[DVFP] Golden Morning (E 2.5, S 2.5)

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You wake to a thudding headache. Esco's gone, but Marigold is here. She's brought one of your books, and she's looking at the pictures. What's the book?

She's in a cotton yellow sundress and she's barefoot. When she sees you stir, she closes the book and pours you some water into a glass, bringing it over to you, brushing your hair back, helping you stand if you need it. What do you do?


  • When I wake up 'Gold is looking cozy flipping through my copy of The Velveteen Rabbit, my only picture book. There are a few tears, but it's almost pristine. No idea how it made it's way down here looking so good, but it's one of my favorite things.

    I try to move but my stomach lurches and I have to keel over the side and release the poison from my belly. "Oh..."I moan.

    I try to sit up and Marigold is there to help me. When I feel her hands near my temple, moving my hair I flinch away. "No, 'Gold... leave me be."

    Reaching out I manage to grab a hold of the water glass. It's precarious, but I do find the rim of the glass and take a few sips of water.
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    Marigold doesn't seem to get why you flinched, but she doesn't seem offended. "How come? I wanna hear about the bunny. He looks so adorable. I can wait, you look rough." She slips up, moves over to fetch a cloth, dips it in the pitcher of water, "I can put this cloth on your forehead, Sierra. It'll help." She moves back over to you.
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    I think something nasty about Marigold and regret it immediately. She's sweet, she's always been sweet. Especially to me. I nod at her and lay back, giving her permission to use the cloth.

    I really do feel rough.

    "We can read it later, do you know what it's about?"
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    "A pretty bunny. I never knew what a bunny was, but Sash told me. They look so cute!" She comes over with the washcloth, damp but not dripping, gently wipes at your forehead as she sits by you. "Why did you get so messed up? Sad or mad?"
  • "It's about a little toy rabbit, bunnies and rabbits are the same thing, who wants to become real." The damp cloth on my head feels like a revelation, and I keep my eyes closed, avoiding Marigold stare. Maybe if I can't see her, I won't do or feel anything stupid. " I'm sad, more than mad. But to be honest I am a bit of both."
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    Eyes closed, you feel Marigold's warmth, and your skin buzzes at the points where she's beside you. "Sash said you're partners with Esco now. If that happened for me, I'd be pretty happy, you know? Sleeping with Esco, too. That's good. So.. what's wrong?"
  • It's zaridann. Marigold has been sitting close to me for months now, but it's like touching more, makes me more aware. I try to tune out the buzzing of my skin, for favor of her voice.

    Sleeping with Esco? We've had sex. Once. I have slept here, twice? He's claimed to want to help me. Are we sleeping together? Is this ongoing? I haven't given it much thought - I haven't had time.

    I open my eyes, risk a look at Marigold, she's lying on her side on the bed now. Her large blue eyes on me. I swallow hard. "It isn't about Esco."
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    Marigold smiles reassuringly, "Oh? Alright. Well hey, let me distract you then. I think Motley is pretty good, yeah? Not hard to look at. And gentle in his own way. He really cares for his crue, not like any ganger I've ever seen. Usually Choppers don't care about people as people, you know? And his bike's really shiny and chrome." She reaches up to run fingers through your hair, has no idea that it bothers you.
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    Marigold, unlike Fleece and Krin don't remind me at all of Gloriana. She's young, about my age, and she talks like she's a lifer. So, her touch doesn't send me down the rabbit hole right away, but her hands - soft - do send tingles down my spine. It's good, too good, and I am too worried after last night to take any risks.

    I reach up and grab her hand, laying it flat against my cheek, keeping her from moving it, I'm too slow and stupid with poison to do much more. It's almost like she is cradling my face. It feels good to, but in a solid way. A way that might not drive me mad.

    "Please, 'Gold." I say, "Don't."

