[DVFP] Packing it Up (S 3.1)


A couple days have passed since the Fippers' "inspection" and things have returned to normal, at least for the Diamond. Esco's out for the day, he left for Bordertown East to pick up some supplies and look for some new girls to replace those who left.

Questions about the Feed have resulted in some confusion (Marigold) and actually useful information (JD). Folks who have influence around that kind of stuff are very rarely public about it, but JD mentions that DJ Gnarly has his own Feed working, so he must know a thing or two. Also, June, of all people, is someone who he's heard has some "power with the weird".

Are you keeping this secret, this idea to leave the Diamond and escape the dangers you bring everyone? At the very least, does Marigold or Reese know? What about Fleece? Or Esco?

Oh damn... what about that nice mattress you just got, gonna leave it behind?


  • Reese knows I'm leaving. I went to apologize for all the trouble. He tried to tell me it wasn't me, but I wouldn't have it. I gave him the Hobbit and My Side of the Mountain as a goodbye. Told him I'll collect them when I see him again. I'm going to miss him.

    I haven't told Marigold yet. I figure, I may need her help when it comes to transportation anyhow, so she's last on my list. Well, after Esco. I have a lot to say to Esco. Trying to put it all into words is hard. I've got a lot of feelings for him, and most of them are pretty complicated.

    Really though, it's Fleece I am dreading to talk to. I've avoided the clinic the last day as I have packed all my things up. I don't have much. Five outfits now, thanks to my new extra jungle, twelve books, Artemis, my dagger, which I got a holster for so to keep on me, and depending on my ride I may take the mattress... probably not though.

    Fleece though, well, better now then never, I think as I walk to the clinic.
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    You head out of Diamond as a runner shows up announcing that Motley and his crue are coming.

    JD sends him back out to greet them, and gives you a nod, "Don't go too far, in case Motley brings trouble, okay?"
    The walk to the clinic is slower than it should be, like each step is drawn out by the dread of the conversation that's coming. You pass by the dozen miners who are out of work, milling about. Too old to learn new work, they're stuck. You find nobody standing outside of the clinic, and when you knock, Fleece answers calmly that the door's open.
    Fleece is seated at her little table looking into her microscope and taking notes. When she looks up to see you, she nods, but there's a hint of a smile playing at the corners of her mouth. "Hello there, Sierra. I already swept and mopped, you're too late for today's fun."
  • I nod at JD and smile. "Of course, just going to the clinic, send a runner if you need me.

    "Hi, Ooma. Sorry for skipping out." I motion to the microscope, "You busy?" the cowardly part of me is hoping she says yes. Though, I'm not sure which part of this conversation I am more concerned about.
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    She closes her little notebook filled with scribbles, pictures and formulae, stands up from her seat and heads over to the exam table to hop up, then pats the place beside her, "Nope. My eyes were crossing from staring through the scope. Been up for four hours noodling on a thing. What's up? Fresh gossip? Fair warning, I already know about Marigold. She blabbed during a checkup."
  • I slide up onto the table, my hands neatly in my lap and decidedly to myself. I haven't so much as accidentally touched someone since Pellet kissed me. Too nervous to have my fears confirmed.

    "I've got news, but uh, actually I was hoping I could get your medical opinion on something first."

    I'm not looking at her, I'm looking at my hands. I'm not sure this is a good idea, at all.
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    Being a good doctor, she picks up on the nerves and looks over at you curiously. "That's my job. I've got a ton of opinions, many of them are medical. Do you want to hear my thoughts on preventative immunization? Or perhaps I talk a spell about medical research and documentation? Or," she softens her voice, "Did you want to stop beating around the bush and ask me your question?"
  • I laugh lightly, yeah okay, I know what she's doing. My heart does a stutter-flutter, Fleece really is charming.

    I nod. "I think something might be very wrong with me." I pick up my hands and hold them in front of me. "It's a theory, but when people touch me. They... I'm worried that they... that I do something to them."
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    Fleece looks at you critically, not like she disbelieves you, but more like you're presenting a problem for her to solve. She likes solving problems. She makes a soft sound like "Hm," then reaches over to touch your hand, wrapping her fingers around yours. Her skin's rough, Sierra, not soft like yours, but the grip is strong and sure, too.
    As you jerk in reaction, she lets go, "I didn't feel much. Nice hands, love your cuticles, the nails are perfect, super jealous, but all of that was before I touched you. So, what evidence do you have to support this theorem?"
  • I blush, cradling my left hand, the one she touched, in my right. Keeping it tucked close to my chest.

