[AJAX] Steven Lawrence, the Professional

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Charm +0 Cool +2 Sharp +2 Tough -1 Weird -1

Steven is 36, 5'11", and 170lbs. He takes care of himself so he is in good shape. He dresses well. Nothinges too expensive, but enough that anyone paying attention would recognize that he takes pride in his apperence.

As an FBI agent in the Counterproliferation Center, Steven is tasked with preventing other nations, organizations and terrorist groups from acquiring technology related to Weapons of Mass Destruction. It was through this that he discovered Project Achilles. A government program a tempting to create human WMDS. The security breach that lead to this discovery, also brought about its end. But Steven was able to convince his superiors to let him repurpose Achilles into Operation Ajax.

In his personal life, Steven has been married to his high school girlfriend since collage and they have three daughters. He is very upbeat and positive to a fault at times. He always trys to find the best in every situation.

Resources: Well financed and Recognized Authority

Red tape:Hostile Superiors and On call 24/7

Battlefield Awareness: +1 armour

Leave No One Behind: Roll +sharp to Help Someone Escape.

Medic: Roll + cool when you do First Aid.

Flak vest: 1- armour hidden
Assault rifle: 3- harm far automatic loud
9mm: 2- harm close loud
Big knife: 1- harm hand

Steven's history with Peter is a mix of
- Worked together with the agency (fbi) and is well reguarded, and

- On the agency's watch list and I've been keeping tabs on him.

Steven's history with Maya is

- Met on a mission and worked together unofficially. And successfully.


  • While Steven doesn't personally look at Peter with suspicion, his superiors do. They never fully trusted Prometheus, and we're working with them as a means to get what they wanted. With this in mind, part of Steven's job is to give regular updated on Peter.

    When Peter introduced Maya to Steven after the formation of Ajax he was taken aback not only that Peter had a full grown daughter he never mentioned, but by how professionally such a young person handled themselve and this line of work.
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