[ISS] Zola Uber Alles (Tab 1.8)



Zola marches out of the classroom, she's a woman with a mission. Ignoring Rys and Ourania, she walks right past your room, then her own, and ends up at the Ready Room.

Once you enter the room, she closes the door, then enters a few swipes on the control screen. "Well, Ourania handed it to us." She says this as she heads over to grab a synth-leather executive chair and slumps into it. "You owe me big time, Tabs. We're going to run the class now. That shirt looks really good on you."

What's the frequency of monitoring in the Ready Room, Tabitha?

What do you do?


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    I sit on the table, which rests me higher than Zola in her slouching chair. "How do you figure?" I pull at the drape collar on Gwen's old shirt idly. I didn't get to know her well enough to miss her. I wonder what that feels like.

    Some people like authority. Some people like rebellion.

    The ready room is monitored closely during meals and off times but not during class.
  • image "Well, Ourania's picked Rys, which means Jace votes for us. That gets Mi Sun, too. Bea likes me, so she'll vote for me. Lucas will vote against Rys. Pax will probably vote for Ourania, and Ashlee votes against me. Mark will vote for me and you since we're two speedballers versus just Rys. Nadja will follow Mark. Aiden probably will, too." She rises up from the chair to walk over to you. "See? Easy math. We don't even need a drokking platform." She moves closer, standing between your knees, and reaches for your facecast like she's going to remove it.

    What do you do?
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    Bea..Zola has a weird definition of like, I think. "So we're the Nothing Vote." Part of me likes the sound of that, but a little doubt creeps in as Zola reaches for my cast. I keep my eyes on hers and stay still.

    "Not sure how I feel about. Winning without doing something for it." I'm not going to get into how she thinks I owe her. What good will it actually do me to win here?

    "Better than hopping to. For Malcolm." I guess I'm learning, though. A two-party system falls into a popularity contest. I rest my arms on Zola's shoulders, smirking just a little.
  • image "Yeah, the nothing vote," she repeats as she gently lifts the cast off your face. It comes away a little sticky She turns to lay it on the table, "Well, we can spend the next fifty minutes coming up with a strategy, some platforms, arguments against our opponents." She reaches up to cup your face with her right hand, thumb trailing over your cheek. "Or we can just... enjoy each other, instead." She leans in to give you the faintest brush of her lips against yours, then pulls back, "What do you want, Tabs?"
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    "What if someone comes in? Has a question about our." I lower my hands to rest on top of her hips. I could pull her towards me but I'm a little mad about the distance I've been shown till now. "Positions?"

    It doesn't last. How can I stay upset at Zola for something so tiny and petty? I pull her closer and kiss the nape of her neck, hard. Then I release the pressure on her. "If we go back with nothing. Malcolm will punish us. And we'll look like fools."

    I slide myself forward slightly, look in Zola's eyes and wait for a response.
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    Seems like you're trying to Manipulate her to focus on the assignment? If so, let's see the dice.
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    Manipulate an NPC; (Rolled: 2d6-1. Rolls: 1, 3. Total: 3)

    Marking my 4th XP.
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    image Zola melts when you kiss her neck, her arms folding around you, her body moving closer. She kisses the top of your head, then returns your gaze when you look at her. "Tabs, are you drokking serious? We have an entire hour, no cams, to do whatever we want. And you want to play politics? Dance on the instructor's strings?" She puts a hand on your chest, pushing you back, pushing you onto the desk, while she slips her hands under your shirt, pulling it up. "We'll work on it later."
    If you don't stop her, she's going to take your body, Tabitha.

    And regardless of what you choose, she gets a String on you right now.

    What do you do?
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    I only resist being pushed down enough to not fall back on the desk. I bring up one knee and get a heel braced on the edge of the desktop. My other leg I leave slack, dangling over the edge.

    I want to feel her against me. I want to use this time for us. I breathe in.

    "I want you." It should be all the answer she needs.
  • image Zola hovers over you for a moment until you say that bit about wanting her. A dangerous, self-satisfied smile slides onto her face, "Of course you do..." She quickly devours your neck, moving down further, and further, pulling off your clothes and devouring every last bit of you with delight. Your vision alternates from looking at the bright lights suspended above to the top of her head and sometimes her eyes when she looks up at you.

    Tabitha, are you angry at Zola? Or, is this makeup sex from earlier?
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    What an arrogant...I'm mad at her again. Not that it changes my mind, or my plans for the next hour.

    God, but it's drokked up for me to find something to like in being laid out on display on a table like this. I do. But I'm going to make Zola pay for it.
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    Zola, all her 'tude, is actually a pretty attentive lover. Not that you have anything to compare her against, I guess. You actually have about fifteen minutes left before you have to return to the class. Do you actually bring up any platforms, or talk about something else?
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    I've got Zola in my lap, arms around her. Nibble on her ear a little. "So..what do you hate most? About the quarantine."

    I don't have a before and after to compare. Zola does.

    I mean, I know what I hate the most about it. In a roundabout way, I guess I'm talking platforms.
  • imageZola preens a little for your nibbles. She reclines nude in your arms, her tats on display proudly. After a moment of consideration, she answers, "I hate hiding who I am, Tabitha. Hiding what I like, what I want." She closes her eyes and angles her ear towards your mouth, "Like that. I want more of that, Tabitha." She moans a little and laughs quietly when you comply.
    "You can't let them see you, Tabitha. Not the real you. The eyes of the overseers, they want to see what they want. No relationships. No sex. No problems for them. Just play speedball, study hard, work hard. Be a good little drone until they stick the testing needle in you and decide if you get to be an adult or not."
    She sits up, sliding around so you're still close, still touching, but she's on the same level as you, sitting on the table. "This is all I've got, Tabs. I already know I'm a carrier. I killed my family. All of them. My eighteenth birthday is a death sentence." Her tone is neutral, but you see it in her eyes, it bothers her.
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    I don't know how she knows this terrible thing but I'm not going to ask. It might not be strictly factual but it's true enough. They're cowards. It's not your fault."

    I keep my hands on hers, search her eyes. I can't hear something like that from her and not give up something of my own. "I don't know who I am. What to hide. They grew me on the other side. But everything was drokked when I woke up. Every sensation was the worst. I'd ever felt. Someone tried to grab me and I knocked them down." I think I remember it clearly. I frown. It took a couple of people to wrestle me still, then out of med bay.

    "Later they told me. I was supposed to be Ioanna. But I wasn't complete. I don't know who she is, either. I just know I'm not her. Wasn't I Tabitha before. Ioanna was in med bay? Aren't I Tabitha now that she's dead? What if she wakes up in me? Will I die then?" My fear enters my voice. I shiver. I've never said these things out loud. Nobody can give me an answer.
  • image Zola listens, and rather than offer sympathy, she turns to anger, "That's why Haladay was such an ass to you? I swear, I wanted to throw him out an airlock, the stomm he was saying." Zola meets your eyes for a quiet moment. "Maybe we've both got death sentences. Ticking time bombs. I like it." She bends down towards you, turning her head to kiss you. As you start to respond, she cranes her neck up and gently touches her lips to your nose. "Ioanna didn't have this nose. I gave you that." She looks back down at you, studying for a response.
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    I smile a little. Then more. I knock the face cast off the table with the flick of a finger, then give her a small kiss.

    We're out of time. "Let's go get elected. When I'm president, we'll vac Haladay."
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    Tabitha, please go here to rejoin the class.
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