[LAM Session 1] Lali 1

So it sounds to me like you're integrating here quite well. You've got people who ask you to go places, and boys falling over you. You're a beautiful young lady, and everyone seems to have eyes for you — here's a question though, who do you have eyes for that you pass every day in the hall between English and Biology? Why is he so dreamy?


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    Dreamy? This is hardly a word I would use. But interesting? Yes. His name is John, of all the boring possibilities. John Smith, if you can believe that. So white-bread in look and demeanor, but when he sings a solo in Chamber Choir, it is as if he is un àngel del cel. It's a high tenor, much like Hector's when he sang to me with his abundance of hope years ago, before I became... what I was meant to be.
  • Well you're on your way to Biology, and Marina is close in toe, talking about how she's really looking forward to relaxing, "I never should have let my parents talk me into that extra credit in physics... Hey! Are you listening?" She notices you're looking at John as he passes, and a smirk forms across her lips. "Someone has a crush!" She sings that last bit, teasing you — but you know it's lighthearted, not like what she did to Mandi.
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    I turn slightly toward Marina, keeping my eye on John. "No, Marinita. Not a crush. I'm just a bit hungry." I know that she'll misinterpret that. This is fine with me.
  • Marina keeps smiling, and nudges you. "hungry, eh chica? I wouldn't have thought Johnny would be your type... He's in my physics class, you know. I could talk to him, if you wanted..." She's got a look on her face. She won't say it explicitly, but you know it'd cost you.
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    "No, gracias. I can always use my wiles during Chamber Choir, if I do get hungry for... American."
  • Marina shrugs and nods, "better do it quick then. Word is our class Panda bear has the hots for him." She laughs, "I'm sorry... No, no I'm not. It's just so funny to think someone like him could end up with someone like her."

    She throws her hair over her shoulder and keeps walking. "Ok, so shopping tonight. We're totally going to prank puta, right?"
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    This conversation would have been different a few days ago, but now... I can't help thinking of holding Amandine as she died, remembering the taste and warmth of her blood. She had been crying as the blood trickled from her wrists, and there was something like gratitude in her eyes as I took the last of her life from her. Yes, a week ago, even a few days... I would have at least pretended to go along with Marina, part of my education, I suppose. Today?

    I turn toward Marina, catch her eyes and shake my head. "No. We are not. I am going to buy her a new dress. A pretty one. You are going to leave her alone, for tonight at least. She..." Has been dead. "Has clearly not been feeling well."
  • Shutting Marina Down

    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 4, 4. Total: 10)
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    I believe Marina has been Put in Her Place
  • Marina's face goes bright red, and she clams up for a second. "Jeez... What's your fuckin' problem? We already hazed her... It wasn't gunna be too bad."
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    I'm guessing that hazing ended with what I found in the locker room. Not pushing it, though. I've made my point for now. "Now it just isn't going to be, at all." I start walking again towards Miss Hayes' classroom.
  • Marina is going to let you go ahead without her. There was a sour look on her face when you call her fun off; but you get the impression you haven't dammed the river, merely diverted the flow.

    Are you going on without her?
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    I'm not waiting for Marina. Let her stew in her own juices for a while. Perhaps that will tenderize her for me.
  • == END SCENE ==
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