[NOVA] Doctor Tekep (M 5.3a)

Mei, the woman indicates a chair. "I am Dahctah Tekep. Too I haff permit to link?"


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    "Certainly, Doctor." The chair is rather comfortable. I try to relax, to make myself receptive.
  • Mei, in contrast to Dr. Tekep's demeanor and even her speech, her mental presence has a caretaker's gentleness combines with a researcher's precision. Her thoughts come clearly to you, devoid, of course, of accent. I will not be more invasive than necessary Ensign Mei A series of mental images flash across your mind's eye, conditioning from your early training designed to put you in a receptive state without leaving you defenseless. For the next few minutes, it is all sensations: smells, sounds, various degrees of 'touch'. You know that a functional MRI would show how your mind lights up at each, and are certain that Dr. Tekep needs no fMRI to perceive what she needs.

    Finally, she 'asks' three questions:

    are you sad to have not fully integrated with the being you called Pacific?

    can you continue as an operative without the being you called Cora?

    COULD you continue as an operative without Ensign Cribbage?

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    not sad / true regret would be to never leave pacific / it was a small universe but a different one / i would have liked to experience it without permanence / but that was improbably unlikely

    unquestionably / my psi is / ... / different now / and i am still an able spacer / i do not know my current operational capabilities

  • The doctor withdraws from the link and hums a mournful tune to herself as she types something into her computer, inserts a chip, then hands it to you. "Stantart diaknostics. Spenkler-Keller psi efaluaychon. Randi ressisstants test. Cayce klairfoyants rechister. Ops debrief in teh mornink. Direkchuns to testink sites on chip."

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    I take the chip and stand. "Thank you, doctor." I pull out my reader and skim the info on the chip. All the battery of exams is a little overwhelming. Wow. You're in the big leagues, Mei. "I've never had those last two. Do I need to know anything or prepare before the testing?"
  • Dr. Tekep shakes her head. "No neet to prepare, Entsin. Chust report." Her look isn't unkind, but it seems she's already moved on to whatever's next on her agenda. She does pause, however, to reach in her desk. She comes up with a small bottle of standard painkillers. "I suspect you might neet dese before you are tru wit testink." She holds them out for you.

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