[LB] Regrouping (LB 2.4, NB 2.4, CV 2.5, KA 2.5, Sn 2.6)


Now that you're out of the Lower Depths and out of danger (for the moment), Captain Vance has called everyone together. Snargle, you can put The Owl into some kind of autopilot... right? How does it work?

Everyone's standing or seated at the old oak table. Are there drinks? Food, like snacks or some such?

What do you do?


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    I've taken my usual place against the wall behind the lady. I've got my arms crossed, and, although it looks like I'm settled in to relax, my back is only resting against the surface lightly. It's not that I'm expecting to have to defend the lady against anybody on board, but it's only natural for a girl to be wound tight like this.

    By the time we got the message to come up from the engine room, Kale had calmed down, but I hadn't exactly sussed out the details of what brought him to tears in the first place. Normally, it'd be easy enough to put that aside, but whatever mysterious event is ailin' Kale is ailin' the lady and the captain too now. There's a kind of unspoken something, and it's annoying me, to be frank. So, I'm standing quiet, watching the others and trying to sort out what the cause might be.
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    My eyes are in love with him.

    I'm seated across from him, pondering on what to say. Cyrus and I spoke earlier about where I wished to go. When I began having doubts about Uriah.

    I want closure. I want to know where he has been. Why he had not sent me letter, or even a clue as to where he might be...or why he never came to reclaim me. But going to the Remnants just for closure...

    I ignored the dangers when all I wanted was to reunite with my king, but...if I was never his queen, he was never my king.
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    I come in an smile at the Lady. She's sittin in my normal seat.

    Closin my eyes fer a sec, I picture punchin her in her clean, white little face wit them stupid little lips. I'm still smilin, but it's so tight it's hurtin my mouth so I make a little bow an grab another chair--the stool wit the uneven leg--an sit away from the table at the counter.

    So, got some big announcement er somethin for us, Cap?

    Not waitin for an answer, I climb over the counter an open the cabinet upside down wit my feet in the air. When I slide back I got a bottle a Havish Wine--well, the ends of it--an take a swig.

    Bishop's within arm distance back here at the counter (her arm's distance at least) so I offer the bottle over to her too.
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    I catch that false smile the mechanic is making with his lips. It's a common look the highborns wear. I frown genuinely. I do not care if he notices or not. I'm probably pouting a little now.

    ...I thought we were getting on quite well.

    I think of Uriah, the way he dealt with being upset with someone else. He would follow them with his eyes, as if determining just how long he was going to allow them to remain living. If we were holding hands, I would notice his getting warmer, uncomfortably warmer. To the point where I would nearly have to let go, but I never let go.

    His temper was like an inferno. Mine has, and always will be a hearth that refuses to die out. He used to tease me sometimes, but I didn't mind. I knew it was true.

    Maybe we are just meant to be together. The two of us. The inferno, and the rumbling thunderstorm.

    Cyrus, if this is how your first mate feels...would you even allow me to stay?

    "I...I find myself divided." I realize I am speaking aloud, now. "...I do not know where I wish to go." I look down at my lap. "...all I know is that I do not wish to go back home."
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    Captain Sir is to Snargle as Snargle is to The Owl. He points, and Snargle goes there. Right now, Captain Sir wants to fly in a circle so he can talk with his people, so Snargle has The Owl flying in a circle. Snargle is drinking brandy and listening.

    Snargle realizes that something is going on in this room, but has no idea what. "Snargle will fly wherever Snargle is told."
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    Cyrus sits at the table, his eyes looking back and forth between everyone, always lingering on Blackbird.

    What's she thinking? Was she herself down there? He can't seem to catch Kale's eyes, but something seems off about him. Cyrus isn't sure what, though...

    "Listen," he begins. "We've all been through the ringer together, eh? Captured and chased by Imperials, dragged down to the depths. More'n most folk go through together in their whole little lives. So I count each and every'n here as a friend and a mate. Normally, I would know where to go n' what to do for something like this. But right now? I need some help from my crew. This has been a dangerous ride and I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting to pack it in. But Blackbird and Bishop employed me fer a job, so I'm happy to see it through, iff'n they still want to go. So what say you all? Where do we point the boat?"
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    My hand goes to play with the beads that aren't there. Oh, that's right. I left my mother's pearls in the captain's quarters. To set aside for my bodyguard's freedom. I glance at Naomi from over my shoulder. I can tell she can tell something has been left unsaid.

