[Serene] Highlights!

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Please, do highlights here.
Go around the table one last time. Every player finds the character her character knows the best, the one with the highest Hx on her own sheet (resolving ties by whim). That other player says which of the character’s stats is most interesting to her, to highlight.


  • imageDeg, why don't you highlight Wisher? (avatar included for a quick link to my character sheet)

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    Wisher. Highlight Weird.

    Then highlight me.
  • Deg, highlight Hard.
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    imageDeg highlight Isis.

  • image
    How about cool, Isis.
  • image

    Deg, be Sharp.
    Isis, be Hard.
    Wisher, be Hot.
  • image
    Wisher, you've got a threshold, right? Let's hear about it and roll that move for start-of-session.
  • Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'... Keep that Threshold rollin', yo-ho!
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 2, 3. Total: 7)
  • I'll take...

    • Your threshold protects not just your own space, but the space of anyone to whom you extend your protection.


    • Your threshold provides 2-safety. Choose this again for 3-safety.
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