[BtI] Date 2, Turn 1 (Active Player=Rich)

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First of all, we need to resolve how many Attraction Dice become permanent. I'll roll the three new Attraction dice we won during date one. For every 5 or 6, those Attraction Dice are permanent and marked on our sheet.

Unfortunately, there are no re-rolls. :(


  • (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 3, 2, 5. Total: 10)
  • This turn starts with two attraction dice and three compatibilities (likes children, playfulness and we roll with the punches).
  • zach
    It's almost six when you arrive at the tiny airport where my plane awaits. I texted you to let you know you shouldn't eat beforehand. I asked you to part near Hangar eight. Inside, I'm waiting nervously. The hang doors are wide open and my plane is parked inside.

    As you come in, you'll see a quaint little round table set up near the back of the hangar with a white tablecloth. There's a bucket of ice on a couple crates with a wine bottle in it, and a few candles burning on little silver holders in the middle. It's as romantic as I've ever done and I'm not sitting down, I'm sort of pacing in anticipation.

    I'm flying today, so I didn't really dress up, need my comfy shoes and pants to feel things, so I have on a pair of slacks and a button-up shirt that isn't slouchy.
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    I wasn't sure what to wear for our date. I know I'm not flying the plane, but I couldn't help but think of Amelia Earhart with her heavy jacket and pants and goggles. In the end, I settled on something just a bit more practical myself -- and, looking around as I step inside, I'm relieved I didn't dress down.

    Tonight, I'm wearing a red scoop-neck blouse with short, flirty sleeves. The shirt itself is longer so that it practically becomes a dress -- which, really, is the only kind of shirt to wear with leggings. Accessories: a belt to keep the shirt from ballooning out into a shapeless disaster, some really cute flats, some simple bangles on my wrist, and, since I've pulled my hair up into a bouncy, curled pony tail, some simple studs in my ears. Modern practicality can still be pretty cute and feminine.

    The table is a surprise -- and a welcome one. I can't help but smile at you in approval. And you're dressed a lot nicer than I was expecting, too, which has won you enough bonus points to earn a quick kiss in greeting.

    "I thought I was just getting a plane ride."

    Look at all the effort to impress a girl! Roll your attraction dice!
  • Attraction Dice:
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 5, 1. Total: 6)
  • zach
    The kiss is nice. I let you take the lead, and that works out quite nicely. I put a hand on your back and gently guide you to your seat, which I pull out for you. "It turns out, Summer, that you've been upgraded to first class. Isn't that great?" I push the seat in behind you, then move around to take the wine bottle, a nice Monte Blanc, and pour you a glass.
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    "What other perks does first class come with?" I ask with a smile as I accept the seat. I glance over the wine bottle in approval, then take a sip once you've finished pouring. It's good -- crisp and light. "Not airplane food, I hope?"

    Pinging our playful compatibility!
  • Playful Compatibility
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 5, 2. Total: 7)
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    I pause, looking at you with a mock serious look on my face. "If you're about to tell me you have a problem with honey-roasted peanuts, salty pretzels and biscotti.... we could have a problem."

    I've got a second table set up, a bigger one, rectangular, with covered dishes. I bring over the first trays, set one in front of you, the other in front of my seat. With a flourish, I pull the silver dome off to reveal steamy soup. "I hope you like Lentil & Applewood Smoked Bacon." It's good stuff. I bought it at a nice restaurant I found a few miles from here.

    Once the soup's revealed, I have a seat and wait for you to dig in.
  • image

    I stifle a giggle -- that's about the most serious I've ever seen anyone look while discussing peanuts!

    If your goal was to impress me, I am suitably impressed. "How long did it take you to set all this up?" I certainly hadn't been expecting you to go to so much effort, especially not after our first date. I wouldn't have expected a private upscale picnic like this as a follow-up to Pirate's Cove. "It smells delicious."

    "This is so fancy. I feel like we should make a toast." Before digging into the soup, I lift up my glass. Are you joining me in a drink? Or do you have an alternative?
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    "To set this up? Not too long. It was pretty fun, changing up my old hangar, sprucing it up for a special guest." I stress special guest as a compliment.

    "I figured since you suffered through Pirate's Cove, my sad attempt to be fun and spontaneous, and ended up walking a half mile home, you deserved at least a little pampering."

    I take up a spoon of the soup, "But hey, we made that fun, so if we start off strong, the sky's the limit, right?" I raise my glass, which has apple juice in it, since I'm flying, "To the sky and beyond!"
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    Look at that -- two sky references right in a row! You probably do that a lot...but, it makes me grin and lift my own glass a little higher. "To the sky and beyond."

    The wine is good, actually -- I love a good wine. I'm a girly drinker, and I don't mind owning up to it, so I appreciate the wine. Plus, it's classier than beer.

    There is one point I want to correct you on, however. "It was fun. And spontaneous, Zach. Your truck breaking down is pretty much the definition of spontaneous, right?"

    Roll for rolling with the punches!
  • Rolling with the Punches Compatibility
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 5, 3. Total: 8)
  • zach
    I notice you're enjoying the wine. I'm thrilled that I trusted Jayne at the Wine Store and bought it. She's a good woman, saved my butt this time. Really feeling like this date was a much better idea than the last.

    We finish the soup with light conversation, and move on to the main course.

    I'm going to buy up Attraction to 3 with those three successes and end the intro part for our date. Why don't you pick out what we're eating and move on to the next part?
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