[Fury] Pine's Mind and the Maelstrom (Bon 5.1)



A moment ago, you touched Pine's arm and willed yourself to open up to her. Your recall of the time August brought you to ecstasy, and then to somewhere altogether different, that memory carried you. Here.

You've entered an unreal world of emotions, possibilities, memories, and shades. Pine is here. With you. Standing as you stand, you're still touching her arm. Around you swirls dark mists and barely seen faces, a tumult. A red wave.

Pine looks at you with complete shock, trying to comprehend what's happening. "... Nee?"

What do you do?


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    The other place has always frightened me. I try to live as a rational person, and this place is not. I am not drawn to it the way August seems to be. I brush my hair away, realizing it is once again down, and longer, like my sister’s was.

    “No.” I reply. “’Tis me…’tis Bon. I…” I swallow, trying to organize my thoughts. “An engine fell upon you. It crushed your arm. I am trying to heal it.”

  • Pine_of_Grimace
    Pine looks down at her arm, which in this place is perfectly normal, "I... I remember it falling. My arm?" She reaches her hands up to your shoulders, "Where are we?"

    You feel others here. Spirits, hateful and lost. The names on your body itch and start to burn.
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    I clench my jaw against the burning sensation for a moment. ’Tis as if I can feel each individual name as a tiny brand. I do not know how long this must go on. I do not know how long it will take, assuming it is working.

    “It… it is the other place.” I answer finally, brow furrowing with the burning sensation, doing my best to keep my focus. “It is… my only hope… to save your arm.”

  • Pine_of_Grimace
    Pine looks at you for a long moment, her expression softening. She seems to notice your irritation, senses it in this moment you share. Casually, with the arm that is ruined in the real world, she releases your shoulder and brushes at your arm, your shoulder. As if the itching, burning names are little gnats that she could swat away.

    The pain subsides, replaced by a soothing coolness. Pine's face splits into a warm smile, "You are a wonder, Bon. A light in the darkness. A dry spot in all the rot. The names you wear with shame... you should wear with pride. Nobody else cares so much about the ones you tried to save."

    Pine's face somehow changes in that moment, becoming thinner, her hair growing in a moment, her face taking a mirror image of yours. "Bon. You are a wonder. I am so proud of you. Of what our children are becoming."

    As the realization washes over you, there's a tug. Then, a pull, bringing you back. Back into the real world, leaving her behind.

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