    I breathe out my nose and try to remember what she was saying. "So, you feeling Mot?"
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    Marigold very casually takes her hand away from your hair, but the one you put on your cheek, she gently rubs you. It's skintimate, nothing more. At least to her, it is.
    "Sure. And riding with him's a blast." Marigold says, happy to have another subject to talk about. "Thing is, I wonder if I should... you know, ride with him. Just up and go. I could be his... what did Snake call it? His old lady."
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    I give a small smile, feeling a bit more grounded. "We'd miss you. Have you two talked about it?"
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    As Marigold rubs a manicured thumb along the curve of bone under your eye, she smiles, "Not yet.... you think I should? You know people, Sierra. Like see them. What do you think?" She meets your eyes with her clear blue ones.
  • I wish I knew Mot better, but I don't. The few times we've been in the same place at the same time - he's been cordial enough. Listened to me when it was important, like the words of a woman held worth. He didn't seem cruel, like some of the other gangers I have seen come by.

    "He seems like a good enough guy, though what he does it isn't very safe." I pat her hand, feeling more settled than when I first woke up, letting her hand have autonomy again. "But maybe that is some of it?" I say teasingly.
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    "Nothing's safe, Sierra. Not even Diamond. Esco and JD, they try to keep us safe, but we aren't." Her hand trails from your cheek to your forehead, checking on your. "Motley's got, ah, long fingers, too." She grins a gossipy grin and snickers.

    You hear a shotgun blast, Sierra. Marigold hops up, reaching under your pillow to snatch a knife, and she turns to face the door, holding the blade with some skill, but she's panting hard, scared and filled with adrenaline.

    What do you do?
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    The gun goes off and it's just instinct. I throw my arms around Marigolds middle, my hands digging into the fabric around her stomach, my head buried against her slim spine.

    The soft cotton is hot from my breath. She smells... hard to explain. Like home and I inwardly groan. I clench my hands around her middle again, a silent ask that she not move. Not go anywhere.

    Once the adrenaline spike fades my head pounds. I moved too quick, my headache back. I curse letting Marigold go.

    "I need to go see what that was. Did you bring a change of clothes for me, by any chance?" Getting up sounds like the worst idea in the world, but a gun just went off in my bar. That sounds like something I should care about.

    I swing my legs around and sit up, dizzy from effort.
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    Marigold is so focused on the door she doesn't notice you sat up until she looks around to see you almost swoon. "Yes, a dress. You need to stay here, Sierra. Nothing we can do out there. That's Cooker, which means they've got things under control." She stands and heads over to get your dress to hand to you, but her eyes never leave the door..
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    I stand, not well, but I do manage it. Unsteadily, I make my way to the basin to wash out my mouth and put some cold water on my face. Running my hands through my hair, I push it back into a loose long braid.

    Stripping out of the yellow dress I had on, I slip on my dark navy dress, I look around. She didn't grab a coat, but I notice one of Esco's jackets on the uncomfortable to sit in, but comfortable looking chair and throw it on over my dress. Just in case.

    Like a newborn deer on fresh legs I stumble, barefoot, past Marigold - heading for the door.
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    Marigold hovers near, that knife still pointed at the door. Which you open. When you step out of Esco's room and slowly enter Diamond, you're treated to the sight of Norvell's corpse by the bar, and two feet of gore spreading outward from there, on the wood floor, a table, and several chairs. JD is standing near with a bucket, he's just started to clean it up.

    Act Under Fire to keep cool seem appropriate here, Sierra?
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    Sierra, you see this bit of horror, your morning's already full of weakness from the alcohol and vomiting. You've got nothing left to puke, luckily, but the gorge rises nonetheless. Marigold slides up to pull your head to her chest protectively, you feel the chill of her knife pressed harmlessly against your back as she holds you. And she smells so good, Sierra. She's so soft. Your insides twist up in a knot of revulsion, attraction and pain, all folding over and over inside you.

    But you don't scream. Gloriana would never let you scream. No matter what you saw, no matter what she did, you never screamed. And you don't know, either.

    Marigold's soothing you, Sierra, and it feels good and comfortable and weird, and you're weak, physically weak right now, defenses down. Then she pulls you up, lifting you into her arms to carry you back to bed.

    What do you do?
  • I let go. I just, let go. I stop being brave. I stop being strong. I stop being a survivor and I just let it all go. I'm not real, I'm a toy, and sometimes toys need to be put away. The cold knife on my back is weirdly reassuring. A metal grounder. So, I let Marigold pick me up, offering no resistance.

