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It's urban twilight by the time you get to Todd's neighborhood. His father is a prominent pastor in the neighborhood, so his house is rather well known — it's the smallest house on the block, next to the neighborhood's only church. His backyard backs onto the only cemetery for miles. Outside, Todd's parents, Pastor Stirling and Tracy, are doing some gardening together. They seem really happy together. How are you planning on getting in touch with Todd?



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    My brother told me once - best way to commit a crime is to just walk up like you're supposed to be there and do it. I was seven.

    Taking his advice, I park my ride, get out, walk up to the front door. I'll wave at the pastor and his wife, then knock.
  • Well, seems simple enough. You walk right past them, waving, and they look to each other, discussing something as you pass. When you knock at the door, Tracey gets up and walk over. "Hi there! I don't think we've met. I'm Tracey, and that's Stirling — are you one of Todd's friends? We're his parents." She holds a hand out to you, to shake. "I don't remember Todd telling us he was expecting guests..." She doesn't have an accusatory tone. Heaven knows there are enough kids with Mustangs in the area...

    What do you do?
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    I grin when she walks over, still playing it cool. I shake her hand. "I'm Humberto. Todd's in my homeroom. We're buddies." I lick my lips, considering. "He doesn't know I'm here. I just wanted to drop by and hang out. Is that okay?"
  • Tracey looks a little dubious about your arriving unannounced, without Todd's knowing — but she doesn't have a chance to answer before Todd opens the door, and sees you standing there, chatting with his mother. "Berto? What are you doing here?"

    His mother speaks up, "Humberto here says he just wanted to drop by, and hang out. You never told me about your friend Humberto before..."

    Todd looks a little confused, "Oh... Well, we don't really know each other that well, I guess..." He looks at his watch, "I'm meeting Brad later at a concert, Berto, but I was about to go pick up some Starbucks. You wanna come for the walk?"
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    "Sounds good, Todd." Walking gives us more time to chat and whatever. Man, his mom's pushy. Fucking wire hangars, bitch!
  • Todd heads back inside to grab a few things, and Tracey goes back to her gardening. Before long, Todd steps back out with his wallet in hand, and motions for you to follow. Once you're out of earshot, he looks to you and says, "Shoot me a text next time, man. It's a little creepy to just up and show up at someone's place unannounced. What's up?"
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    "It's creepy?" I ask, seriously confused about that. "Okay, man. I was just riding around in my new car, wanted to stop by. Not like your family hides or anything. You want to walk," I gesture to the ride, "Or drive?" And yeah, I'll let him drive. Probably.
  • Would you seriously let him drive? Because he looks seriously interested at that prospect. That's some pretty serious grounds for manipulation, if you want him to open up to you...
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    Yes, I'll let him drive. It's how I'm getting Abs a place to stay, which gets me the car. So, you know, it's a circle of life kind of shit.
  • Roll that Manipulate, Berto. Why don't you tell me how the conversation falls onto that classmate he wants to hook up with?
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    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 1, 3. Total: 4)
    +1 XP
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    "So Todd," I ask as he's driving. "Any girls you're into?"
  • He chuckles as he pulls up to a stoplight, clearly enjoying the ride. "Girls? No... You though... You're in pretty good shape." He looks over with a hungry grin. He may be serious.

    ... Ok, he's definitely serious, but it doesn't seem like he's expecting you to reciprocate. It seems pretty off the cuff, rather than a deep-seated lust. He did compliment you in gym. "Why do you ask, Berto?"
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    Uhm, wow, ok. Not where I expected this to go....

    "I hear around you're looking for a hookup this weekend." I head right for the point, hoping to deflect. Who the hell is he into? No wonder his pastor dad is so controlling, and they were worried about me.
  • He shakes his head, "Stop beating around the bush, Berto... I'm not really that into you. No offense, or anything. You just don't strike me as my type." He hits the accelerator, and the Mustang's V8 hauls ass out of the intersection — faster than he's used to, considering the little Toyota Yaris sitting in his parent's driveway. "I could probably get a hookup this weekend if I was really looking for one — truth be told. All I need is my fake ID, and a ride out to a gay bar. I'm just not interested in casual hookups with guys who don't call back."

    He looks over to you, "There just aren't any gay guys in my life." He looks severely disappointed, "I've made peace with that — at least for now." He pulls into the Starbucks, and hands you your keys back. He takes a moment to look over your car, a smile still on his face from the ride, and he notices something in the windshield that catches his attention. "Who scratched out your VIN? You've got to be careful driving cars without one..."

    OOC: By the way, Todd is taking a string on you for your missed roll.
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    This is weird. I check my phone again, thumbing through the messages from Officer Ramos

    To: Humberto That's the spirit, pal! You know a guy named Todd in your class? He's looking to have a classmate of his hook up with him. Problem is, his folks are connected with the wrong people for me to be making him an offer. Can you get him to ditch his parents this Sunday morning and meet me at the School?

