[LAM] End of Session 1

That was a fantastic first session folks! Let's talk end of session moves, and highlights...


  • I have no end of session moves. I would like new highlights.
  • I can go either way with Highlights for Lali.
  • I'm happy either way too, so Rich wants new highlights, let's do it!
    Looks like Lali still highlights Mandi. Starting to influence her, a little, perhaps.
  • Lali highlights Berto again.
  • edited February 2015
    Interesting. I'll highlight Mandi for Cold, Berto for Volatile. Mandi highlights Lali.
  • Hot for Lali then, we're all different.
  • MC, please don't highlight Dark for Berto, since I had Volatile and Dark highlighted for session one and called for new ones. Thx
  • Alright.
    Berto, highlight Cold.
    Lali, highlight Dark.
    Mandi, highlight Hot.

    Let's see you folks get out of your comfort zones. I'm working on some MC homework, but hopefully I'll have some scenes up before end of day.
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