    All my feelings, all of them boil down to one prime directive: Stay.

    When Marigold lays me back down I keep a loose grip on her hand, tugging lightly, hoping she follows me down. I don't know what I want, just that I want it. I want sleep, I want sanity, I want Glori, Fleece, freedom, Esco - I want to be able to deal with things like a normal person, I want to be real. It's all conflicting.

    Norvell. Poor Norvell. I can't think about that now. Toys don't think about that sort of stuff. Death and disaster, that is for things that are real. Toys just have to worry about being loved, about being used.
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    Marigold carries you without complaint, her body stronger than you'd assumed. She puts the knife on a pillow near you, and settles you down on Esco's bed. When you tug at her hand, she slips onto the bed and cradles you against her, smoothing your hair and gently rubbing your back.

    She sings you a song, Sierra. Something old, something from outside, but it wasn't a lullaby there. You recognize it, first time you've heard it in years. What's the song, and what does it remind you of?
  • I don't recognize it at first, it takes till the chorus to jolt my memory. It's a love song, or a loved and lost song. I had started to learn to play it once, the sheet music had been included in a bundle that Gloriana had bought for me. Hundreds and hundreds of songs on honest to goodness paper - it must have cost a fortune.

    I was halfway through memorizing it, when Glori heard me practicing. She was weirdly furious at the time, ripped the sheet music in half, and threw it in the fire. It was the first year of her adulthoood, I was only 15, and she wasn't quite at the point of using my pain to calm her nerves. Still, she had all the music checked after that, "desensitizing" she called it, claimed she didn't want me to be upset.

    When she gets to the end I sing along with her, breathing normally again, a weight lifting from my chest. "Oh, the landslide will bring it down..."

    [For Cary]

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    Marigold smiles when you pick up the end and kisses your forehead. "You faker," she teases softly. "You knew my song all the while. You're so smart, Sierra." Marigold breathes the words like a sister sharing secrets. "I'm going to miss you so much." She smoothes your hair again, and your rumbling insides calm.

    What do you do?
  • I hold her hands and look her in the eyes, there is no odd longing there, just fondness. "I'm going to miss you too. How about I read you that book now?"
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    She breathes in deeply and holds it, nods, then happily agrees, "Yes. The rabbit story? " She extricates herself to fetch the book, leaving the knife on the pillow near you, then comes back to hand it to you. Once you have the book in hand, she lays on your lap.

    Once you get through Velveteen Rabbit once, she asks for another. But then there's a knock at the door. What do you do?
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    Tears are welling up in my eyes as I finish the story. The Velveteen Rabbit became real, Real, real. Not just real because the boy loved him. Frack, it kills me every time. When Marigold suggests another, I think about going back to my room. My head feels better and I am a tad hungry - all good signs. No need to impose more than I have already.

    I wonder if the body has been picked up yet. A cold shiver emanates from my gut.

    It doesn't matter, like Fleece said, it's not like he's a person anymore. And, I don't really belong in Esco's. Making a fool of yourself doesn't give you permission to lay in someones bed all day.

    When the knock comes, I freeze. Marigold's words repeat in my head - Nothing's safe, Sierra." Frack, I really should have gone to my room, before the story. I bring my legs up around Marigold, shielding her as much as possible, while reaching over the bed to grab the knife.

    "Who's there?"
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    "It is Pixel." Pixel calls lightly through the closed door, her accent distinct. The knob doesn't turn, she makes no effort to open.

    Pixel's accent is familiar to you. Is it an accent common to one of the houses, or a particular district?
  • Pixel's accent is the same one that the high class of the Phoenix house have. Gloriana loved visiting their holdings, they had wicked pleasures I'd rather not remember. Pixel, has always set me on edge a bit, not that it's her fault...

