Pitch: A Dark Age

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The River King is dead. Through his daughter and by right of the Blood of Eagles, his grandson Maximilien might rule. By noble blood, according to the ways of the followers of the Bloodless Xristos, his brother Namus might rule. And there are those that say the succession crisis is but a sideshow- that King Othon's sudden and mysterious death is a harbinger of more serious trials to come. And you: what do you have to say?


Vincent Baker's development on A Dark Age seems to have paused, but between the documents that have been released thus far and knowledge of the *world system that it is developed from, it ought to still be playable. I am giving this thread a bump and reiterating my interest in hosting it.

I'd like to keep things fairly informal, keeping in mind that the rules are thus far incomplete, and aim for a steady but reasonable post rate- certainly a few times a week, but not more than a few times a day- to be negotiated as necessary.


  • I'm certainly interested. I can do about 30-60 minutes a day (depending on the day), which usually amounts to a few paragraphs worth of written text (or a brief conversation). Presuming people are good with that, I'd love to give this a shot!
  • I am curious, I have to admit.
  • Well, here's what I'm thinking. A landscape that looks like this...


    And in this landscape:
    - a great river valley, a kingdom, a multitude of fiefdoms in vassalage to the River King
    - wind-swept highlands, shepherds and mystics in the hills
    - great mountains and forests, mysterious and frightening to the valley folk
    - an estuary, a coast, where the river empties into the sea, carrying merchants and fishermen

    I'm not clear on how I feel about importing actual historical languages into the fantasy setting as implicitly laid out in the text. Rather more comfortable with the generically western European culture of medieval fantasy, with our own inventions and deviations. I've been using medieval French, English, Celtic, Breton, and Langue D'Oc name lists.

    What are you guys feeling?
  • I love it. I like the idea of a bunch of small city states ruled by a bunch of (nearly) sovereign lords a-la Elder Scrolls, or Game of Thrones, or insert other politically charged fantasy story here. I also like the idea of mystics in the hills, and the mountains being some intraversible source of ancient history – bordering dangerous, but self absorbed, nations.

    I also like the idea of people having different cultures, but like the idea of this kingdom being something of a melting pot – so we get to see some of it, but not to the point of being invasive, or requiring a division of labor creating a sprawling and detailed backstory for them all.

    As always, I like the idea of mysticism in a game being a largely personal, but veiled thing... Where most people admit some connection to it – but it requires an active effort to tap into it, and truly experience it. I like "magic" that is difficult to use, and poorly understood.

    I'm still mulling it over though. I'll post more as it comes to me.
  • Anyone here interested in giving this another go?
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