[DVFP] Li Heist (G 4.1, M 4.1)

Gigg and Motley,
TFM Palace
Last has been pushing hard on moving on The Fat Man's Palace to snatch Li. Gigg, she knows you've got some way in, or she's convinced herself that you do, and she's spent the last few days arguing to move now, to get it done. That time is wasting and her Amazons are being used and abused by that fugger St. Anger. You might have been able to keep gathering intel and working on some deals for support while hanging out here in Depot, but something happened today. Something unexpected. Half of The Fat Man's private army loaded up and marched south. Rumor is that the United Front is circling south looking for some way into Depot, and that just won't stand. The rest of The Fat Man's troops doubled and tripled guard on the walls, with re-supplies and ammo sent over to Truk Stop. All eyes watching outside the walls.

And the inside is wide fuggin' open.

Gigg, you're with Last, watching over the Fat Man's Palace, seeing that long stretch of open field before you reach the doors. Why don't you roll+Sharp to see what you, Mimi and Lala (and Last) have found about this place before you go in. On a hit, choose options. On a 7-9, choose one. On a 10+, choose two.
- You spot a gap in their coverage. Take +1 Forward getting inside
- You find a chink in the palace itself. Take +1 Forward when you GTFO
- You know exactly where Li is in the palace. You don't need to hunt for her

Motley, you're good for your word and Last asked you to run interference. To create a bit of a ruckus to pull eyes from the palace.
Where are you and the Crue kicking up a fuss? Choose one:
- impromptu races in the Arena
- riding the strip between the Garage and Fall On Inn loud and wild
- robbing High Rent blind

Oh, and lest you think I forgot (thanks to the wonderful player who reminded me), I'm asking what you spend for Lifestyle!


  • OOC: Roll+sharp (highlighted)
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 1, 2. Total: 3)
  • Before Chaz died, I barely spent any barter. But now there's Megahol and food for two, ammo for a growing arsenal. I spent my last barter, all that scrounge from the sandsnake assault at the Junkyard, on bullets, food, water, and gas -- just to get back to Depot.

    I've tried to tell Last it's too early to snatch Li. Tried to tell her that we should ride out and find Foster, make an alliance, reunite with all her 'Zons, and get Foster to help us bust out Li. Foster'll be the only one Li trusts to go with. But Last would have none of it. She has some different plan in mind.

    The truth is I know I got one shot in the Palace. There's no coming back a second time. Busting out Li means I probably give up on taking down the Fat Man. Gonna be hard to do both, even with this golden opportunity suddenly presented. I didn't even have time or the jingle to get the 50-cal fixed. But I got my gear, other guns, a mortar, and fugging rattlesnake. And I got Mimi.

    Dammit, Last, I think to myself as we scope out the Palace.
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    That time again. The time when everyone collects on the tabs that the crue has built up. I guess they heard we was heading out and might not return. Blazes 1 barter, again?! Holy Davidson, these people are bleeding me dry again. I hand over my last barter to pay out what is owed and secure the next months living expenses.

    Last wants a distraction, eh? Well then we shall give one. I think a full out race in the arena would be just want some in the crue need. A time to let loose and rev some engines. Hopefully it will distract enough to keep eyes off Gigg, Last and the 'Zons.

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    OOC: Lala move -- Whenever you roll to Read a Sitch or Read a Person and give her another hold, you can ask another question more than the move allows.

    You spot a gap in their coverage. Take +1 Forward getting inside.
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    Krin gives a whistle, and every clambers down from their perch overlooking the walls that block off the palace from the rest of Depot. You're at Guard Housing West (bldg 10 on the map), which is normally crawling with TFM's goons, but they've moved out. Last hops on her bike and Mimi's waiting in Swagman. Looks like they want to just bum rush the place on their bikes, Gigg.

    They're heading for the pair of guards at the gate, planning to shoot them and ride in.

    What do you do?

    Lala has five hold on Gigg now.
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    Quiet Riot and Dokken have set up a hasty "scrimmage" with the Skorpions, who are bored as hell in Depot with the place locked down.

    The setup is a bit of motorcycle soccer. Who is on your seven biker side as things start up?
  • I climb into swagman, and take a stance standing up in the seat with my torso protruding up through the roll cage. Looking down at Mimi, "Let me have that AK." I drop the MAC-10 SMG into her lap as I take Tusk's combat automatic rifle from her. "Wait 'til they get up on ya 'fore ya shred 'em with that. That's for phone booth fightin'." I brace my arms against the tops of the roll bars and adjust my footing on something solid inside swagman. "Last is just gonna go blazin' into the palace, so buckle up for a bloodbath, Mims. For now, Just take it nice an' easy, follow slowly, and I'll try to lay down cover for her. Try to clean up the mess, the stragglers, and any snipers. Watching the exit doors for more cowboys. We might do some drive-bys. Just keep an eye out.