    "We were just leaving." I call back, releasing my hand on the knife and gently moving 'Gold off me. "We can read more at my place, if you want, but I... uh... I should get going."
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    Marigold agrees, rising off the bed after you, following you to the door. When you open it, Pixel is waiting there, a few steps back, eyes downcast, hands crosses in front of her. It's a very familiar pose, Sierra.
    "Sierra, I am sorry to bother you." Pixel says as she looks at your feet submissively. "I have a, ah, a customer who wishes to speak to management. Esco is busy. As is JD. Sasha said you are the one I should speak with?"
  • I can't help but be suspicious, since well, that doesn't sound like Sasha. Since I have known her she has taken every opportunity to be in charge. Still, I suppose she is right.

    I look at Marigold and shrug in sympathy. "Maybe later?"

    I look at Pixel, at her hands and her posture. Biting my lip, I breathe out through my nose. "Pixel, you don't - you don't have to keep that up. If you don't want to." I swallow, "So, who is this customer? What is he looking for?" I move forward, gesturing for her to show me the way.
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    She flicks a gaze up to your eyes, then down again. "I don't understand, Sierra, what am I keeping?" She must be lying, Sierra.

    She walks slightly ahead of you, down the hall to the fourth door on the left, but pauses before opening it. "The customer's name is Balls. He agreed to a package, and now he says he is unsatisfied, and refuses to pay."
  • I sigh, I don't like being lied to. Maybe I should explain my past, it might make her feel easier about me.

    "What was the package?"
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    She looks at your feet, "He wanted me to discipline him. I have been trained in this art, and did as I have been instructed. He was displeased with the outcome. I followed all of the structures and forms." There's a crack in her voice at the end, she seems worried, but is covering it with formality.

    She opens the door, and Balls, wormy, sweaty rocksucker that he is, is standing in the room with bloodshot eyes and a very angry face. He has a big shiny six-shooter in his shaky hands, and he raises it at the door when he sees you and Pixel.

    What do you do?
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    I don't even think. My insides become steel when I see the gun. I drop my left arm shrugging the jacket I took from Esco's room off the one shoulder. As slowly as I can manage, I pull down the sleeve to release my arm, calmly walking towards Balls and the gun.

    [Sierra is using arresting Skinner]

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    As you expect, now, Balls watches that slip of skin you've revealed, and the gun dips lower. His mouth goes slack as he gapes at your arm, at you, like you're some magical being.

    It's the same look they all had, Sierra. Right before Esco slit their throats. Every one of them.
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    I don't have anything left in my stomach and thank Hoolies for that. When I see his mouth slack and gun drop, the adrenaline surge I had starts to wane and I start to shake. I continue slipping the jacket off my arm so it hangs on one shoulder, when I finally get in reach of the gun.

    I let the fabric slip down my arm from its own weight as I release his hands from the butt and trigger, twisting the shooter, so it's facing Balls. Backing up, the jacket slips into my hand and I let it fall to the floor.

    I raise the gun up, now a few feet from Balls, and look at Pixel from the corner of my eye.

    "Pixel, why don't you come in, let's discuss this like rational people, hmm?"
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    Balls takes a breath, then starts when he sees the barrel of his own gun. He blinks, then puts it in his belt. Pixel walks in, but she's definitely standing behind you.

    "She spit on me." Balls says angrily. "I'm not payin' a whore that spits on me."
  • I take a deep breath to steady myself.

    "Alright, well, what was the original deal Mr. Balls? What exactly did you ask for?"
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    Balls shifts on his feet, suddenly a bit shy or embarrassed or something. He moves around to close the door, which could be a threat, right. "I wanted Pixel. You know, her services. I didn't want to be choked, stepped on, then spit on. Your girl's got some issues she needs to work out! You should be thankful I don't ask you for money!"
  • Farthoom, I'm gonna, kill a person myself one of these days if this keeps up.

    "So just so we are clear, you did not ask for a disciplinary package? Who took your request, Mr. Balls?"
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    Balls sets his jaw, looks past you to Pixel, "She took my order and she knows damn well I didn't ask for that fuggin' package!"
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    Nope, he's lying. Pixel, though, she's not even defending herself. Not one word.
  • Frack. I could kill him, I should kill him, he was probably going to kill me. No. No, I don't kill people, I don't.

