[LAM Session 2] Berto 1

It's been a few days since your fight with Todd, and the cops coming to school to investigate Mandi's disappearance. They've since given up, and things are starting to return to normal again. Abby has been in contact with her old group-home friends, but they're being a little tight lipped about putting her up. She told you that the girl she's got most luck with, Fiona, is working as a cam girl from home, and home is a single room in a three bedroom apartment with three other cam-girls... The living room, specifically. She's hesitant to get into that living arrangement, but she may not have any other choice.

Perhaps the biggest insult added to injury was that you woke up with the startings of a red zit on your cheek — no doubt Officer Ramos "thanking" you for your services with Todd the other day. Seems he can get a little vindictive when crossed. The car is still pretty sweet though!

So what have you got planned to make it up to him?


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    Shit, a pimple? I'm putting a little band-aid on it or something. Officer Ramos has never been pissed at me before, this sucks. Fucking Todd. I wonder if he'd show up Sunday morning if I offered to meet him? No way I'm going to fucking blow him or anything like that, though.

    I have to say, visiting Abby with cam girls sounds kinda hot. I mean, four sexy girls in one place? Damn. But sleeping on a couch would suck. I need to get some money, get her in a hotel or maybe find some long term room to rent. I wonder if mom would notice if I stole some money out of her little hidey hole? Probably.

    Shit was going so good for a while, and now it's all falling apart.

    To: Officer Ramos Yo, Officer Ramos. If I got Todd to come to the school Sunday afternoon, would you be able to get your deal done? You don't need Brad there, right? Just him? I bet I could make it happen. -Berto

    Of course, I gotta check in with Abs.
    To: Abby Hey girl, sorry my mom freaked the fuck out. Not sure what's up about that. I'm trying to find you some room for rent. I haven't given up. You wanna grab some burgers? My treat. - Berto
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    Having a car has opened up your lunch hour to do whatever you want. As such, you're out with Abby and Chase — who insisted on joining — getting burgers when you get a text from Officer Ramos:

    To: Humberto, Drop it buddy, you blew it. It's time to play dirty. Get him drunk, or something, and I'll swing by.
    Abby is has a mouthful of burger when Chase says, "so did you hear about Brittney's parents going out of town next weekend? Apparently she wants to throw a big party."

    Abby's eyebrows raise in intrigue, and she stops eating to add, "really? Who's all going?"

    Did you hear about the party? Who, other than Todd and Brad, would be going?
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    Man... Officer Ramos is pissed. I've never seen him like this.

    I heard about the party, of course. Frankie told me about it, bragging, but then I'm basically invited. "Most of the oh Niners, some other people. You guys wanna come with me?" Maybe I'll chat Todd up at the party or something.

    I munch on my burger.
  • Chase thinks on it a moment before nodding, "I could use a break this weekend. You think Seth and Eventide will be there? We've been talking about getting a game going or something. It'd be good to chat with them outside of school for a change." What are Chase's Hobbies like? Why doesn't Abby like them?

    Speaking of Abby, she looks a little reserved, "I dunno if I should go... I'm kind of worn out on drinking, you know?"

    Chase looks legitimately surprised, "Seriously? Wow... Well it's not like you've got to drink if you don't want to, I guess. You certainly don't have to drink more than you're comfortable with, anyway."

    Abby looks to you, a little worried, "I dunno... You said Frankie would be there? He's such an asshole... How many people is Brittany inviting?"
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    I shrug, "Most of them?" Is she worried about the baby? That's great! If she were drinking, then she'd still be on board with the big A. Hell yeah.

    "Abs, you should come. We'll dance up a storm and have some fun. Don't have to drink, it'll be more for Chase!" I grin, because hey, once I figure out what's up with Todd, get him with Officer Ramos, then maybe a drunk Chase and an available Abby is a good thing.
  • Abby shrugs, "I dunno Berto. Maybe. I haven't been feeling great lately."

    On the subject of Abby though, there's something about her lately that you can't shake. The way she walks and talks is different, and not necessarily in a good way. Her eyes have dark bags under them, and she has a pallor about her that goes beyond nausea. Something dark has gotten its claws into Abby, and you get the impression that it's hanging over her all the time. This whole thing smells like Officer Ramos.

    Once you wrap up your meal, you all head back out to your car. Pulling up in the spot next to you is none other than Frankie, Todd, Brittany, and Brad. Brittany is clinging to Brad's arm, and he's acting like his usual dick self. He flings the door open a little carelessly, and it bangs into the side of your mustang.

    What do you do?
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    Abby's going through a rough patch, she just needs to have the baby, she'll be alright. I'll give her some attention later, she'll be ok. She's tough, like me.