    Maybe I'm wrong, or maybe it's something else.

    "It's just... Gloriana, she used to tell me not to let people touch me. I used to think that it was because she would hurt them. Out of jealousy or spite, but... Since being here, most of the people I've touched, I've affected in some way." I can feel my blush getting deeper and I look around the room before landing my eyes on Fleece. "A sexual way."

    I bite my lip to keep the words from spilling out, but they just don't manage to stay in, "It sounds Zaridann I know, but... in most cases, Fleece, I don't want them. I don't..." I sigh, "And the way people look at me when I take off a piece of clothing, any piece of clothing. And that, that's everyone."

    I tuck my legs up so I can wrap my arms around them, making myself as small as I can on the table. "What kind of monster does that to people?"
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    Fleece listens closely to your deeply held concern, her eyes unwavering. "You aren't a monster. I've seen a fair share of them here, Sierra, I have a significant sample size with which to make a judgment." She reaches a hand over to touch your forearm, bravely and warmly trying to prove a point, "Gloriana is a tosky promok. Don't let her drumdik antics color who you're becoming. You are a very special person. Insumatt. Derisann and talented, pure in a way many of these people have never seen, and will never see again. It's a burden you have to learn to bear. They won't easily see the person you are because they're blind. Even the most soolka of them aren't close to being you. This gives you power over them, but the price is high."
  • I shiver when she touches me, goosebumps rising up my arms. Her words are a honeyed melody sent to soothe my soul. It's some weird twist of fate, one I am grateful for, that she seems unaffected by me. Still, I can imagine myself falling a part under her. What it would be like to have her touch me with intent. How strong and sure and gentle she'd be. I have to work to push those feelings away, to stay in the moment.

    I twist my forearm around so I can lay my fingers on Fleece's inner wrist. Barely a whispers touch. I drop my left leg over the side of the table and turn to face her her strong profile. "You always say the perfect thing. You're insumatt, Ooma. To me. And I am trying, to become, someone. Someone good. But, I..." I turn and lean in letting my voice drop. "that's why I am leaving." My heart skips a beat and it feels like the first time I made the decision all over again. Terrified, but sure, and sad to leave my new home. My voice almost too low to be called a whisper. "I need to find a way to disappear from her."

    My heart clenches, like a fist inside my chest. I close my eyes and lean into her more, my forehead pushing against her temple. My voice strained with emotion."Oh Ooma, I'm going to miss you."
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    Fleece smiles at the compliment, and you know she doesn't smile often, Sierra, so it's a bit of a treat. The smile fades when you share that you're leaving. Her expression remains open, though, not angry or upset. She disappears from your sight when you close your eyes and lean against her.
    Fleece gently slips an arm around you to hold you close, "I'll miss you, too. The break from mopping and sweeping was so nice." She huffs a light laugh, then turns her head to kiss your forehead, "I hope you find peace, Sierra. You deserve it."
  • I release a shuddering breath as I feel Fleece's lips on my brow. Frack. I can't keep denying to myself that I have soft feelings for the Doctor. My entire body hums with it, but the feeling is like new butterfly wings: it colors each interaction and might die if touched. Best to leave it alone.

    I hope I don't regret it.

    I stay tucked up against her side for a moment, steadying myself, before continuing.

    "I just want you to know, that the things you said about me being a person. About me becoming... I couldn't have made this decision without you. I just hope, the person I become, is someone that makes you proud."
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    Fleece takes in a breath, hard to tell if it's a calming breath or if she's taking in your smell or what. She leans in to kiss your forehead once more, gently. Lingering. Pulls back. Her voice cracks, "Make yourself proud, Sierra. I'm sure I'll be pleased with the results, too." She rubs your back for a moment, then breaks the contact, standing up. "Are you going alone? You'll need protection either way."
  • My eyes well with water as she kisses me again, it's longer this time, and I can feel each touch of skin on skin and the gentle tearing away. I want to kiss her, at least once. It's selfish... but...

    Then she moves away. There still feels something like a tether there though, a thrumming between us.

