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Let's pick up a scene a few days later. It's been tough to get Chase away from Abby for anything longer than a few minutes — largely because he suspects Abby's hiding something. He asked you as much, and texted you to see if you could get her to open up. What did you tell him?

Regardless, the only time you were able to find her on her own was after a running practice late one afternoon after school. She just finished a few laps around the track — less than she'd normally run, but still good for someone who's hiding a pregnancy. Where were you waiting for her when she spots you and jogs over?


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    I told him I'm worried about her, too. Also told him if she opened up, and he could help, I'd tell him. Promised it, even.

    Of course, he can't help her with a baby.

    Abs will find me sitting on the hood of my car, waiting with an In-N-Out burger in a bag, just for her. "Hey Abs. Nice running. We should jog some."
  • Abby spots the In-N-Out burger, and her eyes widen. "Damn it..." She takes her time walking over, "I was trying to be good today." She takes the bag, and cracks out the burger. She sits next to you, and takes a bite — a near orgasmic moan escapes her lips. "Fucking parasite, ruining my running efforts." She looks over to you, "what's up?"
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    "What's up with me?" I ask, waiting for the burger moan. "I'm great, Abs, you know? But I've been trying to get you alone for days. How are you doing? Everything okay?"
  • Abby looks a little shocked at that, "Why would you want to get me alone?" She thinks on it a moment, then leans back a little uncomfortably, "is this about that creepy cop guy? Look, I told him I'd consider his offer. I just don't trust the guy, you know? He's asking an awful lot of me, you know — essentially asking me to give up everything Chase's parents have given me."

    She puts the burger down on the bag, and sighs, "Everything is not going Ok... Chase totally knows something is up, and my girlfriend is living in the living room of an apartment, converted into a makeshift bedroom so they can afford rent, doing porn, and I can't believe I'm considering going to live with her so this dude's friend can have a baby..." She shakes her head, "Sorry... This thing has me all hormonal... I snapped at Chase earlier today."
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    "It's cool, ese." I say with a shrug. Glad she's pissed at Officer Ramos. "You don't have to give him your baby, Abs. You're right, it's a world of shit. I tried to get my moms to ease up, but she's not having it." I would like to have Abs stay with me, even if she's going to be pregger-fat soon.
  • She shakes her head, "It's not a baby... Not yet, anyway. It's barely a missed period, really." She slumps down, and looks at the ground. "It's alright... What was I going to do at your place anyway? Live with you guys? It was kind of a crazy idea... I can't put you out like that."

    She looks over to you, a sad little smirk on her face, "Come with me to my locker? I've got to put my running stuff away before I go home."
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    "Wasn't putting me out," I say honestly. "You're like my best friend, Abby." I scoot off the hood to walk with her to her locker. "Sure. Let's go, chica."
  • Abby smiles, "That's sweet... And creepy. I don't know many best friends who would put up with a hormonal bitch living in their room." She grabs the burger, and leads you back towards the building. Her locker is down in the "Trades" part of school, adjacent to the gym.

    As you round the corner into the hall leading to the garage, her face turns sour, and she waves a hand in front of her face. "Fuck dude. Did you just fart?" You don't smell anything. You do spot that weird choir kid, John Smith, down at the end of the halls by the double doors by the smoker's hideout.
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    I'd put up with a hormonal bitch who fucks like a superstar. At least for a while.

    When she asks me if I farted, I give her a look like "What?" I heard pregnant girls get like super spidey senses and shit. Then I look down the hall and see John Smith. "Abs, it's probably him." I motion towards weird band kid.
  • Abby takes that as an invitation, and yells down the hall, "Gross dude, take a fuckin' shower!"

    John evidently had his eyes closed, because he looks around confused for a second, and the insult went right over his head. "Uh... Did you guys see a girl named Amandine in here a second ago?"
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    I look at John for a moment. "The cutter? I saw her, like, a week ago? She's here?"
  • He looks visibly upset, Berto — like his brain is melting, "she cut herself? She was right here," he motions to the space in front of him, "seriously... Like, here!" He looks out the door, but quickly turns to look down the hall. "Stop joking around... Amandine? This isn't funny..."

    Abby turns to you with a skeptical look on her face, and gives you the international symbol for "this guy's a fucking nutter." John doesn't look pleased about that, "I'm not crazy! Ok? She was right here! I swear!"

    What do you do?
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    I quirk a little frown. "She's... she can do that. I think. Like, vanish or something. I don't know." I look at Abs, she's going to think I'm crazy, too.

    Glancing around, "Yo, Mandi. You here?" I feel so fucking stupid right now.
  • Abby looks at you like you might be teasing him, holding in a chuckle... But then you hear — unmistakably — her voice echo through the halls. "Get away from him!" John spins around quickly, to look out the double-glass doors, and you all spot Amandine tumble down to the ground. John runs to the door, swinging it open, and calling her name.

    Go here, Berto.
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