[GEN] Flush the Hoarder

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Flush, the Hoarder

Name: Flush
Looks: Armored scrounge wear with an eager face and hugry eyes.

Flush Flush

Stats: Cool-1, Hard=0, Hot+1, Sharp+1, Weird+2
2-Harm From a knife to the calf.

The Hoard:
Contains: Human Specimens, others castoffs & discards, and technology... there's a lot of parts and devices back in that section of the ship.
It is conscious and speaks to me. (Probably imagine this)
It is voracious. If I ignore it's demands I act under fire.

My hoard is the block of stasis chambers of the ship. I jealously guard it like it's mine. Perhaps it's part of my official duties to watch them, maintain them, and bring people in and out of cryo (was I a doctor once, a technician, perhaps?)
But I feel like I own them, or they own me. I want them kept in perfect condition, i speak to them, feel like I know them. The frozen send me to find things for them, comforts, favorite things, friends and lovers... of course I need to pull a lot of strings to make this happen.

Nbeke +1
Jackal +1

Acquisitive eye: when you see, hear about, or otherwise come to know of
a thing you want, roll+weird. On a hit, you can ask the MC questions. On a
10+, ask 3. On a 7–9, ask 2:
• How can I make this mine?
• Who will stand in my way?
• Will my hoard accept it?
• Who will try to take it from me once it’s mine?
• What is this truly worth?
On a miss, your face and body language betray your interest in the thing to
anyone who’s paying attention.
Sticky fingers: when you give someone a gift, roll +Weird. On a 10+, it
comes back to you within a week. On a 7-9, it comes back to you eventually,
with strings attached. On a miss, you can never own it again.
A spoonful of sugar: when you help or interfere with someone, after
you’ve rolled, you can:
• Spend 1-barter to change your miss into a 7–9 hit, or your 7–9 hit into a 10+ hit;
• Spend 1-barter to give +2 (helping) or -3 (interfering) instead of +1 or -2.
Greed: when you’re defending your hoard, your greed makes you
unstoppable. Being in the presence of your hoard counts as 2-armor— if
your hoard is under attack. (If someone’s just trying to kill you and it
happens to be around your hoard, not so much.)
Appraising eye: when you read a situation, on a hit, in addition to your
other questions, you may ask this:
• What’s the most beautiful, the rarest, or the most valuable thing here?
When you read a person, on a hit, in addition to your other questions, you
may ask this:
• What’s the best thing your character owns, or the best thing your character’s

Hoarder Special
If you and another character have sex, use acquisition as though your partner were an object and you’d rolled a 10+, even if you don’t have the move.


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    ◌ ◌ ◌ ◌ ◌

    get +1weird (max weird+3)
    ◌ get +1sharp (max sharp+3)
    ◌ get +1sharp (max sharp+3)
    ◌ get +1cool (max cool+2)
    ◌ get +1hot (max hot+2)
    ◌ get a new hoarder move
    ◌ get a new hoarder move
    ◌ add an option to your hoard
    ◌ get a move from another playbook
    ◌ get a move from another playbook
    ◌ get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
    ◌ retire your character (to safety)
    ◌ create a second character to play
    ◌ change your character to a new type
    ◌ choose 3 basic moves and advance them.
    ◌ advance the other 4 basic moves.
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    The Hoard
    As long as your hoard’s hunger is 3 or less, you can go into your hoard and look for something useful. Describe your situation and roll+weird. The MC’s job is to come up with something for you that she genuinely thinks you’ll find useful in the situation you’ve described, and to have your hoard deliver it forth. (You might remind her the kinds of things you have in your hoard.) On a 10+, your hoard’s hunger holds where it is. On a 7-9, your hoard gets +1hunger. On a miss, your hoard goes immediately to hunger+4.
    If you take the thing, your hoard considers you to have borrowed it, and will expect it back.
    As long as your hoard’s hunger is 3 or less, you can go into your hoard for jingle. Pull oddments worth 2-barter out of it and give it +1hunger.
    At the beginning of the session, roll+your hoard’s hunger. On a 10+, the MC holds 3; on a 7-9, the MC holds 1. During the session, the MC can spend her hold 1 for 1 to:
    • name a thing present. Your hoard must have it. When you give it to your hoard, mark experience and give your hoard -1hunger.
    • name a thing you’ve borrowed from your hoard. Your hoard must have it back. When you return it to your hoard, mark experience and give your hoard -1hunger.
    If the MC has any hold left at the end of the session, give your hoard +1hunger, to a maximum of hunger+4.
    If your hoard has hunger+4, take -1 ongoing.
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    So, Flush.

    How did you become custodian of the hoard? Was there someone before you?
    For that matter, what does your family think about the hoard and all the time you spend there?
    Who's your most recently decanted passenger?
  • There was a guy before me... but more about him in a second.

    Family? What makes you ask about my family? Nbeke knew my Father Patrik, who fought in his guard for ages. When my mother was killed in a suicide attack, dear old dad decided to have both me and my sister River put back in stasis where we would be safe. But instead, Stripes, the salt-and-pepper bearded caretaker, took me under his wing and taught me all about life, all about the stasis chambers, how they work. Hid me from my father as I watched my sister sleep.

    Stripes taught me a lot about the technical aspects of the job until I came of age. And you know, he may not have been thrilled to give up the position to his young and (much more attractive) assistant. But I take good care of him. He's in pod 121-c across from the twins.

    Most recently I released a thirty-something once-a-nurse named Umbra Hannsen. You can tell she's been on ice a long time because she still clings onto that last name like it matters. Nbeke said we need a doctor for the guard. Might as well make it a pretty one, but the older sleepers, they always have trouble with the... the state of things. They have the misfortune of remembering.
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