    Once Last gets inside, we'll follow her and help her to hunt down Foster's little teeter. This full frontal will probably trigger some kinda lockdown inside, so we'll be sloggin' once inside. Let's stick close, and maybe we both make it outta here.

    I tap her arm with my boot to get her to look up at me, "Mimi, if I get trapped inside and you make it out... Wait for me at the Junkyard, ok? I'll make it out somehow. Oh... and... keep one eye on the 'Zons, ya hear? Last firefight I was in with these girls, I killed one of them. They got nothin' but bloody murder for either of us, so one of 'em might see an opportunity for an accident to happen."

    "You good? Anything you wanna say before we roll?"

    OOC: When the time comes, lay down fire, stand overwatch, or keep an eye out, as applicable to the fiction.
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    I think about who would be a good team, I think Riot would have the energy to pull this off. Dokken has the assertiveness. Tesla the strategy, Motorhead a good solid final defense, Whitesnake the patience and pacing. Queen simply for the fun he will provide for everyone. Well and me of course just to keep them all in line.
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    Mimi listens up while you run down the sitch. She nods a couple times, shakes her head at Last's tactics, but she's still going to drive for the gate. When you ask if there's anything she wants to say, she remarks, "If any of those Zons looks even kinda funny at us, I'm shooting them in their pretty fuggin faces. Just so you know." Swagman motors after the bikes.
    You see the guards react quickly, pulling guns up and firing on the Zons before they even get close. Brace Win takes a shot in the shoulder, while Last and Krin gun it and speed up, leaning over their bikes to be smaller targets.
    What do you do?
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    There's a crowd gathering. This is a free match, in the morning before the Scorch, this never happens! People come hustling into seats and start swapping bets and sizing up you and the Skorpions. The Skorps all have matched bikes, dirt bikes, tooled for the arena, colored red and brown with scorpion sigils painted, stenciled, and bolted on. They're a mix of men and women, all lean and eager, with wild hair flying except for the pipsqueak in a helmet, she looks young.
    Quiet Riot's yelling at them from your side of the arena, making jokes, calling them out, flipping them off. Queen, however, is playing to the crowd, getting them riled up. It's a dull roar already and only growing.
    Which one of you heads for the steel ball in the center when it drops? Who's your striker, Motley?
  • As soon as the guards bring their weapons to bear on Last and the 'Zons, I start laying down fire from the AK at those guards to hopefully give Last and the girls an advantage.
  • OOC: Lay Down Fire, roll+hard, as a small gang (NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH) with +1 getting in
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 2, 1. Total: 6)
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    OOC: On a miss, choose 1
    You provide suppressing fire, denying the gate guards to move or act freely.
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    I look over the Skorpions and their unified look. I wonder if it is for show or if they have the talent to back it up. I like that Riot if hazing them and hope that gets them riled up enough to be off their game. I nod at Dokken to take it away. He has the aggressiveness to be our striker. I try to hang back and play back up should things get past him.

    EDIT - Riot of course can never resist charging in to get the ball at first opportunity.

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    Even more bullets rip into Brace Win and her bike and she tries to lay it down to protect herself, but it wobbles and throws her. The force of the bike's movement slings her into the outer wall protecting the palace. Isle screams anger and fright when she sees her friend go down, but there's no time to stop, to check on her, ever forward.

    You hear the ting-ting-ting of bullets hitting swagman, and you answer with the Brrap brrap of your AK. You see one guard fall backward and the other hunkers down behind part of the wall and keeps firing. As Last and Krin slow down to let Mimi pull up and plow through the gate, you see one of the guards running from the gate and down the path further in.

    Gigg, you see past the gate now. The lush green grass. The beautiful painting on the inside of the walls that look like purple mountains and bright blue skies. It's familiar. You've seen this before, Gigg. Many years ago, you were here. Lala helps you remember, and you know the chinks in the outer wall of the palace, and you can feel your father here.

    What do you do?
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    I guess somewhere in my mind I'm aware that a firefight is still going on. I mean, I hear the rat-tat-tat of automatic weapons and metallic tings of bullets ricocheting off metal, and buzzing of motorbikes and the cries of the wounded, but it's faded into the background -- like the sounds coming from the tube while you study every detail of every picture in your funny book.

    Transfixed by the murals on the palace walls and carpets of green on the grounds, I'm frozen like some figurine mounted on the top of swagman, rememberin' flashes flooding over me and demanding my full attention. I have been here before... did I live here? or just visit many times? Ugghh... it's so hard to cut through the fog. And suddenly there's an odd feeling of butterflies in my stomach, but then quickly morphs into a pit of dread. It's him. Not some contrived reflection of myself in the mirror, but the ominous one, feeling very large and dreadful, and I feel like cowering because if he finds I've come here, he's gonna be hellbent for leather. I just want to get the fug out of here.

