[LAM Session 1] Berto 4

The rest of the day goes by a little more quickly. They never did find Mandi, and the police did request a statement from you. The officer didn't seem overly impressed, or disappointed in your story. It matched what you told the vice principal, and he bought it. After a brief moment, you were sent home. Chase and Abby found you on the way back, and joined you on your walk back home. They only live a few blocks away from you, so they've taken to joining you. Chase still seems off after his encounter with Officer Ramos, like he's high or something. Abby seems to be doing much better. The color has come back to her face, and she's talking about food again — she really wants that burger.

Did you invite either (or both) of them to come check out your new car? It's there, by the way, when you get home. Sitting in the driveway. Silver with red shelby racing stripes, just like you asked.


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    Of course I invited them both over to check out the new ride! Why even get it if you can't flaunt it. I give them some story about us getting a loan and whatever. I'd like to talk to Abby alone, so I plan on taking her out for a burger. Don't want to piss off Chase, though. He's cool, and I don't want to mess up what we've got. So I'll just play it cool, take them out, then at some point, he'll want to do homework or something.
  • They both followed you back to your place, and their faces match each others when they spot your new ride. Chase can't believe it, "your Ma took out a loan to buy you that!? Holy shit, man. You must be one hell of a son!" There's a good question, Berto... Does your mother consider you a good son?

    Abby is crazy impressed. She's running her hands down the metal, and checking out the inside. She looks up at you, "Can we go to In 'n Out? I've been craving a burger all day!"

    Chase rolls his eyes, "God Abs, you're like a yo-yo... If you guys are going there, just give me a ride home. I can't step food in another In 'n Out for a while."
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    I grin at Chase's jealousy. He forgets how much he's got, both parents, enough money to get him new clothes whenever he needs them, even provide a home for Abby. It's nice to feel like I've got one up on him.

    I chuckle at Chase's reaction. Like clockwork. "Yo, I'll drop you off, Chase. Then we'll grab some burgers, Abs. Since you went and made room for them and all." I laugh, then head over to the car, my car.

    I'll chat with them both, whoever gets shotgun gets it, I don't care. I just want to chat with Abby when Chase is gone. Until then, I'm playing it cool.
  • You all pile into your new car. The keys were in the mailbox with a neat little bow on it. Abby sits in the front, citing "not wanting to puke" as the reason. Chase accepted that. The car purrs when you turn over the engine, and all but leaps from your driveway at the tap of the accelerator. The car is eager. Abby rolls down the window as you drive, to listen to the engine. It's got a deep, beautiful growl as you ride, and roars loudly when you give it some gas. It's a showy thing, and Abby is lapping it up.

    Instant panty melter indeed...

    Eventually you show up at Abby and Chase's place. Chase gets out, shaking his head, "Bad ass, man... You're one lucky SOB. You take good care of my sister, you hear? Don't go wrecking that beast..." He shuts the door, and waves you off.

    Abby looks over to you and noticeably relaxes. "So... Burgers?"
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    If I could fuck a car.... I would marry this beast.

    Abby's not a bad consolation prize, you know?

    I grin at Chase, "Hey man, I promise to take it easy. I don't want to hurt this new baby the same day I got it, you know?" I let my new ride rumble for a bit, then pull away, waving at him.

    I nod when Abby mentions burgers. As we're driving, "Pick out whatever music you like. It's got a great radio." I point to the XM deck, it's hot. I wonder what music she'll pick. She's got a pretty wide variety of stuff she's into. I sometimes use her music choice to get her mood, you know?
  • You know exactly what station Abby is going for... She puts on some R&B, really sexy stuff, and starts singing along as you drive. She's not exactly the best singer, but she's right into it — dancing, and shaking, and almost teasing you, if you didn't know any better. It's just who she is. Deep down at her core, she's a soulful woman. Even pregnant, you gather, she can't shake that. Maybe she's in denial.

    Wait, she just winked at you. She's definitely in denial.

    "You're so lucky, Berto," she says with a grin, "this car is hot!"
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    Maybe she is in denial. Aren't we all?

    I pull around to the drive-thru. As we pull up to the little speaker box, I say, "Yeah, Abs. I'm lucky. And you're hot." I order three burgers, two for her, plus some fries and drinks and even a shake. Why not, right? Found a little money in the ashtray, so I'm blowing it on some food.

    I keep the bag between us. I know she'll sneak some fries while I drive my silver beauty up to the hills. I want to look down on the city. Find somewhere we can chat. Or fuck. Or both. Hopefully both.

    I song along with a song or two, ask her to feed me fries so I can keep my eyes on the road. It's a good time for denial.
  • She blushes when you compliment her, and goes back to singing until you get to the burger shop. She's already eaten one of the burgers by the time you get back out to the car, and is sneaking some, but not a lot, of the fries. She's happy to feed you as you drive, and even even starts talking about how she's slipped up her running schedule. Mostly just chit-chat. Eventually you find a nice little lookout overlooking the city, and get to park so you can eat your burger.