    "...I'm happy to see it through, iff'n they still want to go."

    I play with the ring made of sky squid bone, and take a deep breath. "...Captain, where would you want me to go?"
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    The offer of the liquor surprises me, and I think it must show in my face as I look over the bottle with some caution. Havish Wine, huh? I wouldn't admit this to anyone, but I can't really hold my liquor. I was a real girly drinker before getting tossed into the Pit -- the real sweet, expensive stuff -- and, in the Pit, what little we got was the best way to dull the pain. I offer Kale a slight nod of thanks and take a sip. My face screws up at the taste, somehow all heavy and acrid and burny, and I barely suppress a cough. Still, it isn't the worst I've had, so I take another drink of the stuff before passing it back to him.

    I look up just in time to catch the lady's eye. I smooth my features back out as much as I can to return her gaze with a question that only sharpens a moment later as I settle my eyes on the Captain.

    It's not like the lady to defer her decision-makin' to someone else, in particular someone who's not really important at all to that decision...

    What did I miss?
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    Cyrus smiles in spite of himself. He nervously eyes Kale, Snargle, and Bishop. He's not used to being vulnerable in front of his crew, and he's worried that Bishop would break him in two if she knew what he and Blackbird had been getting up to.

    He thinks for a second, let's out a deep sigh, and decides to be honest.

    "If it were up to me, Blackbird, you wouldn't go run off with the Pirate King. I'm sure he's a good pirate but I'm not so exactly sure he's a good man. Havin' said that, I'm a man of my word and I'm willin' to fly you right to his doorstep if you want, either to be with him or to tell him it's not gonna be like that or just to feel like you saw him with yer own eyes so you can feel like you did what you set out to do. But if it were up to me, we'd plot a different course after that. Together."

    That wasn't so bad. Hopefully.
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    "I'm sure he's a good pirate but I'm not so exactly sure he a good man."

    My own words commin back ta me. Still as right as when I said it--more so hearin it from the Cap's mouth. I look over at the Lady, she looks just about as confused as I feel about now.

    An the Cap. My Cap. Squids, if he don't look happier than I seen him in ages.

    Well, you know I'm behind ya either way.

    I look over to the Lady and hold up the wine bottle, toast-like.

    You too, Lady.

    Ain't no sass to it this time. I do mean what I say. Jus there's a sadness to the new situation. But I gotta put it behind me--for my Cap.
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    "I'm sure he's a good pirate but I'm not so exactly sure he a good man."

    "Yes, I am well aware of his flaws, I just chose to ignore them at the time. On that note, he has had all the time in the world to fetch me himself." I fold my hands on my lap. "I do wish to see him with my own eyes, and tell him that I am..." The words don't want to come out. I was obviously not some conquest, and I was obviously not his top priority. I would have dragged my broken body to be at his side. "...tell him that I am no longer his." I exhale, finally coming to terms with it. "Besides, I prefer this crew to his, and I would be a poor instructor if I abandoned my pupil after only one lesson." I turn my freckled nose in an impudent fashion. "The Pirate King will just have to come to terms that I have a new beau." I stop again, realizing this is all about what I want. I can't forget what I promised.

    I ask my keep to sit beside me, and I tell her about the pearls, and what I want her to use them for. I'm going to keep my promise.
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    Cyrus ponders how Flint will take such news for a brief moment. Prolly has a girl in every port, he thinks. I'm sure he'll take this with all the grace befittin' his kingly station.

    "Well, then," Cyrus begins, clapping his hands dramatically. "If there's no one with any objections, I say we set course for the Remnants."
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    I give the Captain a scrutinizing look as the lady fills me in on her plan. She'll be staying with the Captain then -- he's a good man, I suspect, and he'll treat her right. And she'll have Snargle and Kale looking out for her too. She seems to know it too -- she wants me to take her most treasured possession and use it for myself, to buy my freedom.

    I've never been so happy to no longer be needed.

    There's a bit o' pressure behind my smile as I take her hand and fold it in both of mine. Dear girl. Sweet, naive girl. After what I've done, even such a beautiful string of pearls is likely too low a price.

    "There's no need, my lady. You keep 'em. I know what they mean to you. I don't mean to go back, so they won't be no use to me."
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