[DVFP] Wakey, Wakey (G 3.6)

The sun is rising when Mimi shakes you awake. You hear bikes coming closer, several of them. You're still sitting in the bus seat, she never woke you up for your turn watching.
"Gigg," she says, kicking the base of the seat to jostle you. "Wake the hell up. Amazons coming. Probably Last, but might be Saint Anger and his crew." She has Tusk's automatic rifle in her hand, the strap around her good shoulder, her pistol still in its holster.
What do you do?


  • "You shoulda woke me up for my shift," I say as I stand up and stretch. "But the extra rest does feel good." I can hear the fast approaching bikes, and I grab my hockey stick and climb out of the bunker under the bus. I walk out to swagman and await the bikes to come through the Junkyard gates. "Before last night, I'd 'ave thought you looney tunes for even suggestin' St. Anger rolling up here. But I'll be stunned if it ain't Last and her girls." Evenso, I pull out the MAC-10 SMG hidden under the dash of swagman just in case. "So, did you decide what're doing? Staying here? Or you gonna be swagman's new wheelman? Any blood between you and the 'Zons?"

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    "I'll be your wheeler. This place will be boring, and the Obsid's will stink soon." Mimi answers without hesitation, she made her decision through the night. "Wish it were a fuggin' stick, but I'll deal." She moves away while you get up, follows you towards swagman,staring east. "Between me and the Zons? Plenty, if they see me as UF. We snatched a few of their girls on a hunt. I trained one in, even. They'll probably want to kill me, Gigg." She delivers the info without much of a care.
    As you get your SMG, you see pretty clear that it's Last and her girls.

    What do you do?
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    "Well, this is gonna be fun....

    I shot and killed one of the her girls for looking under my mask while I was asleep. They all wanna kill me too, Mimi, so best grab a number and get in line. The thing keeping me alive is they hate Foster more'n they hate me.

    They always looking at me with their dagger eyes. Can't wait to tell 'em we're a package deal and hear 'em cry bloody murder. They ain't gonna like it, but I doubt it comes to shootin' each other up. But be ready, just in case.
    " I look back at Mimi with one of those here we go again looks as Last and her girls ride up into the 'Yard.
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    "Foster's pretty terrible, and I'm a girl." Mimi comments wryly. "Well, Last isn't stupid from what I hear, so I bet she plays this smart. If not, I get a new bike out of the deal. And yes, I will ride the bike and not Swagman, don't even ask."

    The Zons come riding up, Last in front, with Krin and Isle on either side, Brace Win bringing up the tail end. Mimi stands near, but far enough away that the spray of an SMG wouldn't tag you both too easy. All six of them pull up and stop near enough for talking without shouting.
    Last pulls up her goggles, looks at you, then Mim. Back to you. "Why's she still alive, Gigg? That's UF meat." She hasn't pulled a weapon, but her tone's sharp.
    What do you do?
  • "Hm," I grunt. "Is that how you ride up in my house, Last? That how it gonna be? Not even a 'wassup! Gigg!' or a 'hey you ok? I heard you snuffed a couple of UF'ers yesterday trying to leave The Depot' or maybe a 'what's with those Obsids staked up on poles we passed on the way in? why would a dozen sandsnakes try to snuff you out in your sleep?' What's up with that, Last? Riding into my turf, insulting my guest and new wheelman, and disrespectin' me? I think you owe me and my partner an apology.
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    Well. Last gives you a hard look, still not reaching for her guns. It sounds like you're just jawing here, so I'd like to see you Manipulate Last into that apology, which she won't give easy.
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    "Listen up, Big A," Krin says from her bike, her mouth practically in a snarl. "That cur is less than chum! Last, why are we even TALKING about this?!?" She's pointing at Mimi with hate in her eyes.

    "That's enough, Krin." Last says calm and sure, her eyes never leaving Mimi. "United Front killed lots of Amazons, Gigg. That one there personally killed Krin's sister." She crosses her arms, then says, "Tell you what, Gigg. Eye for an eye. You take down that UFer for us, for Krin, and we're even. You can go about your life, Foster or no, take off the A, and we ride out."

    Mimi looks at you, Gigg, tense, and ready to try and defend herself.