    Mimi's hand grabs me and slams me down into the seat, a what in the blazes look on her face along with an annoyed shaking of her head. She shakes me back to reality somewhat, and I breathe in deep and exhale long and loud, and then swallow, "I think she might be my sister, Mims..." I mumble, barely audible above the gunfire and mufflers. Just in time I feel it all come up, and I rip off my mask and vomit out the side of swagman. and it's a horrendous mess. There's more holes in my face than the usual mouth and nose, and all the plumbing inside is connected differently, and nothing flows where it's suppose to go. I lean over the side of swagman's roll bars, trying unsuccessfully to spit out of my mouth, eyes now stinging and burning from the stomach acid seeping out of my eyes and tear ducts, these long thick tendrils of "tears" suspended in the hot desert air, just enough viscosity to resist the gravity pulling them to the ground.

    Hunched over, face away from Mimi and staring at the ground behind swagman's front tire, I manage to spit out, "Somehow... I... I... gotta... get her away from 'im."
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    "Fug me running!" Mimi yells as she takes a hard right turn and bursts through the gate. "I've gotta clean that shite up later, Gigg! I planned on bullet holes and blood, but barf? TOO MUCH!" She shifts gears and bends down over the wheel as the guards fire at your backs.

    There's that delightful moment of the open field inside the compound. Green grass all around you and the memories are so clear, Gigg. You've been here, this was home. Holding his hand. Walking to the wall with the stream painted on it, right over there. What did you name the stream, Gigg?

    Fifty yards ahead are a pair of guards by the double doors into the palace. They're well armored, but lightly armed. One of them looks like he's going to move inside to trip an alarm while the other draws a Magnum to fire uselessly at you.

    What do you do?
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    Motley, please go here.
  • "Sorry... I... I... don't know what came over me..." I snap my mask back on without wiping my face as Mimi races through the gates and the battle is once again front and center. But so are the memories of this place, memories of him. Rememberin' flashes of glimpses of random halls, rooms, a courtyard.

    The Big River! All at once, I'm remembering that monkey Boots losing one of his red boots in that river, Dora with the plan to help him get it back, and Boots singing I love my boots, my boots and me, they help swing from tree to tree... I'd forgotten about those vids and how I imagined that stream on the wall was Dora's Big River. I look down and nod at my boots -- spray painted fire engine red.

    I pop a new clip into Tusk's AK-47 and raise the rifle sights to my eye, blinking through acid-laced tears, and take aim at the cowboy making a move to go inside. Just before squeezing the trigger, I mumble a question to Mimi, "You ever see Dora the Splorer?"
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    As soon as you put the mask back on, you hear Pops in your head, clear and angry, "What the hell are you doing, SON!?!? You are not authorized for this trouble, and you better get your ass out of there! You will die in that palace, boy! You aint coming back, turn the fug around!"
    "Dora? What the hell is that?" Mimi screams as you fire over her head, shell casings bouncing around in swagman as she wonders if this was at all a better deal than baking out in the junkyard. "Would you just kill those fuggers, Gigg? We can play fuggin patty cake or whatever once we get this DONE!"

    If you're trying to take the doorway, Seize it by Force, please.
  • Sieze doorway by force, roll+hard
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 5, 5. Total: 12)
  • OOC: 3 choices as NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH
    I inflict terrible harm (+1harm)
    I suffer little harm (-1harm)
    I take definite and undeniable control of it
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    You blow away the guard with the Magnum, and kill the other before they trip an alarm. Please roll Harm-0 for that exchange.
    "There are two full squads of highly trained and well armed soldiers behind this door, son! You need to cease and de-fuggin-sist! Turn and go, I will make sure you walk out of here alive, son. The rest of these trash are DEAD!"
    Mimi stops swagman and Last and Krin drop kickstands on their bikes and move up to you while the other three Zons keep riding around the palace to keep eyes on the perimeter.

    What do you do?
  • OOC: roll+harm
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 3, 1. Total: 4)
  • I climb out of swagman and sling the AK over my shoulder, and crack open the breach of my sawn-off shotgun for a quick check. I reach into swagman's cargo hold and grab the bagged rattlesnake and drop it into mamma's purse. I then grab the 60mm mortar and shell, and turn around and face Last.

