[ShadowFate] NPCs and Such

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"Main Cast"

Marcus Welby

Lindo: MidnightBlue

High Concept: Human Magical Support Expert (Shaman)
Trouble: Too Old for this Shit
Aspect: In it for my family

Jubilex says, "Circe hired Lindo. He told me Lindo worked with his uncle. The guy’s kind of crusty, but he knows his drek, so I don’t frak with him. He’s a wiz shaman, but he hates when I say that."

Mat: DarkGreen

High Concept: Dwarf Investigation and Transportation Expert
Trouble: Hormones are Expensive
Aspect: Former Clan Magistrate

Jubilex says, "Matilda comes from a line of well-respected dwarves. The problem is that “he” was born a “she”. Also, “she” was in an arranged marriage, which after the gender reassignment, was null and void. So he’s cut off from his clan, and these hormones are frakking expensive. Naturally, Mat became a drek-hot driver, and Circe hired him. I like Mat. He’s smart, great instincts and reflexes, is a helluva drinker, too."

Nizoni: RosyBrown

High Concept: Native American/Elf Infiltration Expert
Trouble: Batshit Crazy
Aspect: You don’t know until you try

Jubilex says, "I hired on Nizoni after seeing her take out three Renraku security thugs. It wasn’t head up fighting, she led them on a merry chase and picked them off. She’s the craziest little lady I’ve ever met."

The Dame

Jessi: DarkSlateGray


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    Recurring Characters

    imageKenzo runs Kenzo's Ramen, and makes some really tasty food.

    imageTwitch (Esmeralda) moves BTL chips for Bughouse.

    image British Dave is a wiz at the arcade, and a damaged but talented decker.

    image Don Gobbi is Jessi's father and a Mafia heavy hitter.

    imageSPR1TL33 ("Sprite") runs Fluxx Arcade and the simsense den in the basement.

    imageVince is the bartender at Second Chance Bar, where Marcus Welby keeps office hours.
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