[NOVA] Time Passes (K/M 3.0)

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A few months pass, with a number of quick, successful missions during the time.

Mei, during this time, you continue to receive letters from your secret admirer. Some are very specific, discussing events of the day, and some are more general praise of your many fine qualities. Have you done anything to uncover the identity of the sender?

Also, Mei, at some point during these months you have acquired a scar. What does it look like, and how did that happen?

Ksenia, why did you have that big fight with Dinah, and how did the two of you resolve it?


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    Dinah needled me about Mei, again. Asked me if I thought I was "stringing her along", why I wanted my cake and Dai, too. I just flipped on her, my temper got to me. She didn't deserve it, told me I needed to chill out. That made me feel embarrassed, so I did what I try to never do, I doubled down. We almost got into a fight. Like fists flying. If she'd been anywhere near as good in a fight as I am, I'm pretty sure I would have cold-cocked her... heh, shit, that was a bad pun.

    Anyways, I stormed off. Ran for a while. Beat up on the training dummy. Tried to get into a fight with Lana, who walked away. Then I took a long nap. Two hours.

    When I woke up, I was calm enough to realize I was being a total beeyotch. But by then, I was again, embarrassed. I avoided Dinah for a day or so. Then she cornered me. Man, she can have a potty mouth sometimes! I mean, this is coming from me.

    Yes, there were tears. I apologized. Alot. I promised to buy her a bottle of expensive wine. She hugged me. I felt better. I think she did, too. I hope so.
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    I stopped reading them for a while. The admirer's attention to detail was a little unnerving. Then one night, in a moment of lonely weakness, I caught up on my reading. I know it simply must be either Church, Dai, or Lourdes. Dinah said she didn't have designs on me,and I don't get the impression Zoo wants to fish in my pond (so to speak), and Church is the boss of of this outfit, but... I'm still tempted to psi-scan everyone. Instead, I'll try to reach out to my admirer in their medium of choice.

    Why remain secret? -Mei

    I find myself sketching Gaumata from memory and feeling low.
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    It was during that Ukabiah mission. Church, Dai, and I were reconnoitering a peace conference as a reporter, a "neutral" Polity observer, and a protester. You have to read the debrief to find out who had what role.

    That planet has some pretty fauna, inlcuding a beaver-like marsupial about 9 or 10 kilos with a nasty set of jaws. Something in its bite normally causes mild irritation in a human-sized creature, but I went into anaphylactic shock and blacked out. I came to in emergency services some days later- Church and Dai were able to hustle and complete the mission, but I was too compromised to aid. I know it's not technically a failed assignment, but it is to me. I worked twice as hard for months to make good.

    Dinah says the token-sized bite above my elbow looks like a tri-force, whatever that is. It's some important thing from one of her video games. She tried to explain it to me, but it didn't make any sense whatsoever.
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