[ISS] Pres Ourania? (Our 1.4)


Corporal Rys follows you out of the classroom, then wherever you lead. Where do you want to have your pow wow?

"Ourania," Rys says with a suspicious tone, "Did you want to guarantee sinking your chances? You should have chosen Mark, split the speedball vote. Or taken Mi Sun, at least. You know they'll only vote against us, and then Zola wins." He exhales a scoffing laugh, "She's good on a speedball court, but if Malcolm actually expects her to lead the class... that's a waste."


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    We'll head to the public lounge area. I take a seat on one of the sofas.

    "Malcolm doesn't expect any such thing, Rys, this is an exercise. Since I'm stuck with this anyway, I wanted to see what happened when the class has to choose between Zola and Tabitha and me... someone who actively supports our real authority and you... someone who has authority. It should be... informative, don't you think?"
  • image Corporal Rys does a half shrug as he stands at attention, near the door. "Instructor Malcolm is looking to see who's able to sway opinion within the pod. I wouldn't put it past him to decide the class actually does like representation. Which puts Zola in charge." He relents, "Maybe you're right. I don't know for sure. Plus, he'd be a fool to put her in charge. Not like they'll listen to any of the students."
    He looks at you seriously, "What platform would you like to run on?"
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    I shrug. "Even if he does, the representation doesn't matter. It's a bone to make people think they have some control and get them to shut up. Or if it is about finding who can sway opinion, it's so we know who needs extra attention and particular guidance. Control the shepherds... control the sheep."

    I notice he's still standing the the door, I look pointedly at the other places to sit and give him a "really?" sort of look. "Sit down, Rys, you're putting a crick in my neck."


    "How about restoration of privacy? Shutting off cameras in the rooms, except in emergencies, personal encrypted partitions on Navi and desk terminals and messaging?No unwarranted search and seizure?"
  • image He heads over to sit near you so he can see your Navi. "Nadja and Mi Sun would support more privacy, they've complained to me about it many times. Pax might like the search and seizure, but I'm not sure how much I do. She breaks curfew, and I've caught her with contraband three times in the last sixty days." He mulls it over, then nods, "But it's for show, so why not? Will shock them, for sure."

    What kind of contraband have you heard she has?
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    I've heard she manages to squirrel extra food out of the caf, but more than that, there's a rumor that she's hooked up with some kids who have actually built a still somewhere, which every now and then some of the corporals try to hunt down, so far unsuccessfully... so supposedly she gets alcohol, which is definitely on the nono list.

    "It sure will." I agree. "So that's covered. Tell me what happened with Pris last night? Did you see her go under?" I'm watching his expression intently.
  • image Rys' expression remains controlled as he relays, "I took her to Med Bay. Haladay was on shift. He looked her over, said she was in rough shape. He decided to put her in a medical coma, to try and buy some time." His voice breaks a little before he recovers, "Her lungs are filling up with fluid. They could do something to help her up there, I'm sure. But here? Nothing." He lets out a breath, "She's done. Haladay didn't say that, but I could... I could tell."
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    I look away from him, a weird hollow feeling rising into my chest and a tightening around my eyes. I didn't kill her.


    I swipe at my eyes a minute. "Stomm."
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    Rys reaches a hand over to yours, "I know. Priscilla is a good person. She had a bright future." He clears his throat, but doesn't move his hand unless you flinch. "Think about poor Mark. It's going to tear him up. It's not fair. First Gwen, now Pris. When pieces of stomm like Olivar are still around."

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    No, I don't flinch. The touch is comforting. Even if it is from Rys... someone who seems completely cold most of the time. Until he isn't. Like me most of the time I suppose.

    "Bright..." I murmur. I don't know if any of us have a bright future anymore, honestly. I shake my head. "I'm not sure Mark gives a shit, honestly. Drokking meat-head."

    I pat his hand and stand.

    "I suppose we should get back to class."
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    Ourania, please go here to rejoin the class.
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