Hosting Fees

Hi all,

This isn't a post I make lightly, but I'd like to ask you all for help. NGP costs 200 USD per year to host, which until now I've been privileged to shoulder for you all — but a recent cavalcade of expenses (from daycare deposits, to imploding AC units) has made it difficult for me to keep the site paid up.

If you are able (and only if you're able), any help you can afford would be greatly appreciated. No lower limit. Send me a PM, and we can arrange something.

I'm sorry it's come to this. I'd hoped to keep NGP free for everyone, and my hope is that I can get us back on track to keep it that way in the very near future; but even if times are as tough for you all as they are for me, I'll find a way to keep us up and running.


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