[GEN] Nbeke the Hardholder

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Nbeke the Hardholder is a fat, aged, dark-skinned man with a strong face, and commanding eyes. He's almost always seen in his high-ranking Commander uniform, filled with military regalia, and medals associated with years of honored service. He has earned none of them. They are simply a long-standing line of inheritance, and Nbeke wears them well. He feels entitled to them, and the respect they garner.

Cool+1 Hard+2 Hot+1 Sharp+1 Weird-2

2-Barter in Surplus.


Leadership: when your gang fights for you, roll+hard. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7–9, hold 1. Over the course of the fight, spend your hold 1 for 1 to make your gang:
• make a hard advance
• stand strong against a hard advance
• make an organized retreat
• show mercy to their defeated enemies
• fight and die to the last
On a miss, your gang turns on you or tries to hand you over to your enemy.

Wealth: If your hold is secure and your rule unchallenged, at the beginning of the session, roll+hard. On a 10+, you have surplus at hand and available for the needs of the session. On a 7–9, you have surplus, but choose 1 want. On a miss, or if your hold is compromised or your rule contested, your hold is in want. The precise values of your surplus and want depend on your holding, as follows.

If you and another character have sex, you can give the other character gifts worth 1-barter, at no cost to you.


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    By default, your holding has:
    • 75-150 souls.
    • for gigs, a mix of hunting, crude farming, and scavenging (surplus: 1-barter, want: hungry).
    • a makeshift compound of concrete, sheet metal and rebar. Your gang gets +1armor when fighting in its defense.
    • an armory of scavenged and makeshift weapons.
    • a gang of about 40 violent people (3-harm gang medium unruly 1-armor).

    Choose 4:
    • your population is large, 200-300 souls. Surplus: +1barter, want: +disease. your
    • population is small, 50-60 souls. Want: anxiety instead of want: hungry.
    • for gigs, add lucrative raiding. Surplus: +1barter, want: +reprisals.
    • for gigs, add protection tribute. Surplus: +1barter, want: +obligation.
    • for gigs, add a manufactory. Surplus: +1barter, want: +idle.

    • for gigs, add a bustling, widely-known market commons. Surplus: +1barter, want: +idle.
    • your gang is large instead of medium, 60 violent people or so.
    • your gang is well-disciplined. Drop unruly.
    • your armory is sophisticated and extensive. Your gang gets +1harm.
    • your compound is tall, deep and mighty, of stone and iron. Your gang gets +2armor when fighting in its defense.

    And choose 2:
    • your population is filthy and unwell. Want: +disease.
    • your population is lazy and drug-stupored. Want: +famine.
    • your population is decadent and perverse. Surplus: -1barter, want: savagery.
    • your holding owes protection tribute. Surplus: -1barter, want: +reprisals.
    • your gang is small instead of medium, only 10-20 violent people.

    • your gang is a pack of fucking hyenas. Want: savagery.
    • your armory is for shit. Your gang gets -1harm.
    • your compound is mostly tents, lean-tos and wooden walls.
    • Your gang gets no armor bonus when fighting to defend it.

    End Result (Formative stages):
    • 75-150 souls, who are filthy and unwell. Want: +diseased.
    • for gigs, a mix of hunting, crude farming, and scavenging (surplus: 1-barter, want: hungry).
    • for gigs, add a bustling, widely-known market commons. Surplus: +1barter, want: +idle.
    • a gang of about 60 fucking hyenas. (4-harm gang large unruly 1-armor)
    • your compound is tall, deep and mighty, of stone and iron. Your gang gets +2armor when fighting in its defense.

    Surplus: 1-barter, 1-barter
    Want: hungry, disease, idle, savagery
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    So, Nbeke.

    There's hunting and farming for your hold? How? Where?
    That gang is pretty fucking large. Why so many? Do you got enemies or are you just that lovable?
    Relatedly, maybe: What's the biggest threat to your market?
  • imageNbeke

    You ever heard of hydroponics, motherfucker? We got it in spades. Mission control, in their infinite wisdom, decided it was best to give us enough food to survive the trip to the world that was supposed to be, and not much else. They were hopin' we'd find soil to grow food in there, so our shit wasn't meant to last long term. Thankfully we had some real bright cookies back in the day, who figured out how to turn that little bit of soil into a fuckloadof soil. So we turned half the fuckin' cargo-bay into a garden, and got civvies workin' it. They provide food, we provide protection. Speakin' of...

    I got more boys in the military than you could shake a fuckin' stick at. My recruitment drive is fuckin' top notch. Join Nbeke's boys: Eat right, Work hard, Play harder. We've got a bit of a reputation: someone gets out of line, and I let my boys go to town on them — no holds barred. This here's a big fuckin' ship, and while recruitment for the military officers is through the fuckin' roof, the bowels of the ship are fuckin' hard to get around. Some smart fuckers who didn't like what was goin' on up here on the upper decks decided they wanted to cut ties with us. They've been causin' us no end of grief for quite some time. My grandpappy had a fuckin' uprisin' on his hands. Lots of folks died. Fortunately, we managed to blame the deaths on the people downstairs. We haven't had much of a problem since... Our guns make sure of that.

    That said, I am pretty lovable.

    The biggest threat to my fuckin' market are the assholes downstairs. They send up suicide bombers every second refuel it seems... Chaos reigns. I may have to do somethin' bout those motherfuckers real soon, ya dig?
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    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 4, 2. Total: 8)
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