[LAM Session 1] Humberto 3

Well that was brutal... Vice Principal Thibault asked you a slew of questions about what happened, and where you were when the argument between Amandine and Freddie started, and what Amandine looked like, exactly, before she bolted off, and why you didn't try to stop her, and so on, and so on... What did you end up telling her?


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    "I'm telling you, Vice Principal Thibault, I didn't see anything between Mandi and Freddie, I was in the hall. I was coming back from the bathroom, okay? Mandi came running into the hall, and then she just ran off to the hall for the gym. Miss Hayes came out right after her, asked me where Mandi, so I told her, then went back to class. That's it, I swear." I tell her the truth, except for the vanishing because who'd believe that? I think about mentioning the blood, but I don't. I think about saying some shit about Freddie, but I decide not to do that, either.
  • Thibault looks like she's getting tired of asking questions, "alright, Humberto... You swear she wasn't bleeding? Mister Wachovski swears she was bleeding quite profusely."
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    I think about that for a minute, then answer, "Yes, I think I saw some blood. It happened real fast. I'm sure Freddie saw more than I did."
  • Mrs Thibault sighs, and nods. "Alright, fine. You can go Humberto, but keep an eye out for her, OK? She's still missing, and her Mother is here, worried sick. Try not to leave the building until we can decide whether or not the cops need to get involved, OK?" She dismisses you. You can hear the Principal in the next office, interviewing Freddy. He sounds quite distraught. Marina is sitting in the office waiting for him.

    You've got an hour left before your next class. What do you normally do over lunch?
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    I normally hang out with Chase and Abby, they're kind of my crew or whatever. I'll head to the lunchroom.
  • You find Chase and Abby sitting in the corner of the room. Chase is scarfing down a slice of pizza, but Abby isn't eating anything. She waves you over, "Berto! What did Thibault want? Did she give you grief about your fat lip?"
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    "Ha ha." I say as I head over and take a seat. "You know, some people would say I did an honorable thing. Standing up against a bully who was mean to a lady."
  • Abby shrugs, "It ain't like Freddie did anything bad. Mandi walked over, slammed her books on the table, and started freaking out at him. Next thing you know, Freddie's all like, "Miss Hayes, Miss Hayes! She's cutting herself!" It isn't like Freddie up and beat her or anything..."

    Chase laughs, and looks over to you, "you did a good thing. Freddie's an asshole. Where did you get off to during Bio?"
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    I tell them both, "Well, Mandi looked really freaked out, so I guessed it was Freddie's fault. Like you say, Chase, he's a real prick." If Abby isn't eating, that's weird. She normally eats lunch. "You want me to buy you lunch, Abs?"
  • Abby shakes her head violently, "No! I uh, I mean no thanks... My tummy hurts a bit. Maybe just burgers later, when you get your car!" She forces a smile. She's a little pale. Not "I should go home" pale, just a little pale.

    Chase shakes his head, "where did she go, anyway? Who fuckin' bolts like that, you know? She should get help."
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    "Mandi's always been a little weird." I say to Chase. Abby on Atkins or something? She's looks damn fine, she doesn't need to go all burger all the time. Of course, once I get her a burger, maybe she'll be appreciative.

    "Well, I'm grabbing some food. Be right back,"
  • Abby nods as you get up to get some food. You hear Chase pestering her about taking a bite of his food. He picks up the slice of pizza and brings it up closer to her face, so she has to smell it. She's trying to brush it off.

    You get in line and grab some food, and pay for it — what did you get? Are you relying on Officer Ramos' trickery to keep you thin and zit free? Or are you following a regimen? Either way, once you've paid you hear a loud dry heave, followed by a bunch of kids chanting, "Puke! Puke! Puke! Puke!" in unison. You look over to the table with Chase and Abby, and Abby is doing her best to not puke all over Chase... He's trying to comfort her, but it looks like it's not working. She gets up, holding her mouth, and heads for the bathroom.

    What do you do?
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    I work out, man. Sure, Officer Ramos gave me a kickstart, but I keep it up. Ask Liz, she knows I can keep it, yeah?

    What the hell? Why is Abby about to puke? I shake my head at the chanters, and Chase, too. I wonder if she needs to go to the nurse or some shit? I take quick bites off my sandwich as I follow her to the bathroom. And no, I'm not going in, and I'm not going to stop her from going to puke. I do want to talk to her, though. Check on her and shit.
  • Chase follows you. Evidently he feels pretty bad. You can both hear her puking from inside the handicap washroom. Chase knocks on the door, and between heaving you hear her moan, "Go away, Chase! I'm fine!"

    Chase looks worried... What do you do?
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    "Chase, man, I know you didn't do this on purpose," I tell him, putting up a hand. "But you're freaking her out. Give her some space. I've got this."
  • Chase doesn't like the idea of leaving Abby alone. He shakes his head, and knocks on the door, "Abby, c'mon. It'll be alright. Let's just go to the nurse and get you some Pepto-bismol or something."

