[BtI] Date 1, Turn 2 (Active Player=Andrea)

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It's pretty loud in here once the show gets underway. And it's not a bad show -- just not something I would have expected to find myself doing on a date. There's a lot of audience participation in the show: each side has "chosen" a crew to support, and our support is prompted by the comically-dressed figures down nearer to the floor. I cheer and jeer along with the rest of the crowd as a mock-combat -- complete with the booms and smoke of cannon fire -- breaks out on the stage.

I guess it's just the cheerleader in me, because I have no real interest in how the combat plays out below. I steal a glance, then tilt sideways to speak to you so that I don't have to try to compete over the audience. "I'm not deafening you, am I?" That's just my polite way of ensuring I'm not embarrassing you with my participation...but, I figure, if you were worried about being embarrassed, you wouldn't have picked somewhere like this.


  • zach
    I've spent most of the time watching you out of the corner of my eye. I didn't think this would be "the greatest date place ever", but I hoped it would be memorable, at least. It looks like you're giving it a go, which is so great.

    "Not at all, Summer" I reply. "You've got a set of pipes!" I ask back, "Are you having fun?"

    Take a bonus die. You're a great sport.
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    "You're looking at the head cheerleader," I inform him proudly, albeit with a laugh. "You can't lead a pep rally if you can't shout over the rabble."

    I am having fun, actually, and much to my surprise. I nod slightly. "I am! I have no idea what the narrator is saying, but I am." Said narrator keeps saying things in what I assume is meant to sound like a pirate. Somewhere between the lingo, the terrible accent, and the crappy speakers, though, most of it's lost on me. "Even though I think our pirate guys are losing the war." To be fair, I've kind of lost track of which ones we're actually cheering for. And what they're fighting over.

    "How's your food?" My BLT was pretty run-of-the-mill -- which, to be honest, was one of the reasons I chose it. A BLT is pretty hard to screw up, and with tourist traps like this, the food can get pretty sketchy.
  • zach
    I raise my burger, "The burgers are decent. They used good cheddar cheese. Better than Planet Hollywood for sure." I take a drink from my pirate-themed diet coke cup. With a grin I say, "It took me decades... but I finally got a date with the head cheerleader! Woohoo!" I raise my cup to you in a toast.

    Take a bonus die. Head Cheerleader. Hawtness
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    "And I got a date with a TV star," I fire back smugly and lift my own iced tea in return. "And he's a pilot, too. I think I'm the one coming out ahead." My smirk vanishes beneath the rim of my glass as I take a sip of tea. "How did you get into sky-writing, anyway? I've been meaning to ask." Because, well, it's a pretty unique job.
  • zach

    I down my diet coke and lean in a little, since I'm not as good at "projecting" my voice like you are. Plus, you know, good excuse to be close. "I made some money before I hurt my knee, and I figured I'd do something I'd always wanted to do. So, I took flying lessons. It was pretty great, every time I had a break from the ice, I'd be up in the air, flying. Then, after the injury, I spent some time trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life."

    The "serving wench" comes by to refill our glasses. I take a swig of my second diet coke. "I figure maybe it would be great to be a pilot. Then, out of the blue, my cousin Stella, who lives in North Beach, she calls me to tell me about this guy who's selling his plane along with his whole business. I call him up, the guy's an old fart named Stanley Isringhausen, and he turns out to be a hockey fan, so he gives me a sweet deal for the whole business. I had enough in my bank account to buy it, and get a nice house out near the shore, so I just went for it."

    You can probably see it in my eyes, how happy I am that I took the plunge. "I'm not rich by any stretch, but the skywriting keeps my flying, and I keep my head above water. The TV spots are my walking around money. Pays for extravagant things... like this." I chuckle a little.

    You butter me up so well! Take your third Bonus Die. You can roll that, plus the Attraction die, for a total of four.
  • (Rolled: 4d6. Rolls: 1, 2, 2, 1. Total: 6)
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    I lean forward a bit to meet you halfway. I can hear you better, but I also like the coziness of being close while sharing your story. Watching your face, I can see how much you enjoy it and how much it means to you. For a moment, I almost forget that we're surrounded by yelling children and singing pirates. I'm just watching you and admiring that light in your eyes, the definition of your face, which I rather like, and then...

    And then I'm suddenly reminded with a splash of iced tea as the server dumps my glass into my lap. Okay, I'm pretty sure she didn't actually dump it in my lap. I think she was pouring it out, and the glass slipped and happened to land in my lap. A piece of ice even somehow works it's way down the front of my dress!

    "Shit!" The word is out of my mouth before I can stop it, and it's accompanied by a look of horror and shock more-so than anger. The server is there immediately with napkins, and she's apologizing profusely for the disaster.
  • Oh no! Take two re-rolls, you poor thing!
  • (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 4, 3. Total: 7)
  • zach
    I'm up, grabbing napkins, ignoring my knee which reminds me I'm not supposed to just jump up like that. "Summer, are you alright?" I'm patting at your dress, but I don't want to be a perv, so I'm pretty much avoiding all of the most wet parts, and it isn't like there were a ton of napkins laying around, so I end up just pushing ice off of you a little. But hey, I'm trying.

    "The, ah, the bathroom's over there." I offer.
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    I take a deep breath, try to smile and reassure both the waitress and my date that it's okay, it's just iced tea...even though it's really not okay. Of all the stupid, careless things to do to a person!

    "I think I'll take you up on that," I answer, and I hope I sound calmer than I feel. I pick up my purse and turn to find myself face-to-face with the only person that could make this date even worse.

    And he's smiling from ear-to-ear like a shark who just caught sight of his prey. He even gives me a slow clap. But it's not me he's looking at: John's staring hard at Zach.

    "Still a klutz, Summer? Hope you didn't get any on your date."

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  • (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 3, 5, 6. Total: 14)

    Come on, dice! Come on!
  • zach
    "Summer," I say as I face this guy, "Why don't you go. I'll chat with your friend here until you get back." I'm giving him the eye.

    Roll those last two re-rolls. Good luck!
  • (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 6, 3. Total: 9)

    Fingers crossed!!
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    That gives us three successes, squeaking it in at the last minute. I'll buy our Attraction from one to two.
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    I doubt you know what you're asking for, but you seem like a nice guy who knows how to handle himself. And John's a jerk, but he's also pretty transparent. And pretty harmless.

    "Alright." I offer you a timid smile, then shoot a glare at John as I march past. For your sake, I'll try to be quick. No one wants to get stuck with him -- least of all you, I'm sure.

    It's your turn to narrate!
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