    When Brad dings my car, I run over right away, bending down to check it out, "Yo, man! Not everybody gets everything for free, fucker!" I'm tempted to kick Brad's ass. I hate that guy. I should just steal Brittany away or something.
  • The car's got a small scratch in the paint. Looks like the metalwork might be a little dented around it. It's minor, but noticeable.

    Brad barely even noticed your car, and he only stopped walking away when you called him a fucker. He turns around and looks at your car, a brand-spanking new mustang, and gives you a dirty look, "Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot... How many dicks did your mom have to suck to get that for you?"

    Todd slaps his arm, "Hey man, that's not cool."

    Brad just laughs, and tosses a quarter at your feet, "get some paint on me.".
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    Not another word escapes my lips. I'm throwing the hardest punch I can. Officer Ramos is like right there, in my head, urging me to TCB.
    I'm giving him a string for The Power Flows Through You to get a +2

    Lashing Out:
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 5, 2. Total: 10)

    +1 XP
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    I'll take a string on him.
  • You nail him square in the lip, and he falls off balance as Frankie, Todd, and Chase rush over to pull you off him. "Fuck you, Berto!" a frantic Brad screams from a few steps away. He's not going anywhere near you, though. "You think you can just go around punching people?" Heh, you cracked his tooth.

    Brittney's next to him, pulling a tissue out of her purse to wipe the blood from his lip. She turns to you, and gives you the dirtiest look you've ever seen, "Can't you take a joke, Berto? Geez..." Then she turns back to Brad, as he asks her how bad it is. "Pretty bad."

    Chase has inserted himself between you and Brad's buddies, keeping them at arm's length, "Hey. We were just leaving. We all saw Brad ding Berto's car. He's gunna get it fixed, and Brad's gunna pay for it. Cool?"

    Brad snarls, "The fuck I am! That son of a bitch just fucking clocked me!"

    Chase looks to you, "how do you want to handle this, man?"
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    "I'll keep it. You don't need to fix anything, Brad, you fucking homophobic piece of shit. Whenever people ask about that ding, I'll tell him it's a reminder of what a punkass fuck you are." I look at Todd for just a moment, like maybe I did that for you, bro. Then I'm with Chase. "Let's go."
  • That's some sexy righteousness right there, Berto. Todd needed someone to say that to Brad. You've turned him on. Roll it.
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    Here goes nothin'!

    Turning Todd On roll:
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 2, 4. Total: 6)
  • Chase and Abby follow you to your car, and you drive off — leaving the self-possessed asshole stewing. You notice that Todd is staying away from Brad though. Seems you said something he liked. Once you're away from the In'N'Out, Chase pokes his head between you and Abby. "Holy crap, Berto — that was awesome!" He punches you in the shoulder, a playful gesture.

    Abby doesn't look so convinced, "Brad's dad is a lawyer, Chase... You'd better be careful, Berto — considering that's the second fist-fight you've gotten into this week, he could try and get you expelled."

    Chase waves his hand dismissively, but you can see the wind was blown out of his sails, "c'mon... Berto's not a bad guy. Why would they expel him? They might try and suspend him."

    Abby gives Chase a serious look, "you don't know those guys... They don't give a shit about people like us. They only care about coming out on top. Berto, seriously. What would your mom say if you got suspended?"
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    "Mom would shit herself." I admit. "You're right. I need to watch out. Can't take it back, though. I'll keep a low profile for a bit. That guy needed to be taken down a notch. He dented the nicest thing I've got!" Maybe the only nice thing I've got. I look over at Abby. She isn't mine. And what if Officer Ramos took my car? Gave me zits all over? What would I even have then?
  • Abby seems to take some solace in that. You must realize she doesn't have very much that's good in her life either — and she certainly doesn't have a car. She's likely about to have a whole lot less, too. She reaches over, and puts a hand on your leg. "That's really sad dude... You should, like, buy yourself a gold chain or something." That was a joke, she's trying to cheer you up.

    Chase sits back in his seat, "I still wanna crash their stupid party... Drink their beer. You think that Spanish girl will show up?" You know Chase has a crush on Lali, right Berto? What did he do for her that really saved her skin, in spite of her never really noticing.
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    I like Abby's hand on my leg. Glad she backed off. I grin, "A gold chain with a fucking huge dollar sign on it." I would love some alone time with her, man. It's been days.... days!