    It's cold in the clinic, I didn't notice that before. I move my jacket more firmly around myself. "I had planned to get a driver, but... I didn't plan on protection. I'm no good with a gun."
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    "You should take Reese with you." Fleece says with some urgency. She walks over to her closet, opening it to stoop down and dig through a box. "He's fine with a gun, and once you're gone, I doubt he'll take much care of himself. Esco's not impressed with him, and that idiot Preen's wormed his way into running security for the Miner's, so he's on the outs."
    She opens a few boxes, then says, "Ah!" Pulls out small velvet bag with a drawstring, comes over to hold it by the strings, "Regardless, take this with you." She lets it dangle under you take it.
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    "Reese? He didn't offer it when we talked and I am not sure I have the right to ask after all the hurt he's been through." I really don't want to put Reese in more danger because of me. But, it's a thought.

    I raise my hands so the bag fits in my palm. "What is it?" I raise my eyes from the bag to her sincere brown ones. She's close and reflexively I lick my bottom lip. My eyes are still a little wet, but I hope they are dry enough to go unnoticed.
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    She gently drops it into your hand, feels solid, and round. You fish out the device from the bag, it looks like this:
    "Outside, it's marketed as The Joy Buzzer, a personal safety device. Fits in your palm, and with a simple activation, both electrodes deliver sufficient current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles causing neuromuscular incapacitation." She offers a tight smile, "Saved my ass out there. Well, that and Esco, once. It's yours. Take it, Sierra."

    (Joy Buzzer +1 Hard, delivers S-Harm, tags and close, hand)
  • I put it in the palm of my hand. "Neuromuscular incapacitation." I look down at it and back at her. "Thank you. How, how do you activate it?"
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    Fleece steps over to turn your hand over, palm towards the floor. "Squeeze your fingers together. Feel the subtle click?" You do. "It's active now. You could send a rhino like Gigg to the floor with a shot. Takes a few hours in the sun to recharge, though.
  • I separate my fingers and I feel the joy buzzer disengage. I turn to face Fleece full on, with my right leg still up on the table, she's practically standing between my legs. "Are you sure you won't need it?"
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    "You're the idiot heading out there, Sierra. You need it. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." She offers a slight smile. "If you are determined on this course of action, I would be remiss if I didn't insist on a final checkup. The gods only known what kind of drumdik treatment you'll get at Bordertown or Depot."
  • I blush brightly at the thought. And I notice my hand still being gently held, palm down in hers, and I can feel the blush spreading to the roots of my hair. "A full exam?"I say slowly. My throat is going dry.

    A full exam would mean taking off my clothes, and that would mean... "I don't want to, ummm, affect you."
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    She gently slips her hand from yours to move over to her little cabinet, opening a drawer to fetch some rubber gloves. As she puts them on, she answers, "Then. Don't." She has her back to you now, but she'll probably turn around.
  • I suck in a breath and let it out slow. I've never tried to impact people, but I've never not tried either. Breathing steadily I try to picture a clear film around my skin, like an extra sleeve. So, when I take off my dress and my jacket it will be as if... as if I was still clothed.

    I carefully, mentally, dress myself in this sleeve. I imagine it tight to me like a second skin. It's only when I can feel all the edges of my fantasy align with my skin that I start to take off my jacket. I fold it neatly and reach for the bottom of my dress.
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    Let's see you Act Under Fire here to keep it under control, Sierra. This won't be a forever thing needing a roll each time, but it is the first time, right?
  • *sigh* Here goes nothing...

    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 3, 2. Total: 6)
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    This sleeve idea, Sierra, it feels like it's working. Fleece isn't frozen, doesn't seem transfixed at all! You're almost undressed when there's a hard series of raps at the door to the clinic.

    Fleece huffs a sigh of frustration, saying quietly, "Hold that thought." She heads to the door, calling through it, "Who is it?"

    "It's Preen!" you hear, of course, Preen's voice on the other side. He sounds desperate. "Mot's here to kill me. Let me in, Fleece. Please!"

    Without hesitation, Fleece answers angrily, "Sod off, Preen. I'm not a fuggin' embassy. I can't grant amnesty, or protection. It's just a clinic. Go hide in the mines, you dumbass."

