[ISS] Tabitha R. Smith, The Hollow

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Stiff, Wide Eyes


Hot -1
Cold -1
Volatile +2
Dark +2

Smitten with Mark's Mom, Hot for Mark, Addicted to AAU Interfacing

Carry Forward
One use of Short Rest for the Wicked

Backstory and Strings
Tabitha is a clone of Ioanna Bogomorov, one of the ship's governing officers. Ioanna was supposed to survive her illness long enough have her memories installed in the new body. Instead, she died during the operation. After some tension between the medical and operational staff, Tabitha was named and released to the youth population.

Tabitha has been taking her social cues from Ourania, and doing so has taught her a lot about them.

Mark was connected to the person her body was created for, more than her, perhaps more than anyone.

Ourania: 3 Strings, [1 String]

Ashlee: 2 Strings, [0 Strings]

Mark: 2 Strings, [3 Strings]

Zola: 3 Strings, [1 String]

The Authority: 0 Strings, [1 String]

The AAU: 0 Strings, [1 String]

Gwen: 0 Strings, [2 Strings]

Ezekiel: 0 Strings, [1 String]


Better than Nothing; When you gain a Condition, mark experience.

Flesh of my Flesh; When you lash out physically with your bare hands, you do an amount of harm
equal to one more than the amount of harm you’ve got marked down on your own sheet.

Heightened Senses; When you rely on your animal instincts to make sense of a charged situation, roll with dark. On a 10 up, ask the MC three questions. If you act on one of the MC’s answers, add 1 to your first roll. • On a 7-9, ask one:

}}Where’s my best escape route or way in?

}}Which enemy is the most vulnerable to me?

}}What’s their secret weakness?

}}What poses the biggest threat to me?

}}Who’s in control here?

This Body has no Meaning; If someone deals harm to you without taking advantage of any of your Conditions, reduce that harm by 1. (You must have at least one Condition for this to apply.)

Hungry Ghost; You find sustenance in sadness. When others dump their emotional problems on you, roll with dark. On a 10 up, they lose all their conditions, and you choose one:

}} Mark experience,

}} Carry one forward,

}} Gain a String on them

On a 7-9, they choose one:

}} They lose all their conditions,

}} They gain a String on you.

[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

[X ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Sex Move
When you have sex with someone, you both get to ask a question of one another’s characters. This can be spoken by your character, or simply asked player-to-player. The other person must answer honestly and directly. After having sex with someone, replace your current sex move with theirs, adding this sentence to the end of it.

Darkest Self
Your body is a prison. You don’t belong inside of it. You need to put it in harm’s way, and make it suffer, just like it’s made you suffer. There’s got to be a way to cut yourself out of it. You need to meet your makers, and hold them accountable for what they’ve done to you. To escape your Darkest Self, you must come face to face with someone who feels more trapped than you do.


~Take another Hollow move.

~Take another Hollow move.

~Take a move from another Skin.

~Take a move from another Skin.

~You’ve found your Hollow Siblings.

~Add 1 to Hot (max 3).

~Add 1 to Cold (max 3).

~Add 1 to Volatile (max 3).

~Add 1 to Dark (max 3).

Banners & Etc

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