagnostic equipment, of course. "Mei and I talked. I asked if she wanted monogamy. She said she could be flexible. I told her I wanted to..." I purse my lips, trying to figure out the best way to phrase it, "frak your brains out." Might as well be direct and honest.

    "She wasn't in love with the idea of sharing, but she also understood that holding me close would just strangle me. So, she said she trusted me to come back to her. Which, I will." I look right at her. "Later." Then I reach over with my left hand and put it over hers.
  • She turns her hand so you're palm-to-palm. You're so close, you can smell her skin, vanilla and just a hint of the deep, buttery moisturizer she uses. She licks her lips and searches your eyes, sees the truth. "Yes. Later." And then you're kissing, both of you sinking back onto the bed.

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    For a moment I wish I had my cyberarm, but it's too late for that now. Next time, I tell myself. And I realize there will be a next time. And one after that. I don't know what that makes this. Or why I'm doing what I'm doing.

    When clothes start finding their way off bodies, I pat her tight tummy lightly, then sit up. Topless and clad only in my boy shorts underwear, I walk over for the diagnostics device, bring it back to sit on the bed. "Show me how to hook us up, Zoo."
  • Ksenia, Zoo shows you, and then she shows you some other things, and you show her some. You spend several delightful, sweaty, inventive hours in her stateroom before dozing off, tangled together.

    With hours still left in the night, you clean yourself up and make your way back to your own bed, careful not to wake a sleeping Taban when you slip in.

    ---END SCENE---

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