[BtI] Date 3, Turn 2 (Active Player=Andrea)

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This turn starts with three attraction dice and three compatibilities (likes children, playfulness, and we roll with the punches.)


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    You've outdone yourself. Everything from the setting to the wine to the food is perfect, and I can't help but smile in satisfaction as the delicate taste of the main dish settles in my mouth. The fettuccine features a rich sauce that is nicely-complimented by the wine and hint of lemon on the shrimp. And it's all cooked and laid out so perfectly!

    It's been some time since I've been so perfectly spoiled, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. You're setting the bar pretty high, Zach!

    I think I'm nearing my limit on what I can eat -- the portion sizes are certainly generous... I set my fork down on the plate and reach across the small table to take your free hand. No matter how the rest of this date goes, I want you to know what this has been wonderful...even if it has been just dinner and conversation. When you look up, I give you a warm smile -- my best, but with more sincerity than I ever showed the judges who used to see it.

    "Thank you for doing this, Zach. You're certainly full of surprises."
  • zach
    Wow, that smile is amazing. I'm speechless, it's enough to stop traffic. I gently squeeze your hand and find some words, "I'm really glad you like it."

    Please roll those Attraction dice!
  • Rolling attraction dice!

    (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 6, 4, 5. Total: 15)
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    "I do." I'm in no hurry to reclaim my hand, so I leave it in your's. The table is small enough for it to be comfortable, and, even though we're sitting in an airplane hanger, it feels cozy and quiet and appropriate. It will be a shame to have to leave it so you can go to work. "Do you like being surprised as much as you like surprising other people?"
  • zach
    I know we're grown-ups, but sitting here holding your hand, it gives me this crazy little thrill. I have a grin I can't wipe off my face as I nod. "Yeah. I like surprises, Summer."
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