    She moves to the door to check the lock. You know it isn't locked, Sierra. What do you do?
  • I'm so relieved, I'm sure that Fleece can read it in my body posture, in the bright smile I shoot her way. I'm down to only my underwear when the knock on the door happens.

    I can feel my concentration slipping as it splits, fractured into what I'm doing and what is happening.

    I don't want Mot to kill Preen, I'm pretty sure. Preen's just a pawn, that's all he's been his entire life and he gave us good Intel. But, if they are looking for Preen, they'll probably look for me first. Hiding here makes no sense.

    I raise my voice, "Preen, it's Sierra. If they've come for you they'll most likely come talk to me first. I agree with Fleece, best hide somewhere I'm not. Let me talk to Mott."
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    After a few moments consideration, and a failed attempt to open the door after Fleece locks it, "They don't trust me. The miners. I'll need to buy a place to hide. I don't have anything!"

    Fleece gives you a look like "don't bother with this promok".
  • I bite my lips and look at Fleece."He used to work for Gloriana. She's the reason he's here at all." I feel so vulnerable, naked except for underwear, and I think about slipping the dress back up and over me. I do grab it and sort of hold it over myself like a blanket. It doesn't do much.

    "Preen, you got two choices, listen to me and hide or run. Your call, but you aren't gonna place Fleece in danger, Savvy?"
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    "I can't run, they're already here! I can try to hide, but I don't know this place, like, at all yet. Give me something to bribe the miners to hide me, Sierra. Food, some jingle, anything. I swear I'll get you back!"
  • Forgetting my dress and pushing it back to the side I grab my purse to grab a few pieces of jingle, some of what I'd earned singing the last few days, and walk over to where Fleece is standing by the door. "Don't make me out to be a selt now. You use this to hide and make sure that they know I or any of my runners can be trusted, yeah?" I say loudly through the door. To Fleece, I show her the jingle, palm up, hoping she will take it from me, "Would you mind?"
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    Fleece exhales through her nose with frustration and takes the jingle, then turns to open the door slightly, handing it to Preen, "You're a real thalldap, Preen. Don't go get wasted on this, or I will find you and inject you with some nasty virus, do you hear? The itching, burns when you piss kind. Stupid floop."

    You hear Preen's voice retreating, "Thanks, Sierra! I owe you big time. I will pay you back someday!" Then heavy footsteps that fade into silence.
    Fleece closes and locks the door again, turning around to lean against it for a moment. She looks at you with a mix of annoyance and admiration, it's a weird mix.
  • I smile listening to Fleece give Preen a talking to and shake my head when I hear Preen scuttle away. I'll be gone before Preen could ever pay me back, not that I expected him to.

    She might think I am a total promok for giving Preen the jingle, but I really didn't have a choice. I just want to get out of the Irons without anymore blood on my hands - and I was the one who told Preen he could stay here. I mean to keep that promise if I can.

    Fleece turns and faces me with that look and I am suddenly very aware how naked I am. "Sorry for the trouble."
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    The look drops when you apologize, and she heads over to pat the exam table, "Up up. Just because you throw hard-earned jingle at promoks doesn't mean you can skate out of your final checkup."
    When you comply and sit back on the cool metal surface, she quickly gets to work checking your reflexes, your pulse, your breathing (which means a cool stethoscope against your back, and your throat. She moves with a professional intimacy, taking care to keep moving through all the forms of her order without seeming cold or dispassionate about it. It's a kind of intimacy that you didn't see with how she treated Reese. She was caring for him as a patient, but there is an undefined connection here, between the two of you, behind locked doors.
    She places a hand on your shoulder for a moment, looking deep into your eyes with a smile, "You are perfectly healthy. The Irons hasn't taken that from you, at least." The hand lingers on your shoulder for a moment longer, then she moves to replace her instruments, the small rubber hammer, the stethoscope, she tosses the tongue depressor.
    What do you do?
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    I put back on my dress, but not my jacket, letting it slip over my head and pool at my hips till I slip from the table and let it fall to my thighs.

    I can feel tremors of whatever this is between us. And butterfly wings be damned, I am not sure I could leave here never knowing.

