[AJAX] [Steven 1.1]


Steven, you head off alone to meet Harris in the church. It's set in a pretty whitebread-poor neighborhood, and there's a grade school in a separate building- you see dozens of uniformed grade-schoolers walking to their homes, cars, and a few to a single small yellow bus. The kids are chattering happily and zooming around like, well, like school just let out.

Parking is not easy with school letting out, but you eventually make your way into the church itself, pushing aside the doors and greeted with the smells of incense, dust, and Lysol. The church is nothing fancy inside, but the exposed beams make a webwork of open architecture that makes it feel bigger on the inside. The typical Catholic decor is somewhat muted, but there's a nearly life-size wooden crucifix at the front, the wood looking almost like bronze on the figure of the Christ. There's room for perhaps two hundred faithful inside, and you easily spot Officer Harris on the right, praying near the front.

As you approach closer, she looks up. "Hello," she speaks softly, reverently.

Steven, when were you last in a place of worship? Why?
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