    "Go away, Chase! Make him go away, Berto." Comes the reply. Chase seems hurt.
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    I give him a look, like "I told you so, man". "Chase, please go enjoy your pizza. I've got this, man. I promise."
  • Manipulate him, Berto.
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    Trying to Manipulate Chase:
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 2, 1. Total: 3)
  • The hallway goes oddly quiet all of a sudden, Berto, and you hear slow and heavy footsteps — like a cop — passing through the hall. You feel a presence that you're very familiar with... It's officer Ramos. You can feel him pass by you, but normally he shows himself to you. This time he's not here for you — he's here for somebody else. You hear Abby moaning, and then things go quiet.

    Chase knocks on the door again, "Abs? Talk to me, babe..."

    There's no response. You can hear her whispering something, Berto. She's talking to someone.

    What do you do?
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    Shit. I've got to get Chase out of here, he'll ruin this. I grab Chase by the arm, "Come on, man, let's leave her alone." I'm pulling his ass away. If Officer Ramos wants to help, the he gets to help. He's been nothing but great for me, and Abby could use some direction.
  • image Chase doesn't want to move, he goes to knock on the door again, but a man reaches out and grabs his hand, stopping it dead in mid air. He looks over to the man, shocked. He's an older man, with a greying goatee, a crew cut, and a faded jean jacket. It's officer Ramos.

    "Hey guys," he says with a sly smile, his eyes uncaring, and black as coal, "What say we leave the lady alone to her business, huh?" Chase looks really confused, like he's not sure where the man came from. Officer Ramos looks to you, Berto, and nods, then adds, "your sister's gunna be fine. Let's go get the nurse, and let the professionals deal with it, OK?" Chase looks to the door, then back to officer Ramos. He nods compliantly. Officer Ramos grins a crocodile smile, "Atta boy. How you doin' Berto? Your ma still workin' hard?"
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    I shoot Chase another "I told you so" look. He will not listen to me. "Hey Officer Ramos. I'm good. Mama is working like crazy. It's all good. Thanks for coming by. I told Chase Abby's okay, but he won't listen to me."
  • Chase seems to be in a bit of a haze, but Officer Ramos is carefully guiding him away from the door. Officer Ramos puts his arm around your shoulder, "she called me earlier today, said she was gettin' you a car, huh? That's big news. Did she tell you what kinda car she was lookin' at? I bet I could find her a good deal..." He says her, but you know he means you. He pats Chase on the back, "You go on back to finish your lunch, pal. I'm takin' care of your sister now."

    Chase nods obediently, and gives you a wave, "I'll see you in a bit, Berto."

    He heads off, and Officer Ramos stops to chat with you in private. He looks relaxed.
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    "Yeah, I'm looking for a deal." I answer, getting it. "I don't want her to get ripped off."

    Whew, Chase leaves, we don't have to talk in code. "Officer Ramos, I don't know what's up with Abby, she got sick all the sudden when Chase was giving her shi- I mean trouble. Thanks for the assist." He's always there for me.
  • Officer Ramos nods, and directs you away from the bathroom where Abby is currently puking her guts out. "Don't you worry about her, pal. She made a deal with ol' Officer Ramos. I always treat you right, don't I? I'll be keeping an eye out for her. It's in my best interests." He winks, "You know what you could do for me, though? Just keep an eye on her, and give me a call if she goes to any doctors appointments... Sees the school nurse, or guidance counselor... Visits a Planned Parenthood... Y'know. Stuff like that." He smiles, "I know a dude with a pristine '78 Mustang. Instant panty melter. You do that for me, and I bet I could get you the ol' Officer Ramos discount..."
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    Planned Parenthood?

    "Is she pregnant?" I blurt out, shocked. Damn. "You want her to keep it?"
  • He grins wide with that crocodile smile, and says, "you are a quick one, aren't you? Look — I'm not gunna spill the beans for her," he nods emphatically, intentionally contradicting himself, "but I certainly don't want her to keep it. I just happen to know someone who wants a kid more than she does — so she's gunna give it to me, so I can make sure they get it. She wanted me to make sure Chase didn't find out, I asked her for the kid. She agreed. Everyone's happy, right pal?"
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    I shift, a little uneasy. "Well, yeah. Like adoption. Or whatever. But her fosters will freak the fuck out, maybe send her back if they find out. You know?" Then, curiosity pops up, "Who's the dad?"
  • Officer Ramos looks away, and waggles his finger dismissively, "No need to pry, pal. The dad doesn't matter, and ol' Officer Ramos will see to her foster parents — if she even wants to stay there. All you've got to worry about is making sure she doesn't do anything stupid, and what color you'd like your new car to be!"
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    I nod. Of course he's taking care of her. I should've known. "Cool. I just... she's a friend, you know? And I think silver, with a thick red stripe down the middle. That would be perfect." I look back towards the bathroom, then to Officer Ramos. "I've got this."
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    He pats you on the back, and smiles knowingly. "Silver with a red stripe down the middle it is. Alright, pal. I've got some other business to attend to. You might want to rush home tonight! Your mom won't be able to keep the chicks at bay for long!"
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    Hell yeah. "Thanks, Officer Ramos." I let him go, then head back to the bathroom to wait on Abby.

    If she's pregnant, then I can't make her pregnant. That's good. That's kind of awesome.
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    This is certainly true... Are you going back to look after her? Or will you let officer Ramos' magic do its thing?
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    I don't wanna sound stupid, but I thought he wanted me to keep an eye on her. If he's got it for now, that's cool. I'll just hang around, you know, in the lunchroom.
  • == END SCENE ==
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