    A cruel voice in the back of my head laughs, No? You just let other people do it for you then?

    I have no idea what Pixel is doing behind me. I'm humped here. I have to get to the door. I have to get her out from behind me.

    "I am sure we can work something out, Mr. Balls." I say as I nudge my jacket on the floor, making it look like an accident that I kicked it slightly in front of me. "Pixel, love, can you please grab me my jacket?"

    If she comes out in front of me, I am pushing her further in and placing my back to the door - I'll get out to the hallway if I can. If she doesn't, well, I still have some clothes on...
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    Balls is only a threat in that he has a gun. He lied about what he asked for, and he wants to get out of here scott free. He probably doesn't even have any jingle, sneaked in here during the Ziggy trouble hoping to bluster his way to happy time.

    You know servants well enough to know Pixel is terrified right now, even though she's swallowed it all up. She lied about this trouble because she's afraid Esco or JD would kill Balls, and she can't handle more death.

    The biggest enemy here is the fact that almost twenty folks have died around here in two days and these people are freaking the hell out. This is only the smoke. There is a fire going to burn.
  • Okay, OK. Damn it.

    I lower the gun and look at the customer in the eye. "How about this, we call this a disagreement. You can have this service for free, but in the future you pay up front and clear all requests with management. And as for the gun - " I say lifting it, "it's mine. Since you waved it in my face and threatened me and my girl. We savvy?"

    I hope he accepts my deal, because I don't want more red on the floor and I really need to talk to Esco and JD.

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    For a moment, Balls opens his mouth. He thinks about pushing it. But then, he looks at you, and it dies on his lips. "Sure.... sure, that works." He'll make his way out of the room if you let him.

    What do you do?
  • I let the man leave and turn to Pixel when he does. When I look close I can see that she is shaking. I put aside my feelings and concentrate on Pixel. Tucking the gun away, I put both my hands on her shoulders.

    "Hey, hey - you are alright. Everyone is fine. See?"
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    She looks down at your feet, holding the supplicant pose you have honed into your soul. "I am deeply sorry. Please forgive me."
    How do the Phoenix punish servants, Sierra? What does Pixel expect right now?
  • I don't know why she is treating me like a master. Is it my accent, is it the way I look? Does it trigger her like her mannerisms trigger me?

    "Pixel, Pixel, I am not your master - no one here is your master. I know that rocksucker was lying. You are fine and I am going to make sure weapons don't make it into these rooms again. Okay?"

    Her pose is so familiar it makes me ache. I've held that pose for hours, I have found pain, pleasure, and solace in that pose. She's expecting me to order punishment and I want nothing more than for her to stand up straight.

    Phoenix has a vicious punishment tool called a cane. It's a springy stick that stings worse than anything I have ever experienced. They'll cane the bottom of your feet, your knees, anywhere sensitive. I don't think we have one, but if we do I am burning the thing.

    "Please, Pixel stand up straight. In the future, I just want you to be honest with me, OK? I'll look out for you."
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    Sierra, you're trying to Manipulate Pixel to stop acting like a servant around you. Your leverage is your power in Diamond. Let's see how this goes.
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    Esco, You head down the hall, followed by Sasha, who continues to protest that she ever sent Pixel to Sierra. When you enter Pixel's room, you see Sierra, her jacket on the ground, Pixel doing that weird pose thing she does sometimes for aggressive clients who want a "fancy lady" to dominate.

    Then, Pixel stands up a little straighter.

    What do you do?


    As you're talking to Pixel, trying to reach her, Esco comes in, followed by Sasha. Pixel looks up into your eyes, and there's a little flicker of something there. Recognition. Understanding, maybe. Hope?
  • I'm focused on closin' the distance to Pixel, but once we get to her door, I've got a hand up, beggin' Sash to stop her protesting. "Sash — I believe you. It's fine. We've got Fippers to deal with — tell JD to get the new folks set up 'round the bar in case they're here to cause trouble." ... "In case" — like they might not be. I'll be a monkey's fekin' uncle if they're not.

