Checking interest in playing Microscope

Hey guys,

I'm new here, so let me know if starting a thread/game is taboo.

I want to start a Microscope game using one of the new Story Seeds from the Microscope: Explorer kickstarter.

I've run a couple of games online with friends, and have found only the Scene mechanics to be hard online. So what we've done is this: Scenes are declared with a question as in the book, and the question should be answered in few sentences, by either yourself or by naming another player to answer it (i.e. "How did the King of Jupiter cause the death of his son's puppy? Pete, you answer").

If there is interest, I'll post some of the story seed premises, then we can pick one and generate the premise and period bookends from the seed.

If anyone needs a primer on Microscope rules, let me know, they're rather simple, but I'm hesitant to add too much info online.


  • I'm curious, never played Microscope.
  • It's a pretty broad stroked game based around world building. Scenes are roleplayed out in normal story game fashion.
  • It's pretty damn amazing. My local group has done one session, but a long one. Played till we ran outta table. Never got down to narrative scenes, though.
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