[SWAW] In Transit to Raxus (5)



  • Act Under Fire +1 XP

    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 1, 3. Total: 6)
  • I'm beginning to understand Squall's patterns, so finding zir is a matter of putting together a puzzle I've already seen whole. (-1 Bond, +1 to roll)

    I know that Squall will listen to me, at least in the moment, when I find her, and let me bring her back to the ship. (-1 Bond, +1 to roll)

    Jojee and I are a team in this moment, with shared goals of finding Squall and dumping Cander. (-1 Bond, +1 to roll)

    I've seen Jojee hungover before, and have a sense of how to channel the grumpiness into a useful tool. (-1 Bond, +1 to roll)
  • You and Jojee spend almost an hour searching all the drunk tanks in the sector (including not searching one particular area) and the shuttles. Seesk hits all the techie spots, curio shops and a few of the spacer bars. Squall's not in any of those places.

    Luckily, you know Lianna pretty well, so you put the word out for places to find spice. You find a spice den located in the husk of one of the skyscrapers that was condemned but never rebuilt. On the fortieth floor where most of the walls are open to the air and girders are exposed, wind whips through like knives. It carries the occasional smell of human waste, as well as the smoke of spice and deathsticks. The floor is littered with discarded food wrappers, cans, needles, old huffers, boxes, and years of trash. The few walls that are standing are painted with graffiti. You see maybe a dozen beings huddled in corners or laying on worn and threadbare mattresses.

    Jojee's suddenly much less hung over. She seems angry, eyes darting about at each being you some near. You find Squall passed out on one of the mattresses. Zir head is in the lap of a shirtless Zabrak with black and red skin. He's lazily running fingers over Squall's scars, the ones on zir scalp. Squall's half covered by a blanket.

    What do you do?
  • Ladro Eyes

    Oh, Squally. I shouldn't have let zir go off on zir own.

    Making sure my blaster's ready to pull first, I address the Zabrak. "That's my shipmate, and we need to get zir back to the ship. We're leaving in an hour. Any objections to that?"
  • The Zabrak looks up at you, eyes crawl over to your blaster, then back up to you. "I'll miss the little one." He strokes zir head, and Squall moans lightly. Jojee starts looking around for Squall's clothes. The Zabrak doesn't try to stop you when you pull zir away.

    Squall's listless and unresponsive. Ze's really zoned out and half-dressed. Do you carry zir out? Try to make zir walk?
  • Ladro Eyes

    Jojee and I get Squally at least decent. "Jojee, does Lee know about Squally's... issues? Did you?" And yes, I'm admitting that I did.
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    Jojee, who ended up taking off her top to put on Squall and is putting Squall's left arm over her shoulder when you ask. She looks over, "Yeah. My kriffing cousin Pem told me allll about zir issues when he begged me to get zir on the crew. Ze'd been good for a while now. I kinda thought it was another of my cousin's tall tales, playing on my kriffing sympathies." She huffs a sigh as you start the long sets of stairs, again, "Lee doesn't know. She took my word that Squall was reliable, and ze has been.... till this trip. I'm not lying for zir. I'm not."
  • Ladro Eyes

    "No. Ze needs help, not protection. Let's get zir back to the ship, deal with it if Lee sees us. Otherwise, we'll get zir bedded down and save it for a conversation once we're in hyperspace." I clear my throat.

    "Looks like Seesk hasn't found Cander. You still good with that?"
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    As you round the thirty-ninth floor heading down, "Yes, I'm still good with it." She looks across Squall to you, "Are you having second thoughts?"
  • Ladro Eyes

    "Just checking in. There'll be fallout, if Lee ever knows what we did. I'm happy to be rid of him. You seemed to be very into your role last night, though." I take little Squall over my shoulder. It should be faster, at least until we get to the street. I send Jojee ahead to flag down transport.
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    "No poodoo. That's why we can't trust him." She says as she starts moving ahead, "I can't trust him. I can't trust me around him." She's pushing herself now, trying hard to get down the stairs even though her head's swimming, but Jojee's pretty tough. She manages.

    Around floor twenty, you hear a reedy voice.
    "Kuh... Kelborn?" Zir's voice seems so far away, like a mumble from a corpse.
  • Ladro Eyes

    "No, Ladro. And Jojee. We've got you, and we're taking you home. It's going to be okay." My thighs are aching, but this is still faster than trying to get zir to walk, even with help. Finally, spent, I get us down to street level, hoping Jojee's done her part and found transport back to the Libation, or at least something that will get us closer.
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    Jojee's hailed a speeder. It's idling and waiting for you. You manage to get zir in the back, and head to the spaceport. The driver drops you off near the bay, you start walking Squall to the Libation.

    "Well, it's been two and a half hours, but she didn't leave us." Jojee sounds tired, but relieved.
  • Ladro Eyes

    "Well, this isn't going to be a subtle entrance. Lee's probably fuming about the delay." We'll walk Squall up to the elevator and take her into the ship. Expecting the Captain's reaction, I brace myself, tired as I am.
  • The ramp drops and you three get up on the ship. Seesk is in the hold waiting. Lee isn't.

    Over the loudspeakers, "Take your stations. Jojee, Seesk and I put all your stuff back in your room. I've got first shift. Let's get off this blasted rock."

    The ship's already moving as the ramp closes. Jojee is about to throw up, she makes her way to the head in her room. Seesk offers to help with Squall. She's Trandoshan, so it's hard to read her expression, but she seems shocked at Squall's state.

    Seesk says, "I didn't find the Zeltron." She doesn't sound broken up about it.
  • I imagine you head to your shuttle? Hosk is there, reading a datapad. He'll make small talk, but you know he's really happy to be one step closer to getting this box of explosives off the shuttle. The Libation leaves the spaceport on Lianna. Only a few hours before you land on Raxus.

    --END SCENE--

    (also, end session)
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