[GEN] Some world notes

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Here's a clearinghouse for some of the things that have come out in chat.
  • The ship does not have enough resources to maintain everyone awake at the same time
  • Let's say 75 people, with 75 in cryosleep.
  • We can 3D print most medical stuff.
  • AR goggles are a thing, just like tablets and computers.
  • Opening your brain is somehow to the ship network, CyberWeird.
  • There was a revolution some generations back, or maybe it was a cryo accident. Either way, no Engineers. Just Maintenance.
  • We have synthetic humans. Easy to pass visually or with non-augmented human senses. Impossible to pass medically.
  • The engine busted, and it puts out constant thrust. Occasionally it shorts out on fuel, and we spend a day or week drifting until the hydrogen cells recharge.


  • At least three communities:
    1. The military, Officers being at the top, and enjoying privilege as best they can. Grunts enjoy a slightly more rich life, with fewer rules, than "civvies". They live in the military quarters, and the command deck. That's Nbeke's stronghold.
    2. The civvies, who toil in Hydroponics, run the market, and live their lives out on the ship. They don't have a say in local government. The only upward mobility is conscripting into the military.
    3. The revolt, who live in the bowels of the ship. They physically cut off the network connections to the upper decks, so they live completely in the dark from the AI network we enjoy topside. They're suicide bombers. Hell knows why.
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