[ISS] Keeping Up Appearances (Mar 1.3)



You head out of the speedball gym and down the corridor to Priscilla's room. Before you can tone your presence, you can hear the heavy, racking coughs coming from inside. It sounds bad, Mark. Like, productive coughing, you can hear the phlegm, or maybe worse, in that rattle.

Of course, if she answers the door, she'll put on a brave face, play it off. Or, she might turn you away, if it's too bad. You know there's a cam here, in this corridor. Your parents will see you tried, right?

What do you do?


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    I could turn away, go see what Nadja's doing. Go down to the cafeteria maybe. That would be some pretty weak-sauce stomm, though.

    I reach for the doorpad.

    Wait, is there someone else in there?

    I press the button anyway.

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    Ourania answers the door. Please go here.
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