[ShadowFate] Things Jubilex Would Know about the World

This thread will contain information that Jubilex has that Rich might not.


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    Even before the second big Matrix crash in 2064, there were otaku, children with an innate ability to interact with the Matrix in more-than-human ways. These abilities often faded and eventually went away entirely with age. During the Crash, though, thousands upon thousands of hackers and otaku had their consciousnesses trapped in the Matrix for days. Many died from lethal biofeedback, even more experienced severe brain damage, but a small percentage of those that survived with their minds intact found themselves transformed. The call themselves technomancers.

    Technomancers can sense the flow of data, not just within the VR of the Matrix, but in the real world, where they are aware of the wireless data traffic in the environment around them. Their brains have been rewired to such an extent that they have full access to the wireless Matrix without electronics or cyberware. The constant murmur of the world's ambient dataflow is part of the technomancer's life, and they complain a lot when removed from the digital background noise.

    Technomancers talk about something they call The Resonance, a sort of spirit or god of the Matrix.

    You'd think it must be pretty cool to be a technomancer, right? Well, maybe, but an otaku was partially responsible for the Crash and a group of radical technomancers later attacked UN headquarters in Geneva. Reactions to technomancers range from suspicion to outright fear and hostility in most places, so they tend to be very careful about revealing their abilities.

  • Delphine Bonds


    b. 2036
    d. 2064

    Known simply as "Delphine," Delphine Bonds was a force to be reckoned with in the NuSoul movement of the late '50s and early '60s, whose hit songs included "Acid Rain in My Soul," "I Love You Like...," and "Serious (Not Serious)." These days, her deep cuts are popular with remix artists and corp advertising agencies alike. She died during the aftermatch of the Crash of 2064, when her home and studio burned down after an electrical surge ignited a piece of recording equipment.

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