    I look up when he keeps goosing it, but I don't want to be some pussy. "I heard you want to hook up with somebody at school. If you want to ditch your parents, I'll help you get there. Since, you know, we're friends and shit." I don't even believe that, either.
  • He shakes his head, looking a little numb as he steps away from your car. "No man. You can't, and unless you're planning to slip a straight man a roofie, I doubt you could get him there either." He sticks his hands in his pocket, and motions back to the Starbucks, "Just drop it, dude. I appreciate the vote of confidence, but we barely know each other. You coming?"

    Officer Ramos is not going to be happy if Todd doesn't show up to that meeting on Sunday...
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    I pocket my keys and follow him into Starbucks, "Who's the guy? You never know, man. He might be in the closet."
  • Todd gives you a weird look, a mixture of confusion and amusement. "Brad is most certainly not in the closet." He orders himself a Tall Passion Iced Tea with no sweetener, and pulls out his card to pay. "Seriously dude, all this talk about me is creeping me out. Who the hell even told you I was looking to hook up?"
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    Fucking Brad. I hate that guy!

    I get some mocha whatever latte shit, I don't even care. This coffee place is insane. When we get a seat, I lean over, "Not trying to freak you out, man. I wanna help you. You know those guys who talk all that shit about getting with girls, guys like Brad, they're hiding. I've seen him check you out, man. I bet if you met him this weekend, just the two of you, things would be different."
  • Todd doesn't believe you. Not even in the slightest. "Believe me, Brad's not checking me out. He's been fucking Brittney, and sending me pictures to 'straighten me out'. He's twice joked that he'd knock my teeth in if I ever put a move on him — and I believe him, because he once knocked a dude's teeth in for hitting on him at a party."
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    That sounds like the Brad I know. Figured Todd would go for a dipshit like that. Why do the cool people like dickweeds? Wait, why do I fucking care? Whatever.

    Alright, here goes nothing. "What if you could change that? Get past all the bullshit fear Brad has and just be alone with him? You've been nice to me, Todd, when nobody else was. So I want to share something with you. I can help you get Brad. But you've gotta trust me. Will you sneak out this Sunday morning with me and come to the school with me?"
  • He shakes his head, "Sorry man, Sunday morning's church, and I run a bible studies group for younger kids. Even if I wanted to skip out on that, my parents would freak without a good reason. Much less if they found out why."
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    "Yeah, you should def miss out on a chance for something you really want for a bunch of folks who think what you want is unclean and shit. That makes a ton of sense, bro." I take a sip of my stupid expensive coffee, pretend it tastes good. "Well, I guess you know what's what, man."
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    I think I'm Shutting Him Down here (or trying):
    (Rolled: 2d6-1. Rolls: 1, 4. Total: 4)
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    His eyes narrow, and you can tell he's considering tossing his tea in your face — but he was raised better than that, and he calms himself. He gets up out of his chair, and takes a sip of his tea. "Thanks for the ride Berto; but if you're going to shit on my beliefs, don't bother come around my house again." Then he heads for the door.

    Berto, you know Officer Ramos isn't going to like losing Todd — but you haven't exactly done anything to disappoint him yet. Officer Ramos has a long memory, though. I wouldn't make a habit of it if I were you.

    OOC: Officer Ramos takes a string on you.
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    I stand up, but I'm not following him. "I'm not the one who's judging you, man. If you change your mind, let me know."

    That went wrong. I leave my coffee on the table, head out to my car after he's gone. I pull out my phone.

    To: Officer Ramos Todd said no way. I had nothing to show him that I was legit, he thought I was trying to get him beat up or something. Sorry, Officer Ramos. I blew it. I can make it up to you, if there's something else. Really want to get Abby out of her place, man. If she stays there, I know she'll get the big A. -Berto
  • Todd waves back over his shoulder dismissively, and disappears out the front door. Once you've settled in your car, and texted officer Ramos, you have a minute of silence. There are a few of the oh-niners coming out of the Starbucks, looking at your car, and pointing at you, talking about you. They're not like you, Berto. They grew up with money, and a certain amount of entitlement. You've stumbled into these riches with the help of Officer Ramos, but these people were bred into it, and it shows. You don't really belong here. They can see that.

    The text comes back.
    To Humberto: Buddy, I already told my friend that I've got a surrogate lined up. I'm going to get him that baby one way or the other, you hear me? If you can't sort out Todd, then lie to your mother, for all I care. I'll lock her down another job to keep her occupied. Mami's always looking for a way to keep her little Berto happy...
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    Yeah, yeah, little rich kids and their shit. Well, I've got mine and I'm keeping it.

    To: Officer Ramos I'll figure Abby out. Mom's got plenty of jobs, man. Sorry about Todd again. Thanks for the car, it's perfect. - Berto

    I start her up, then head home. I've got homework. Or something.
  • == END SCENE ==
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