    I glance up in the rearview at my man Chase. He thinks Lali is "refined and beautiful". First day of class when Lali walked in, Brad decided to talk some shit about her with the Oh Niners and Chase stood up to him. It was lunch, she wasn't even there. He's a stand-up guy. Kind of an idiot sometimes, but he's my friend. "Lali will proably be there. I don't know, man. Maybe I should bail on it after punching Brad, you know?" I look over at Abs. Maybe we can have a party? Or, maybe I just lure Todd out for Officer Ramos. I need to get back in his good graces, in case this Brad thing does blow up.
  • Abby shakes her head, and slaps your leg playfully. "You're such a ham," she jokes, turning her eyes back to the road. She gets that look on her face — like Officer Ramos is staring over her shoulder, and she goes quiet for a second before saying, "I could talk to Brit, if you want... She's such a dits that I bet I could smooth this all over with a bottle of tequila." She looks to you desperately, "Brad's an idiot — just stay away from him. He'll be busy fucking Brittany anyway."
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    Officer Ramos will treat her right. Don't know why she's so worried. I mean, except for the baby, but that's short-term pain, long-term gain, right? "Could you? Talk to Brit. I don't want to get expelled, Abs." We gotta stick together, right?

    "I promise I'll try to stay away," I say as I look over, then back at Chase. "But he did dent my car..." I trail off, then switch subjects. "I think we should name her. The car. What's a good name for her?"
  • Abby nods, though you can tell this is going to be a bit of a challenge for her. "Suuuure," she slurs, hesitantly, "I mean, yeah. Sure."

    Chase doesn't hesitate when you ask for a good car name, "Shelby."

    Abby looks back to him with a disgusted look on her face, "Ew, dude. No."

    Chase looks shocked, "She's got Shelby racing stripes! Why not Shelby?"

    Abby shakes her head, "because Ew. Did you not hear me the first time? What about something cool, like Venus... or Rogue or something..."

    A contemplative smile spreads across Chase's face, and he leans back in his seat again, "Rogue. Hot." you know they're not thinking about the same Rogue... He pats your arm, "What do you think, Berto?"
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    "Rogue is perfect." I agree. I like it, and yeah, we're thinking of different Rogues, and that's ok with me.

    I wonder if maybe I should check in with Beth. I'll hang out with Chase and Abs, maybe head out to a park or something, then head to the bathroom, shoot her a text.

    To: Beth Hey girl, how are you? Been missing you. Wanna get together tonight? -Berto
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    Abby and Chase go about discussing how much of a nerd Chase is, and you text Elizabeth. It takes her a few minutes to reply.

    To: Humberto, Hey Berto. I'm supposed to meet Marina tonight for math homework. *barf*
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    Chase is a super nerd. I'm with Abs on that.

    To: Beth Srsly? Blow it off. I'll take you on a drive. I'll even let you choose the radio station! .... XM... who doesn't love XM radio? -Berto

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    To: Berto, 4srz. She's the only reason I'm passing math. Unless you're planning on taking me out of town so I can miss this math test, I've gotta study.
    Elizabeth is taking a shitload of bird courses, Berto — but is she taking them because she's stupid? Or is she just an underachiever?
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    Beth told me once she had scarlet fever when she was like four. Hit a fever for so long it actually caused some brain damage. She has trouble with math. She's too embarrassed about it to get an allowance or whatever they call it. So she just tries extra hard and still ends up looking dumb.

    I sort of look up to her for it, even though I'm trying to get her to blow it off.

    To: Beth You wanna get together after? I'll pick you up from Marina's. Please? Mesa lonely. -Berto
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    To: Berto, I dunno... I'm usually pretty wiped after sessions with Marina. Are you going to Brittany's party? Maybe we could go together? So ppl can no I'm fucking the hhottest guy in my class. <3
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    To: Beth Not going. Got into fight with Brad today. He dented my car! Then told me to fuck off, so I decked him. Laying low. I wish you were fucking the hottest guy in your class. But you're studying math. -Berto
  • Sounds like you're manipulating her, Berto — your leverage being your continued "patronage" of her ... ahem. Unmentionables.
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    Manipulation (here goes nothing)
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 3, 2. Total: 5)
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    To: Berto, I'd rather pass Math. You're good, Berto, but not sacrifice my future and be a desperate housewife good. Sorry about your car. I'm still going to Brit's party. If you change your mind, come find me getting wasted.
    To: Berto, I won't be wearing underwear. ;)
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    Win some, lose some. I head back to Abs and Chase. Looking for opportunity to chat with Abs alone. If that fails, as most everything is going today, I'll go home after eating and finish up homework and work out.
  • What are you looking to chat with Abby about?
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    I wanted to know if she's seen Officer Ramos lately. How things are going with the baby. If she's found a new place to live. You know, checking in with her.
  • Let's make that a different scene. Chase is here, and it would be a bit awkward to pretend he wouldn't be interested in that conversation... Unless you're actually going to try and start that conversation with Chase around.
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    No, it's all chill when Chase is around. I wouldn't out Abs like that, no way. Those are things I want to know, though. If I can't find a way to get her alone, then I'm just hanging out.
  • == END SCENE ==
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