[NOVA] Debrief (K/M 5.3)

Soon enough, the Stalker Jane transitions back out of The Gray, and immediately starts picking up signals from Psi-Corps, directing the ship to Station Sol-7K "Blavatsky" (they're clever, those Psi-Corps nomenclature folks), which no-one on the ship has ever visited previously. Mei and Ksenia, you're to report separately for debriefing while Church (who has still been more distant than usual for the duration of the trip) reports for a mission brief. Zoo and Dinah have access to only a small part of the station, but that includes a few decent bars and a restaurant (for guests), so they figure they can make it.

Mei, the location ping you're given to follow leads you to what is obviously a lab, and the white-coated Psi-Corps scientist that greets you only reinforces the impression. Her accent is sharp, harsh, with flat vowels and consonants that would normally be voiced tending toward their more plosive or sibilant cousins. "Pleasse, Ansehng Mbay, tayk a seet."

Ksenia, you're directed to the office of one of the officers you worked with during your "Handler" training, a Colonel named Laramie Durst. He gives you a familiar not-smile when you open the door after he acknowledges your knock, and indicates a chair before his desk.

NOTE: Mei, I'm trying to make it obvious what your NPC is actually saying... it may help to speak the stuff out loud. Let me know if I go too far afield, and I'll translate.


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    Sol. It's been some time. When we transition back to normal space, I can make out the ancient constellations. I make a few sketches on our approach. My favorite is a fanciful take of Blavasky, resting on a giant turtle in space, with a shadow of a mythological creature eclipsing the sun.

    My admirer has been ever silent. I feel like I've let them down somehow. Buck up, Mei. Ksenia loves you.

    Once we debark, I keep myself composed, watching Dai and Lourdes head off to the civilian sector, as they do, so very much themselves. I watch them go. Church's conversation is perfunctory as he leaves; I wonder if he'll ever talk about what's bothering him. Ksenia swaggers off to her appointment; I watch her go also. My turn.

    I'm in uniform as I report to the lab, not a hair out of place. I've brought the analyzer box in its case as directed. I quickly take in the lab and nod once to the scientist. I wonder what her name is. I sit where directed, my back straight, hands folded in my lap, eyes open and calm.

    Deep breath, Mei.
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    When we come into port, I'm busy playing games with Red. Ostensibly, I'm helping her in the engine room, but I'm there mostly to make up for missed time with her. It's great having a friend back. I've missed her.

    Once we get assignments, I get in my dress blues and march to Colonel Dursts' office. I come inside, salute him, then take a seat when he tells me to sit.
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    Ksenia, please go here.

    Mei, please go here.

    We'll come back when we're done!

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