[LAM Session 1] Lali 3

So you packed up and went out to lunch with Eventide. She's completely uninterested in eating anything from the cafeteria, and offered to hit up a nearby cafe for eats. Apparently she's a vegan, so she makes this trek every lunch hour. Did you get any food to eat? Does food even give you sustenance right now? Once she's got her food, you start trekking back to school to eat it in the cafeteria. Out of the blue, a few blocks from school, she asks, "So what do you know about the Seal of Solomon?"


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    I do eat, still. Not much, and I'm very much partial to some flavors, while others have grown disgusting. Garlic, you might guess, is in that last category, which saddens me as it means that much of the food of my childhood is now like dung in my mouth. I pick up an orange and a sandwich on thick brown bread with havarti cheese and greens, asking for them to substitute grainy mustard for the aioli.

    When Eventide asks her question, confirming that it wasn't "something she saw in a graphic novel," I consider lying outright, but instead give her half the truth. "My aunt and uncle apparently went through a phase many years ago, and still have the books. I flipped through some and saw that picture. It would be very powerful, if that sort of thing really worked."
  • Eventide nods, accepting your explanation. "It does," she answers courtly, "which collected works was it? Do you practice?" She's talking about this so matter of factly, it's like she expects you to know what she's talking about. Do you know what she's talking about?
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    I know some, from the perspective of a duelist who has studied the techniques of a potential enemy. Apparently Eventide fancies herself a mage. Who knows? Now that I've actually seen a ghost, maybe Eventide really is a mage.

    I shake my head. "I don't practice, like I said. I just look through the books some. I think this one said 'Mathers' was the author or translator?"
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    She chuckles. "All of the authors to those books are dead... Anything you've seen is by translators... At least, the ones that can be translated." She shrugs her head back to get a stray spike out of her eyes, and adds, "You should practice. How do you think my brother got famous? I'm still learning, but he was good enough that he could perform summonings... Made himself a deal."
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    "This seems far-fetched. A deal with the devil? I think this is not for me, Eventide, my family may have the books, but they would not approve, and I don't think I do, either." I fake a shudder, to back that up. Let her think she's scared me. I will keep an eye on her, though. You can be certain of this.
  • She shrugs, "suit yourself. I don't need to summon demons. Magic is plenty powerful without making deals... I already hexed that bitch Marina for buzzclipping the side of my head at the start of the semester." She smirks, "better watch out, or I might hex you!" She chuckles — or maybe chortles, would be more appropriate — and nudges you, "just kidding. I only hex people I hate."
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    "Then I will try not to make you hate me, Eventide." As we finish the walk back to the cafeteria, my thoughts turn to Amandine. Does she know what is happening? She must. Surely she will need a friend, though, and a ghost might be a useful tool... that is, ally.
  • Is that really what you think about Amandine? A tool for use? She hasn't made an appearance since you left, and there are a few emergency response vehicles outside the school when you get back. Eventide glumly remarks, "I wonder if she did cut herself."
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    Truth? I am torn. All my training, from even before I was made, all my instincts are to gather resources. As a girl, I dominated through wealth or status, and when my sire came to me, he gave me this additional gift, and an instinct to fill my immortal hope chest with toys and tools and weapons.

    However, something touched me deeply as I fed on Amandine. In that moment, her pain became a thing I could ease and I found myself wanting to do that. To soothe fear instead of inspiring it. Yes, I tell myself she will be a tool, but she will also be a weakness. Whether I seek her out or not, she will be a weakness.

    "I think Amandine has cut herself, yes, even if not today." I unwrap my sandwich and take a thoughtless bite. They didn't make the substitution and the horrible taste of "garlic-red pepper aioli" curls my tongue. I'm sure Eventide sees my revolted expression as I toss the sandwich down.
  • She does notice, but she seems more interested in Mandi than your reaction. She probably chalked your reaction up to "spoiled rich girl". "That a fact? Huh. Maybe we have more in common than I thought... Maybe I should try and connect with her. You ever done a ritual before?"
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    This would likely be a bad idea, but I do want to connect with Amandine. "I have not." Would it even work, if Amandine was alive, as Eventide thinks? "Do you think you could do that?"
  • Eventide nods, extremely certain of herself, "piece of cake. Having something of hers would make it really easy. Otherwise it'd take some extra work... I don't suppose you could let me take a look at that book of your Aunt and Uncle's, could you?"
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    "I don't think so, no. Not today, but I might be able to sneak it out sometime soon. I wonder if they've cleaned out Amandine's locker, though?" Of course, I know where I can get something of Amandine's. Know where her body is. Part of the challenge from my family was to clean up after myself, so I did.
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    I do want to see what sort of... how do they say it, 'mojo?' Eventide might have, if any. "Let's try this without the book. I'll do my best to get it for you to look at tomorrow."

    Manipulate Eventide

    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 2, 4. Total: 7)

    +1 XP
  • She crosses her arms, and bites her lip in contemplation. "I'll tell you what. Let's go check out her locker, and we can try for a seance after school — but you show me where your aunt and uncle live so I can work my magic on that book." She holds out her hand, "Deal?"
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    I wait to hold out my hand. "I'll show you after. Seance first?"
  • She nods, "don't make me regret trusting you, Lali."
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    I take her hand. "You won't regret trusting me on this, Eventide." I believe that was very specific. It should hold true.
  • She smiles, knowing full well this is a temporary arrangement. "Let me get my lockpick."

    == END SCENE ==
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