[Serene] Cracking the Seal [Isis, Wisher 1.4]

There's a huge rusty screeching grind, like screeeeeeeennnnnnnntchxhxhxhxseeeennn and the container door is suddenly partially open, light is streaming through with zillions of dust and rust and paint and pollen particles swirling in the shaft, reflecting from the weird color glow of the screens.

Isis, Cize gives like a half-spasm and twitchily looks at the open door, confused, saying, "Who.. wha?" He clearly looks off-balance. The Ula guard that's left, Bracer, pulls out a wicked machete that clearly did some time as the side of a cart (you can see the letters F O R D right by the edge) and scopes out the sitch, taking their eyes off you for a second, Isis, and craning their neck at the new container door.

Barker skitters back against the wall and tries to hide underneath the bowl that held the rainbow shit. You can see one dark eye peeking out from underneath the chipped ceramic before he covers his face, whispering something.

Wisher, that door is heavy as fuck, and you open it partially up to see a whole mess of cable and metal boxes and things humming with the elec. They look stacked haphazardly and all akilter and you're pretty sure some were leaning against the door you just opened. I think you're lucky it doesn't collapse on you. Watch your step, if you decide to climb it. You can tell there's some people moving around on the other side of the pile, and you see colored lights sort of reflecting off the ceiling.

Both, there's a sharp low buzzing in your brains that sounds almost like words.

There will be more Ula here in like, seconds. That shit was loud.


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    imageI peer around the room, looking for any signs of Isis, but I pause when I see people moving on the other side of this mess. "Isis? Is that you?"

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    image Someone is opening the door on the other side....I think I just heard my name.

    "Wisher?? I'm fine...hold tight. Stay there!" I shout towards the door.

    I turn to Cize "It's ok...he's my traveling partner. He must have come looking for me after I was so rudely kidnapped. Don't worry about him, he is no threat to you. Now what's the plan...are you sending Barker with me and giving me back my katana or what?" I want to get Wisher away from Cize as quick as possible. He has enough trouble with the maelstrom...Cize could really mess him up.
  • Isis, Cize gives you a scowl, "Then I'm down three things. That is bad for Ula." He turns his attention to Wisher. The Ula guard with the machete, Krin, eyes you up and down once when Cize isn't looking.

    Wisher, you feel the pressure of a vibrating behind your eyelids, like your eyeballs are trying to find somewhere to hide. You also hear motion behind you, probably a couple Ula and assorted rubberneckers running to see what the what one way or another.

    "You," Cize says, and it's a voice that's ripping with razors and undertones and warbles and your feel it kissing little snake bites up the back of your spine, "Who are you and what do you want?" Isis, you almost see his words ripple against the glow of the TVs as they wind their way to Wisher. Barker tries to make himself smaller still, scrabbling against the creaking delicate balanced pile of fucking, I don't know, toasters or something.

    Oh, and Wisher? When Cize has his focus on you, it's acting under fire to ignore him, lie, or exert your own will.
  • imageThis place is messed up. I'm already backing away out of reflex when I hear this Cize dude coming, and Isis telling me to go away — but his words send a chill down my spine, freezing my feet to the floor. I turn to face him, nervous as all heck... "I'm Wisher... I'm here to get Isis back..."
  • Isis, Cize turns his sweeping gaze on you, with all the edge-of-your vision swirls that brings. Somehow you think his eyes are spirals, and the colors on him seem to have changed. "You bring me the head of the hardholder of Tine Line, and you can have your 'travelling partner' back. You can use your sword thing or Barker or both, I don't care." Isis, you suppose that the Ula who has your katana is getting ready to step into the room. Wisher, there's a small crush of people in the door behind you- they are going to grab you so you can't get away.

    What do you do?
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