    Mid-way through her second burger, she looks over to you, uncertain about something. Eventually, "Berto, why're you so nice to me?"
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    Yeah, I talk about classes and other shit. I don't talk about checking obits online to make sure I don't see my brother. I don't think mom would tell me. Which is shitty, but she wants to protect me.

    I reach down, between my legs, ease the seat back. Then I munch on my bacon cheeseburger. It's pretty amazing. I grin over at Abby, gulp down some coke. This is the best. When she seems worried, it pulls me out of it, so I look over.

    "Abs, girl. We're buds, right?" I ask, giving her a smile. "When I came to this stupid part of town, you were my first friend." I pull out a fry and do an airplane towards her mouth as a hangar. I even make the dive bomber sound, trying to make her laugh.

    The station switches to Lovely Day by Bill Withers.
    I take another drink of my Coke, "I think we're alot alike, Abs. We came from some hard places, but we're survivors." I nod, like that's important to me. I hope it is to her. "We do what we gotta do to keep on, keeping on. And I want you to know, I've got your back, no matter what. Okay?" I want her to trust me.
  • You check the obituaries regularly? That's pretty rough, Berto... What's your brother's name? She smiles, a hint of distrust in her voice. Can you blame her? She's led a pretty hard life, bouncing around foster homes like she has... You do get a laugh out of her when you make the airplane noises though. She listens pretty attentively the whole time you talk. She needs to listen, because she's recently discovered she's not that great a judge of character... "No matter what?" She repeats, with an upward inflection, "Like... What if I got myself into a bit of trouble, and I needed a ride somewhere... Like... Say an abortion clinic..."
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    His name is Hector. Like the guy from the Trojan War.

    "Then I'd still have your back, chica." I answer, right away, cool as a cucumber. I need her to trust me, she can't run to Chase, look for some idiot who would take her. Officer Ramos will help her, she just doesn't know it yet. I'll help her.

    "Know who the dad is?" I ask, not looking at her, just listening to Lovely Day and waiting.
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    She shrugs, "Not really... I mean, I think so, but it could be one of a couple people..." She looks out the window, brushing some hair out of her face, so you can see her in profile, "Frankie, for one... " She pauses... You see her looking at you out of the corner of her eye. She's gauging you for a reaction. "That was a mistake... A really, really, big mistake... The others are long shots, but I can't say they aren't for sure, you know?"
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    I knew she got around, but Frankie? Damn. "Frankie? Didn't he hit you that time?" I hold up a hand, seeing her get defensive. "Listen, it's okay, I just don't like it when people hurt you."

    I turn in my seat, pull my knee up so I can face her. "Didn't you talk to Officer Ramos earlier?" I reach a hand up to her shoulder, trying to offer her some support.
  • She did get defensive there. You know she doesn't like it when people question her... She gets called a slut by a lot of people. She still doesn't quite want to let herself believe someone would just intrinsically look out for her that way. "Who? ... You mean that creeper in the bathroom? You know him?" She bites her lip, "I wasn't sure that really happened... Who is he?"
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    I look around the car, "He's awesome, Abs." I reach down and grab a fry, then munch on it, still looking at her. "You don't really believe my moms could get a loan for something like this, right? Officer Ramos got the loan for me. He can help you, too. What did he say?" I'm interested in this. I want to know what he offered.
  • She looks around the car, a little worried, "He just up and bought you this car? ... Berto... That's fucked up. You really trust him? I was puking pretty hard Berto. I kept wishing Chase would just not find out. I didn't want him or his parents to find out, you know? They'd kick me out, and send me back to the group home... Then I swear I hear some old guy offer to make him go away if I give him the baby, and I said, "just don't let him find out..." I mean, I didn't take it seriously. The guy was a voice in a handicap washroom."

    She shakes her head, "either way, Chase's family is really good to me, and I can't birth a fucking baby without them finding out... I should have just gone to the clinic myself when I found out. It's just so scary, you know? ... Killing something like that... It doesn't feel right at all."
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    "He's not just a voice. He'll help you. I trust him. You should at least think about it." I say it quick, trying to sound reassuring, but maybe I'm a little desperate, so I back off.

    I turn in my seat, looking forward again, reach over for her hand, just to hold it. "It doesn't feel right because it isn't right, getting an abortion. It's like giving up, you know?" I run my thumb over the inside of her hand softly, still looking down at the city. "My moms, she had a real tough time when she got pregnant with me. My dad was about to go back inside, my brother was in some real heavy shit. She thought about... you know, getting rid of me." I look over at her then. "But she didn't. I'm here, Abs. I'm not telling you what to do, but I'm telling you that it isn't right. And whatever you do, I've got your back."