    "Fleece, may I ask you a question? Even if it's selfish and unfair to ask?" My right hand is worrying the side of my dress and I bite my bottom lip. Nervous ticks. I smooth down my dress and try to calm myself down.
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    "Of course, ooma." Fleece replies, but she senses the tension, and moves away from you further, to the closet, to grab something or other.
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    I step forward, towards her, and it's odd. I have never had to ask this question before. I'm not sure if that makes the answer all the more obvious or not - but my body thrums with want and I feel steady enough in my own mind to know it has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with Gloriana.

    It's enlightening.

    And Frack this is selfish. I'm being a complete dumdik, but I could be leaving to die - or, or worse. I don't want the last lips I remember to be Pellet's. I want it to be someone I... I care about. And this is something I can't ask Esco.

    I know sometimes I can make people give me what I want, I know sometimes, they do it without thinking - like Pellet. So I imagine the skin again, I picture it easier than I did before, the clear film sitting over my body, keeping the whatever I am in.

    "Are you, do you..." my heart is beating so fast it feels like I could break a rib. "...have feelings for me? For the real me and not just..." I run my hands up my arms, over their bare skin. "And please, be honest with me," I take a big breath, trying to calm my runaway heart, "Don't just say, what you think I want to hear, because I am leaving."
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    Fleece takes a few moments to answer, as if the words are fighting a battle inside her. "Of course, I do, ooma." she admits softly. "You're beautiful inside. I will miss you terribly." She sighs, then turns around from the closet to look at you finally. Meeting your eyes, "I already do."
  • I look down and away. I can see she is fighting herself, probably fighting whatever influence I have accidentally forced onto her. I smile sadly and look at her when she says she already misses me.

    Disappointment, love and endearment battle in me. I remember then, what she told me that day with Reese in the clinic. She's in love with someone else. She doesn't have the same feelings for me, and that's, that's okay. "I miss you too, Ooma." I breathe out, stepping closer to her.

    I want her to know. I decide, I want her to know anyway. Steeling myself, I move close to her, voice pitched low, like I am sharing a secret. And I am.

    "I want you to know, how I feel about you. And it's okay if you don't feel the same way. I smile at her, tucking my hair to one side of my neck, "It's not just your advice I have treasured, or your words, though they have impacted me more than I can express. I finally feel like I can become real, like the person I am becoming is important, and that has nothing to do with who I was before. Or who I was attached to before," I hear my voice crack, my eyes filling with water. "and I've never felt that way before. Like who I was mattered. Before I only mattered because Gloriana made me matter, because to Gloriana I was real."

    I blink and I can feel hot tears roll down my face. But I keep my voice pitched low, "And you make me feel like all I need to be real, is me. But more than that, I want you to know, that to me you are utterly darisann. You are beautiful, inside and out. And I know you are in love with someone else. So, please, I don't expect anything in return, but I wanted you to know that I do, care for you." My arms snake around my middle, as if to protect myself from my own words. As if they are barbed and slicing me through. "I just couldn't leave without you knowing. And without thanking you too. I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to... feel like this, again."

    I sniffle a bit, breathing deeply through my nose, before turning to her with a bright smile, finally raising my voice. "So, thank you, Ooma, for everything."
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    She closes the distance between you at the end of your confession, wrapping her arms around you to pull you into a fierce, warm hug. She whispers in your ear, "I know you must go, so I won't ask you to stay. When you find what you need, when you feel safe to return... please do."She kisses your cheek tenderly, and hugs you again.

  • I gasp in surprise by the fervency of her hug. I easily fall into her, pulling my arms from around my body to wrap around her shoulders. My arms tightening around her.

    When she speaks, my heart flutters quickly. Hope carried in its hummingbird beat. Maybe, just maybe, she feels something for me too. She kisses my cheek and I try to memorize the touch, the feel. Her lips are hot against my skin. She doesn't kiss me though, and by now she has to know it would be welcome.

    And hoolies, would it ever be welcome.

    But in the scorch, anything could happen to me. If she doesn't want the memory of my kiss, I can understand why. Instead I turn my neck and rise on my tiptoes to place a gentle kiss on her cheek. I can feel my lips shaking against her flesh, before I turn gently nuzzle my cheek against hers.

    She's so soft.