    What do you do?
  • I give Mimi a look that says she has nothing to worry from me. I look hard at Last, trying to read her, pick up something I can use. I shake my head, "We already got a deal, Last, and I ain't aimin' on changin' it. I personally killed Lala, and yet here we are. So I know we can work this out if we really want to." I look around at each of the half-dozen girls, lingering on Krin, before making a impassioned appeal, "Not everybody has the luxury of riding with good folk like Last. Like Motley. Like Esco. Folks that take care of your soul as much as your body. Most of us of are slaves at best. Folks like me, Mimi, Foster. Born here, used up as teeters, raised to be killers, abused, tools of the powerful, arms ripped off, your baby kidnapped and held as ransom, bit and bridle in your mouth, handcuffed to the wheel of a car, demons in your brain to make you do bad thangs you don't wanna and don't remember doin'." I'm looking through Krin now, "So come get your blood, if that's what you want, whatcha gotta have." I pull a 34-round clip of .45-caliber ACP out of mama's purse and shove it into the MAC-10 and switch on full auto. "Maybe you'll get it. Most likely you don't. But know that even if you do, we're just disposable chum to the ones that made me and Mimi. They'll make more just like us, like what's happenin' right now with Foster's little girl in the Palace, to be used for their own purposes and plans, and it'll just keep going on and on. If you want blood vengeance, make it count. Make it last." Appealing to Last again, "Don't let it come to this, Last. I respect you. I owe you. I wanna make good on our deal."

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    Gigg, let's see that Read right now, Gigg.
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  • What is Last really feeling?
    What does Last wish I'd do?
    How could I get Last to let Mimi ride with us?
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    Last doesn't want a fight to go down here, Gigg, you can tell she's swayed by your offer, but she has to respect her gang, too. And protect them, sometimes from their own stupid anger. She's lost so much, and her play for Foster is less vengeance and more hope to get the rest of the Amazons away from Saint Anger.

    She honestly wishes you'd just kill Mimi because Mimi's presence will cause problems and she doesn't see her value as a killer or a driver.

    If Mimi shows some contrition, if she bends knee to the Zons and swears to take down Foster, or if she asks to ride and promises to follow your orders, Last would let it go until Foster's dealt with.
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    "Gigg," Last says after she looks off Krin from saying anything more. "If Mimi puts any of my girls at risk, I will put a bullet in her head. She's your wheeler, but she's on thin ice." She looks at Mimi, a level and serious staredown.

    "I regret that I only have one middle finger to give you, Last." Mimi sneers. "I'm Gigg's driver, and like before, I will run circles around you jockeys. And I'll put a bullet in Foster's ugly face, then charge you the jingle for the lead." She stomps off towards Swagman, completely done with this conversation.
  • Krin is the key here... and Last is between a rock and a hard place between having Krin's back and needing my help freeing the rest of her girls. Then, the exchange between and Last and Mimi happens, and my eyes jump straight to Krin, watching her arms and hands for signs of flinching. Blazing hell, Mimi's gonna get us both killed...

    "Mimi!", I growl, "Seriously? Cool it!" I look back at Last and shake my head like I know I've got my hands full. Looking over at Krin again, "There's nothing I can do to bring Lala back. Nothing Mimi can do to bring back your sister. But we can help all ya'll liberate the rest of your sisters, and maybe somehow the gain ends up more than your loss."

    There's really nothing more to say. They hate us both, and ain't nothing really gonna change that. The only reason they ain't putting a bullet in our faces, is because I'd mow through the lot of them, and they know it. And after the run-in with Cinch and now this, I'm realizing that Mimi is a grade A certified asshole -- at least around other strong-ass girls. Problem is... I like having her around. Go figure.
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    Mimi starts up Swagman, revving the engine to life, goosing it to be louder. Last shakes her head ruefully, while Krin stares daggers at her.

    "Motley and the Crue are waiting for us at The Irons, Gigg. Let's get going. Don't make me regret this, alright?" She starts up her bike and the other Zons follow.
    You notice Isle seems a bit saddle sore for some reason.

    What do you do?
  • "Regret this? We will help you get your girls back, Last. Count it. But, you gotta already know the two of us are blazin' crazy, right? How ya think that's gonna go for ya? Chaz used to call it Runnin' with the Devil." I turn around and squeeze the trigger on the Ingram MAC-10 and in less than 2 seconds it burns out the 34-round clip of 45-cal slugs into the side of the school bus, and then a one hand pommel horse swing into the passenger seat of swagman, and an offer of a fist bump to Mimi while smoke pours outta the Ingram.

    "We're following them to the Irons." Shaking my head at Mimi as if to say I got no idea what to do with you, "We're gonna see Fleece about what'll it take to get you another middle fanger."
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    Mimi does meet your fist bump, but then she takes her hand back to work on the seat, scooting it forward and as far up as possible. When she pulls out after Last's bikers, you see that she shifts gears and steers with her knees and hand, it's a coordinated event. She chuckles at your offer of another finger to give Last.

    End Scene
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