[ISS] Follow-Up (Mar 1.5)

The door to Nadja and Ashlee's room opens up and Nadja is standing there. The place is dim, only a few electric candles sputtering light as they're programmed. She's wearing a sleeveless blue dress, and she straightened her hair. She smells slightly floral, and she's wearing a sultry little grin.

What do you do?


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    "Hey yourself." I take a couple of steps in, hands in my pockets.
    "Your hair looks nice like that."

    I look around, take in the room.

    "Anything good in the beacon feed?"

    There's a fine line between playing it cool and coming off as just dense. But whatever, that's just kinda my thing.
  • image She puts a hand up to her hair, the most girly thing you've seen her do, "Oh yeah? I dunno, trying something new." She turns to walk over towards the single desk, sits on it, facing you. She looks up at you, gives you a "look", at least it feels like one. Then she looks down at her Navi, sitting on the desk beside her, "Lots of good stuff. What... what do you like, Mark?" She dabs her tongue to wet her lips, a self-conscious thing, her fingers gripping the desk, "What would you like to see?"

    She's obviously trying to turn you on, right? Seems like it. Why don't you Hold Steady here, if you're trying to resist, at least.
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    I move over, close to Nadja. I lean one hand on the desk next to the Navi and look at the screen.

    "I don't know, I feel like I've been stuck on the same things for a long time."

    I look up into her eyes.

    Pris is coughing up a lung just a few doors away. I know that.

    Pris used to be your future. Nadja is here and now.

    "Guess I need something new." I smile as I shift my weight off my hand so that we're face to face. Just teasing her now, really. "Any suggestions?"

  • image "Well," Nadja says, trying to sound seductive, "There's some new tunes from Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes..." She turns away to flick up a video of the synthjazz band. A bouncy tune comes out of the speakers. She closes her eyes and gently bobs her head in tune with it, playing coy, stretching out this moment of tension between you, savoring the "not knowing".

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    I walk around the room a little, looking at posters and stuff. And as I say something blandly positive about the music, it occurs to me that this is somewhere I've never been before.

    I think the last time I was in this zone of uncertainty with a girl was when Pris kept pulling my hair in kindergarten. Dad said she was just trying to get my attention.

    So this is unexplored territory. From my point of view as a spectator inside my own head, I seem to be doing OK. We'll see.

    I pull back the corner of the sheet that hangs over Ashlee's bunk. So much junk crammed around the inside edges. Barely any room to sleep.

    "So this is, like, the one part of the room you're not allowed in, huh?"
  • image She follows you over to the bunk beds, coming up behind you to look over your shoulder. Boldly, she puts a hand on your back, and you feel her move against you, warm and soft. "Yeah. Nerd Girl's cave. She hides in there like some drokking animal. It's pitiful. I have to make her come out and shower. She is.... so weird." The last bit is Nadja breathing at your ear, her breath hot on your skin.

    What do you do?
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    "Just... territorial, I guess. Like a lot of people."
    I turn around and put one hand on Nadja's side, the heel of my palm lightly resting on her hip. I can feel the heat of her body through that blue dress. With my left hand I brush back a strand of her new hair.

    I can feel every breath, hers and mine both. My stomach quavers inside. Or it might be hers doing that. Hard to tell, this close together.

    "I mean, how would you feel if I showed up and started invading your personal space?"

    I gently run my fingers past Nadja's ear and lean down to kiss her.
  • image Nadja's eyes are sparkling as she looks up at you, Mark. When you move in for that kiss, you hear her take in a breath like she's about to plunge into some unknown depth. Her right hand slides up to your shoulder, fingers moving to your neck. The kiss begins slowly, gentle and tentative, but in moments, she's pressing herself against you and it deepens.

    How fast are you moving here, Mark?
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    I'd go even slower if I could. I want every new sensation to last forever. But there are other hungers at work here.

    I pull Nadja down with me as I sit on the bunk, sweeping a load of Ashlee's stuff onto the floor to make room for us both. That'll cause trouble in the morning - in the back of my mind somewhere the thought amuses me.

    Even as we both warm to our theme, there's a deliberate holding back, repeated. Both needing to enjoy the anticipation of each kiss, each touch, in the moment before the moment.
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    Nadja gives herself to you, on Ashlee's bed, the extra bit of naughtiness enhancing her pleasure in this moment. She assures you she has a contraceptive implant, and she very much wants this. Please fire your Sex Move.
  • [Mark gains a new Hunger.]
  • image Afterwards, Nadja lies in your arms, kissing your chest, laughing lightly, "More action that Nerd Girl's bed will ever see again." She pulls you into another kiss, then sits up, wiping herself off with Ashlee's blankets before standing up. "You're a bad boy, Mark. Does anybody else know this? Should I keep it a secret?"

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    "Sure you should keep it a secret. Where's the fun in knowing something everyone else knows?"
    I smirk and roll up out from the bed. I'm grabbing my clothes off the floor.
    "I better get back before curfew. Good thing we're just next door."

    I throw my clothes on fast. Shoes onto bare feet. I'll take them off as soon as I get back to my room anyway.

    Don't rush my exit, though. When I'm ready, I walk back from the doorway over to Nadja. I take a long look at her face, so I'll be sure to remember.

    Then I kiss her goodbye and I say "Happy Beacon Day" and give her a roguish smile. Which I think is pretty cool for a guy who has his underwear rolled up and jammed into his jacket pocket.
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    Nadja kisses you back and wishes you a happy Beacon Day, too. You make it back to your room to find Aiden watching some feeds. He gives you a head nod, and curfew happens soon after.

    End Scene
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