    I smile at her, "You're my hot tamale, Abby."
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    This is a Manipulate roll. I'm giving Officer Ramos a string on me to get a +2 on this roll.
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 2, 5. Total: 9)
  • You can tell that taking a hard stance against abortion didn't exactly prime her for your sale, and as good a sale as it was, she's still skeptical. "Yeah, but getting pregnant now? Ruining my body, and then handing off the kid to some creepy dude? There are lots of other pregnant women who put their babies up for adoption... I'm just contributing to the problem!" She sighs, "if I'm going to do this, I'm totally going to get kicked out of Chase's place... They'll call the group home, and I'll be gone inside of a week to the group home for troubled pregnant girls my age. The most depressing place in the world!"

    She spins over in her chair to face you and grabs your hands, "you can't let that happen, Berto. I've got to get out of there. Let me stay with you a few days so I can talk to some of my friends who left the home on their own, and get set up. They can help! They'll get me sorted out! I can't go back to that home... I'll do anything to keep from going back there."
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    Anything? Shit, I can think of lots of things.

    I don't move my hands away. "Abs, you aren't showing or anything, you don't have to leave right now." I see she's desperate, so I throw a lifeline, "If you want to spend the night or something, we'll figure it out. I mean, shit, I'll give you my bed, sleep on the couch, whatever. I told you. I've got your back. And listen to Officer Ramos. He's special."
  • She shakes her head, "That doesn't matter! They'll find out, because I can't keep my mouth shut to Chase... You know me, I'll fuck it up. I couldn't even keep it a secret that I farted in class." Her eyes dart around, not really looking at anything, before she finally nods and says, "Ok... Ok. Give me a week. Just one week to get in touch with my friends, and make sure they don't mind a fatass pregnant chick crashing on their couch, OK? I just... If I'm going to be puking all the time, I won't be able to hide it. Chase'll tell his parents, and then next thing you know I'll be at a doctor's office."

    She looks at you, "One week of sleeping on your couch, or whatever, and I'll give this Officer Ramos dude a shot."
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    Or whatever.

    "It's a deal." I say. Then I grin, "I know it's not the best situation, Abs, but you're a survivor. This is gonna be okay." I look in her eyes, willing her to trust me. I need her to give Officer Ramos a shot.
  • She cracks a smile, a legitimate one, and lets out a deeply held breath. "Thanks Berto... I ... I don't know how I could repay you..." She looks down at her legs, shifting them a bit to reveal her panties in her short skirt. It's a pink g-string. "I mean... Maybe I do. Can you think of a way I could repay you?"
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    Oh damn. I've seen that g-string a few times, but it's always in the way of what I want. Like now.

    I swallow, try to keep my cool. "Abs, you know I'm into you. But you don't have to do anything you don't want to do." I just hope you want to do me. Of course, as soon as I say that, I'm gently, slowly pulling my left hand away from her hands, and putting it on her thigh. Close. I don't want her to think I don't want it. Because Liz or not, I've had my eye on Abby since day one.
  • She lets out a sigh of relief, and puts a hand on your chest, "Oh thank god! I thought you were going to say yes!" She pauses, and a smile creeps across her face, "Just kidding. Berto, you've been real good to me... You aren't one of those assholes, as far as I can tell. How could I not be into you?" She takes your hand and sticks it under her skirt, "I'm all yours, hot stuff."
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    That's enough being a gentleman for me. I reach for those panties and push them aside, fingers seeking the prize. Same time, I'm leaning over to kiss her, those lips I've wanted for months and months. I don't care who's had her, who's kid's inside her, none of that. Right now, she's all mine.

    Thanks, Officer Ramos.
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    Abby is like no-one you've had the pleasure of having... She's young, but not bashful. Experienced, but not used. She know how to make things last as long as she needs it to, and has a certain showmanship to her craft. What did she say mid-climax that threw you for a loop? Why did she ask to be taken home right after?

    Perhaps most importantly, what about her wants you to come back for more?
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    She started calling out my name, and cursing like crazy. It was a trip, man. I lost it.

    Oh man, this is nothing like the others, she's really good at this. I mean, it's just like we click, we have a rhythm. It's just the way her body feels, and she's into it, you know? She's there to fuck, not some stupid popularity contest, or some punishment a girl does for her boyfriend kind of thing. It's hot. Hottest thing I've ever had.

    I know she's going to get big and round soon, so that's a big reason I'm already thinking about the next time I can get with her.

    She asks me to take her home right away because she doesn't want Chase to get suspicious.
  • After your little tryst, you get back on the road, and drop her off at home. She smiles and waves goodbye, afraid that her foster parents, or Chase, might be watching from the window. "Thanks for the burgers Berto. I'll text you later, OK?" She gets out of the car, closing the door behind her, and leans in the window, "your mom won't mind if I show up, would she?"

    Would your mother mind? How does she feel about you dating?
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    "She'll be okay with it." I tell her with a reassuring smile. "I've got your back. And your front, too. If you want." I watch her leave, because yummy.

    Moms will be upset if I don't sell it right, if it sounds like a permanent thing. As long as she doesn't think I'm sleeping with Abs, sleep on the couch, study hard, it'll be okay.
  • == END SCENE ==
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