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So the morning is going on like your typical school day. Classes are boring, and long. Eventually though, you get a text from Elizabeth. Where are you when that happens? The text reads:

From: Liz: Hey sexi. Meet me in the hall by the Home Ec labs in five. ;)
What do you do?


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    I'm in Bio 2 class when Liz shoots me a text. I glance down at my phone under my desk.

    From: Humble Berto U bet.

    If I need a bathroom pass, I'll get one. If the teacher's cool, then I'll just go. I've got to go see what's up.
  • Miss Hayes, a younger teacher who's energetic and enthusiastic about the subject gave you a bathroom pass with the warning, "don't be too long — your lab partner'll miss you." Who is your lab partner in Bio? Also, how are you doing in Bio? You know, grade wise.

    Do you rush to the hall, heeding her warning, or do you take your time? Either way, the hall is empty when you get there — at least until you see Elizabeth's head poke out from behind some lockers. You're in a small little access hall that people don't usually bother patrolling much. She's got a dirty little look on her face, and she does that little come hither thing with her finger.
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    Hunter is my lab partner. He's on the football team. He will miss me.

    I stroll. Quickly. Not sure what she's after, but I'm not going to pass it up in case it is what I think it might be. Oh yeah, I see her at the access hall beckoning me. I stroll up to her with a smirk a mile wide, "Hola, Liz. You want something?"
  • Liz is leaning against the wall, twirling a set of keys around her finger. "I'm so bored in home ec, Berto... Come chill with me in the yearbook office." She bites her lip, and bats her eyelashes playfully. "I'll make it worth your while!"
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    "Bio is pretty boring, too." I reply with a smirk, walking right up to her, like inches away. "Let's go to the office. Entertain me." I'll follow her there, but I'm not far away, not at all. If she's into it, and the office is empty, I'm on her the moment she closes the door.

    No time to wait.
  • Liz takes you down the access hall to one of the unused doors, and slips the key into the socket. It turns, and the door reveals a small office with a few desks, and a conference table. The lights were off, since Yearbook typically takes place during lunch breaks and after school.

    She barely has time to close the door before you're on her. A nervous giggle escapes her, "woah there, tiger," she jokes, pulling away for a second. "Did you miss me?" She reaches behind you, and locks the door. "I missed you..." She pulls you back to the table, sits down on it seductively, kicking off her shoes, crossing her legs, and unbuttoning her blouse.
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    "Of course I missed you, chica," I say as I close the distance again, kissing her while she unbuttons her top. I reach down to uncross her legs so I can stand between them, then trail kisses down her neck as she pulls her shirt open. "Not much time, though." I reach a hand between her knees, moving it towards the opening in her skirt.
  • She beams when you admit you missed her, but her eyebrow raises in concern when you say you don't have much time... Her legs snap shut on your hand, holding it firmly in place. "Oh? How can I get you to make time?"
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    I narrow my eyes a little, not angry, more like she's getting a little rise out of me. One she'd like, I think. "Open up those legs and I'll make time, Liz. Don't play around, yeah?" I gently bite down on her neck and start worming my hand between those knees of hers.
  • Yeah, she's not out to tease you ... Much... She opens up, and starts undoing your belt. Before long, you're enjoying a little Liz before lunch. Tell me, Berto — did Officer Ramos give you any "tips" about how to please the ladies? Or is this all you?
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    Don't tell anybody, but I'd never got with a girl before a few months ago. Officer Ramos, he took me to a few places. We went to see some girls. Like older girls. Really hot ones. They showed me how to do it right. I learned really good.

    So yeah, I push Liz down on the desk on her back, keep that lil ass of hers on the edge of the desk, and I pound her. I lean down, suck on her some, but mostly I just want to fuck her. Glad she's on the pill, because I hate wearing fucking rubbers.
  • Oh, I won't tell anyone. Rubbers suck anyway... Out of curiosity, did you wear one with those "experienced" ladies? Seems Officer Ramos would know some ladies who would be down for that...

    It sounds like you're making a bit of a rush job out of this — not quick, necessarily, just short and sweet. Down to business, as they say. Once you wrap up, she holds you there a minute, with bated breath, and whimpers, "you aren't done, are you?"
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    I look at her, a little surprised. "Am I?" I step back, holding my dick, "You want some more, you'll have to work for it this time." Her eyes seem different now. Holy shit if she gets down on her knees and blows me, this will be the best day of school yet.

    OOC: Sex Move fired: When you have sex, the dark power loses a String on you and gains a String on whoever you had sex with
  • Her face scrunches up in a little disappointment. She looks down at your junk, then back up to your eyes, "Quid pro quo, Humberto..." Then she leans back, and splays herself open for you, guiding you in. "I wouldn't want to waste this wave I'm riding, and I wouldn't want you to not enjoy yourself while you recuperate."

    This may take a while, Berto... Are you down for round 2? Seems like she could be... Might take some convincing, though — and quite a bit of time. Are you prepared to blow off Biology? (No pun intended)
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    I shake my head. "I'd love to, baby. But I'll get in deep shit if I blow off Bio 2. You gonna be available late tonight? I'll finish you off then, yeah?" I pull out, and dress, start heading for the door.
  • Liz is suddenly really disappointed. She huffs a sigh, and lets you get dressed. "I can't tonight," she says, a hint of annoyance in her voice, "Marina and I are toying with the new girl at the mall. You should totally come! You can help me pick out a new g-string."
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    "Wish I could, I'd love putting a g-string on you, girl. Then taking it right off." I grin. "Got to meet with Officer Ramos. He's trying to help my mom get a loan for a new car. For me. I'll take you for a ride, chica." I move over to kiss her, then head for the door.
  • She doesn't stop you, but you can tell from the look on her face that she's really disappointed. Before you move in to kiss her, she backs off, and says, "Fine... I'll just take care of myself then..." She's going to let you leave, and starts getting to work...

    Are you heading back to class?
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    I shake my head, smiling, then walk back over, "No, no, no. Let me help you. Can't leave you hanging, right?" I'll kiss her and feel her up, using my fingers hard and fast to get her off.

    Then, I'll head back to class. I mean, what's a couple minutes for such a sweet, giving girl like her?
  • You know Elizabeth is trying to keep you here, right? If you start now, she's going to ride out this for at least 10 more minutes... You'll be well and truly late to class, noticeably so, if you stay to pleasure her.

    So one "quick" flick, then back to class? Or is this truly a rush job, where you'll be leaving her wanting more?
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    It's a rush job, I'll leave her wanting more, but at least she sees the effort, right? I gotta get back to class. Cannot have detention when I'm meeting Officer Ramos after school.
  • She'll be disappointed — but then, you can't have everything, right? Back to Bio it is.

    == END SCENE ==
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