    Then I open Pixel's door, and step inside. It looks like Pixel and Sierra are chattin'... About what, I dunno... Looks like whoever had beef that Pixel needed help with cooked off. I step inside, and close the door behind me. "Pixel, wot the fek's this then? Who told you to go to Sierra if you've got problems with a client?"
  • I am so proud, I give Pixel a knowing smile, and I'm about to say something... I don't know... something silly like 'Frack them,' but I don't get to because that is when Esco walks in and starts running his mouth.

    I've never been so unhappy to see him in the entire time I have been living here. "It's fine Esco, I've been talking to Pixel here and we got an understanding. She can come to me anytime - if you want to talk to her later, you can, for now I need to talk to you. Alone."

    I smooth down the fabric at Pixel's shoulders and bend down to pick up Esco's jacket off the floor. "I borrowed this, I hope you don't mind. Came in handy."
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    I don't feel right. This whole situation don't feel right. It could be the sheer number of folks I've had to kill lately, or the stress of not gettin' a single good night's sleep in several days, or the fact that fekin' fippers are comin' down on us. I open my mouth to say that my girls goin' to random patrons of my bar for help ain't fine – that it sends the wrong message about what I'm willin' to do for my girls' safety – and nothin' but a sigh escapes me. I shake my head, and deflate. I'm fekin' paranoid. Stabbin' at shite in the dark. Before long I'm gunna start stabbin' folks who matter to me...

    I look up at Sierra, exhausted, and take my jacket. "Sierra," I answer, calm but wary, "If you're takin' me up on my offer, I'd appreciate hearin' it from you in person — but we ain't got time for that right now... Fippers are coming."
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    You know, I'd appreciate some clarity as to what I can and cannot do. but, I have a feeling that Esco is slightly more stressed than he is letting on.

    Which I understand, since I woke up in Diamond all I have experienced is death, blood, loss, and fear - he's right - I never accepted the deal. Maybe I shouldn't.

    And then he mentions the Fippers and one overwhelming urge hits me. Run.


    She came. I knew she would. I knew...

    I clutch Esco's jacket like it's a lifeline. How can he be worried about Pixel coming to me on a rumor when what I told him would happen has happened. They are coming to fix the camera...

    or take me away...
    or kill me...

    Esco is in front of the door. I just want him to get out of the way. I just want to get out of this room.

    I must look like a deer, hearing danger, but unsure where to dart. Half of me wants to jump in and ask, is there anything I can do. The other half wants me to run as far as I can. Just keep running deep into the mines. hide.
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    "The..." Pixel says in breathless worry. "The Fippers? I thought Prison Security didn't come here." She closes her hands in fists, then relaxes them. Closes them again. Looks between the two of you.
  • I look over to Pixel, and nod. "We're gunna handle it — no bloodshed if we can help it. Why don't you get on down to the boudoir with the rest of the girls for now..."

    I look over to Sierra, who's lookin' spooked, and bite my lip. "What do you want from me right now? How do you want to play this?"
  • For a split second, I think about giving up. About begging, about letting the Fippers take me home. After all, wouldn't that save the others? Maybe? Maybe not.

    It would save me from making a decision. I'd be letting Gloriana control me again, except, this time with my consent. My consent. Frack.

    "Help me. I don't want to go back." I watch my hands flounder in front of me. "She sent people, for one camera? I don't want her to see me scared. What do I do?"
  • She doesn't want to go back... Would they really try and take her? I don't intend on letting anyone up and leave with anyone here... I think on it a moment. Part of me wants to break every camera in this joint — not that it would do any good. We need be smart if we're gunna beat these fekin' fippers at their own game.

    "C'mon — let's put on a show for these arsehats. We're gunna sit there with our new security in every corner of the Diamond, JD with Cooker at the bar, and we're gunna let them know we know exactly why they're here. They ain't got shite on me. I wanna see what they do when one of their precious cameras goes missing, so I know what to expect when they all go missing."
  • I nod, nervous but sure. "What to you need me to do?"
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    I shrug, "Keep 'em from getting violent? Last time a fippers had their hands on me it didn't end well..." Images of that dream with the Fippers killing me come to mind. It's unsettling...
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    End Scene
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