[LAM] Amandine the Ghost

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Amandine "Mandi" Tally, the Ghost


Look: Out of place, with pained eyes. Pale blond almost white hair and icy gray eyes.

Origin: A confused death. Amandine was either killed in the girl's showers or driven to kill herself there. Amandine was always out of place here, the white girl, first time in school after years of home schooling and totally unprepared for the social minefield of high school. She made enemies, cruel, jealous enemies who saw her as nothing more than an outsider needing to be taught her place.
They lured her, unsuspecting, to the girls locker room. Showed her what they think of her... even the guy she liked was there... the boyfriend of one of the girls. Humiliated, beaten, hair cut, face slashed and left bleeding.
It was all too much, and Amandine used the scissors they left behind amidst a mess of her own tangled hair to finish the job they started.

Hot -1, Cold 1, Volatile -1, Dark 2


Unresolved Trauma
Whenever you project the blame and trauma of your death onto your current situation, roll with dark. On a 10 up, give two people the blamed condition. On a 7-9, give up to two people the blamed condition, but for each, choose one:
▪ You gain the delusional condition,
▪ You can’t speak during this scene,
▪ You suffer one harm,
▪ You start re-enacting the scene of your death.
You can walk through walls.
○ Creep
When you secretly witness someone in their most intimate moments, perhaps showering or sleeping, gain a String on them.
○ Vengeful
Whenever you lash out physically at someone with the blamed condition, roll using Dark. Add 1 extra harm to whatever harm you deal.
○ Forgive and Forget
Whenever you accept that someone isn’t responsible for your pain and suffering, and absolve them of their blamed condition, mark experience.
○ Hungry Ghost
You find sustenance in sadness. When others dump their emotional problems on you, roll with dark. On a 10 up, they lose all their conditions, and you choose one:
▪ Mark experience,
▪ Carry one forward,
▪ Gain a String on them
On a 7-9, they choose one:
▪ They lose all their conditions,
▪ They gain a String on you.


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    Backstory & Strings
    Someone knows I'm dead and how I died. (They gain a string)
    I've been in someone's bedroom when they were sleeping. (I take a string)

    2 Strings on Lali for helping her out of a jam (well, she killed me to help herself, but yeah)
    1 String on Berto because he feels he owes me a favor.
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    Here is my class schedule:

    Probability and Statistics
    English 3
    Biology 2
    US History


    Painting with Humberto
    P.E. Gymnastics (We rotate through the skills, five or six girls on each station per week)
  • So Mandy...
    Being dead, and being bound to the school you died in obviously sucks. How much do you remember about your life before your death? Have you tried to reconnect with your family? Did anyone in school know you before you died?

    On the subject of being dead... Do you even know you're dead?

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    Maybe editing
  • Looks like this happened pretty recently, like... the wounds are gone but they still sting. I've managed to stop crying, but only just. Am I gone? Am I dead? I must be... I know what happened. I remember drawing that painfully dull blade across my wrist, feeling the warm life flowing from me and pooling on the cold tile.
    And someone was there... someone came. Someone cared... maybe? Someone stayed with me... but then why did it hurt so much. Pain and some kind of weird pleasure... This memory... it can't be right. But am I really dead? Am I?
    Not sure how long it's been... not long. Not sure what I am or why... I've been slowly emerging from the shadows. I've even let a few people see me and they haven't run or screamed... they just look away like always.
    Of course the ones who beat me know me, those girls and that bastard who toyed with my heart. They killed me, even if they don't know it... I am dead, right? No... maybe not... maybe there's a chance.
    I need to go back to class. I can't be afraid forever.
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