    I swallow, thickly, trying to hold back my emotions. "I will. I will try, Ooma."
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    Fleece has a sharp intake of breath when you kiss her cheek. She practically sighs into your cheek. The moment draws on as she holds you. She sniffs, swallows down as much of this as she can. "You should... you should go, ooma." She turns her face to kiss your cheek, a peck, then gently taps your back and moves out of your arms.
    You catch her as she turns away and wipes at her cheeks, "Be safe. Be smart. Be you. And last of all before I can't say it again, begone."
    Where do you go next?
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    I nod not trusting myself to say anything else, desperate to be back in her arms. I grab my jacket and take a second to calm down as I put it on and turn from her.

    "Thank you." I say as I walk to the clinic door, unlocking it and pulling it open, before turning back to face her. "And you too. Stay safe." I smile a tight smile, unshed tears clear in the corners of my eyes. Before I can blink and let them fall I leave the clinic, on my way back down the shaft toward the Diamond.

    Time to talk to Mot.
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    You head out to find Motley, he's probably at Diamond, which is where JD said he was headed. Before you get back around to the main shaft to walk down there, you're intercepted. It's Reese, walking towards you. He stops when he sees you in the light of the dim electric bulbs hanging over head.
    "See," he says as he hitches the strap on the pack he's slung over his shoulder. "You alright? You look... tired or something." He peers at you for a moment. "I was looking for you. I'm not letting you go out there alone, alright?"
  • Tired, that is one way to put it. I rub my eyes, in a vain attempt to look more awake. I smile sadly at Reese. "I can't ask you to do that, Reese. You've already been through enough because of me."
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    He shifts his weight off his prosthetic without realizing it, answering, "You aren't asking. I want to do it. I offered before, and you said no. Now, I'm telling you I can't let you go out there alone." He takes a moment, then tries another angle, "Esco thinks I'm useless. The Miners think I'm bad luck because of what happened to the Bus. I've got no prospects here. You're an entertainer, a damn good one. We can have a... symbiotic relationship, See. I watch your back, get you to places to sing and play. You get paid. We both eat. You're looking for something, right? A safe place? I'm another pair of eyes. Don't be... don't be a fool and throw this away. It's. It's a good offer."
  • It is a good offer. Not every bar owner is going to be like Esco, some of them - a lot of them - are going to look at me and see something other than a singer.

    "I'm looking for a solution, it might take a few tries to find it." I look at Reese and I know, I know he'll have my back. I try to think of a way out of bringing him along though. "Reese, you don't know my whole story - I'm not, exactly, safe to be around."

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    Reese gives you a serious look, "Well," Reese says after a moment of consideration. "you can tell me about your whole story while we're out on the road. I've got all the stuff I'm taking, sold what wouldn't travel. Beckett's on her way soon."
  • "You called Beckett?" I haven't seen Beckett since, well, since she rescued me from the scorch. I didn't even know she regularly came out this way. "She's on her way?"

    I like Beckett, if it wasn't going to be Cinch, I'm glad it's her. But, I wasn't ready to go. Not yet.

    Not without speaking to Esco.
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    "I did. She is." Reese answers. He offers a tight grin, "I did it as soon as you told me. Wanted you to travel in style. The hackmobile's a good, solid ride, and Beckett's a damn good driver."

    He turns towards the main shaft, "Want to get your stuff and carry it to the mine entrance?"
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    I sigh, giving up. "Okay, if you are sure. Believe it or not, someone else had that idea. Fleece asked me to think on it."

    I return his grin. "It will be good to have you along. I'll certainly be a good deal safer." But then I shake my head. "I can't leave yet, I need to talk to Esco and he's still out. I need to, I need to explain why I'm leaving." And try, try to air out this thing between us.

    Honestly, I could use some rest between then and now.
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    "Alright, you should head back to Diamond then. Motley and his crue are there, drinking and carrying on. They're not o bad, it should be fine." He starts walking towards Diamond with you, keeping pace with you. "Where are we going first, Sierra?"
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    I nod and start walking back to Diamond. Mot, right, I can't believe I forgot. I gotta see if I can spare Preen.The only thing that worries me is the possibility of making an enemy of Mot, and that is something I'd rather not do.

    I look over at Reese, and yeah, it will be nice to have him a long. "We are looking for people, not places. Let's not talk about it in Diamond though, alright? We'll just have to wait for Beckett and see what she knows. "
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    Reese nods, keeping quiet and following you into Diamond to meet with Motley. Please go here.
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