[SWAW] Uninvited Guests (24)

This post covers events form the live play session of SWAW at Camp Nerdly held on 16th May, 2015. The session included
Paul - Captain Ladro Vos of the Profit Margin.
Brendan - Dart, the selfish Chiss pilot and her clawcraft
Matt - Asyr, the veteran Clone Wars Trooper, who participated in Order 66, but now he's working for Fox
Joe - Falleen Bounty Hunter, who found out about the bounty on Ladro, Jojee and Squall's heads and told them
about it
Adam - Fox, human Scoundrel, used to work with Ladro and Hosk (Hosk used to work for Fox and left to
work with Ladro)

This was the crawl for the mission
Taul, a swampland planet in the Gunthar System, has been a valuable hidden training facility for the Rebellion. With its acidic atmosphere harmful to droids and machinery, the Empire has ignored it as a threat . Rebel forces, led by LENS REEKEENE and the ROUGHNECKS, use the hostile environment to trainenew recruits, including the hotshot Keshiri pilot JOJEE TERKENN'N.

Until... the Empire was alerted to Rebel activity on the planet from a probe droid. Contact was lost with the droid and the Victory-Class Star Destroyer Dominator was sent to investigate and eliminate any resistance.

The crew of the Profit Margin was on the space station known as The Wheel checking in with Factory Control, who was still residing on the station communicating with MasterCom, the station's droid controller. The two seem to be inseparable. The station now plays soft jazz in the corridors and areas are slowly being reworked and "improved".

After receiving communications that Taul, the planet where Jojee was training to be a Rebel, came under attack by the Imperial Star Destroyer Dominator, Ladro convinced Fox and his crew to come along to help save Jojee. The flight was fraught with some interparty conflict, which resulted in a fight between the Falleen and Amarath, over the fact that Fox took a loan from Ladro and took off with the Faleen's transport, leaving her high and dry.

The Profit Margin and Dart's clawcraft came out of hyperspace and split off, with the Chiss attacking the Star Destroyer while Ladro piloted the freighter down to Taul's surface. A pitched ground battle took place, with the Trooper Asyr grabbing a repeating blaster and mowing down swamptroopers while the Falleen waded into them with her vibroblade. They were both nearly overrun, but saved by Fox in his shiny new passenger starship. Lens Reekeene led her Roughneck squad out of the Command Center to press the attack, and the combined forces won the day on the ground.

With the Imperial ground troops defeated, the Taul support staff loaded up on Fox's new ship while the Roughnecks who stayed behind with Lens boarded the Profit Margin. Squall set the ion cannon to fire automatically on the Star Destroyer, which had lost shields due to some amazing flying by Dart. The freighters were able to slip by in the chaos and they successfully completed their mission.
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