    "We only have death waitin' for us behind them doors, Last. If you got the bounds to a-goin' in there and snatching that little teeter, then this here bad-boy is the only way to even up the numbers such to give us a fightin' chance. So, let's get them doors open and I'm gonna launch this rocket into that palace and blow it all to hell 'long with any cowboys waitin' for us on the other side. Then we gotta in there and snatch Li as quick as we come for reinforcements come running, cuz this is gonna make a hella noize. So whose gonna open them doors for me and run like hell?"
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    Last looks over her girls, the handful that remain. "I've got it. I'll get the door." She starts moving forward, towards the door as you hear people inside scrambling, orders being shouted.

    "No!" Isle says as she shoves Last to the side and runs for the door first, "Krin, keep her safe, she's gotta save our sisters!" She fires her rifle into the doorway then reaches for the handle to pull it open. Someone inside shoots her in the arm, but she yanks it open for you.
    Inside you see a dozen men and women with handguns and hand weapons running for the door, others taking up positions.
    What do you do?
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    Isle... that's the 'Zon Esco was hanging with last time we were here in Depot. Kinda reminds me of Quiet Riot. Girls I'd go into the trenches with.

    I set the mortar in the ground about 30 yards from the door and get the aiming while Isle preps the door, and as soon as I see movement inside, I drop the rocket into the tube, "FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!"
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    Gigg, Let's see you assault a secure position here.
  • OOC: assault a secure position, roll+hard
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 2, 3. Total: 7)
  • OOC, exchange harm and on 7-9 choose two
    Exchanging harm per weapon as a small gang using NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH
    Force your way into your enemy's position
    Suffer little harm (-1 harm)

  • image
    The mortar shell slides down the pipe with a thwip, followed by the small explosion of it firing that you feel in your hands and against your hip where you planted it. The shell flies through the open doorway, and in a moment of frozen time, you see wide eyes from the pair of guards who see it pass by their heads. They duck, but by the time they move, the shell connects with a back wall, and explodes.

    Bullets bounce off your armor, one clips your mask, too, but then the explosion hits, and this warm wave of fire fills the hall and licks outside near you and the Zons. (you take Harm-0, please roll it).

    Last leads her girls into the space, yelling over ringing ears and Krin, Isle, and the other two girls charge after her. Now they trust you to watch their backs, Gigg. Mimi slips out of swagman to stand in your shade, her pistol loaded and ready. She doesn't want to go in there, Gigg, you sense it.

    And Pops. You can hear him clear as day. I won't repeat the obscenities he's screaming at you, but you can just imagine it, right? Lala's there, too, in your heart, wanting to guide you to Li.

    What do you do?
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    OOC: roll+harm
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 3, 3. Total: 6)
  • "Hawt Damn!" I bellow and look over at Mimi triumphantly as she approaches from swagman. I look at the smoking mortar tube and chuck it to the ground before taking a long look at the gaping rubble that was once the Palace entrance. I follow the smoke trail with my eyes starting to rise into the sky, and I instinctively look around and over my shoulder. Last and the 'Zons aren't wasting no time. "We ain't got much time. We need to scoop and scoot."

    I've never let him get this mad at me before. Not ever. If there's any way to end it today, it needs to happen, or hell will be just a down payment on what I owe. And he's giving me an earful of what's coming and ain't none of it pretty.

    I look down at Mimi, tryin' to imagine what she'd look like with two arms. Honestly I expected a bit more excitement after seeing a rocket rip apart the front of a mansion, a bit more of her usual macho bravado. Hmmmmmm. "We'll need swagman ready to boogie. Ain't no shame in hanging back and keeping him warmed and ready. You ain't gotta go in there if you ain't feelin' it." I take a couple of steps toward the palace, and then turn and look back at Mimi, "But... if ya comin', let's go cuz Last is gonna need backup and help findin' that little teeter."

    I quickly make the distance to the Palace with Tusk's AK at ready, my eyes and ears scannin' and readin' the situation up ahead and in and around the Palace.

    OOC: Angling to Read a Sitch here

  • image

    "What?!?" Mimi says with surprise and sudden anger. "No shame? Fug that, you over-sized gorilla in a tie, I'm going in there, and I'm rhymin' and stealin' a tyke and all the shite a single arm can carry, and you're watching my ass because I'm the best damn driver you've ever had." She pushes past you when you pause to get a look.
    Go ahead and roll to Read the sitch!
  • OOC: Read a Sitch, roll+sharp (highlighted)
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 4, 2. Total: 6)
  • What is the true position of my enemy
  • I'm going to use the Lala move and give Lala another hold to ask an extra question. But I'm going ask one that's not on the list so that means Lala gets to ask me a question.

    What is the true position of Li?
  • image
    Gigg, the enemy is coming left and right. If you charge forward, they will pincer you in, and cut off your exit. They outnumber you two to one, you have to stick together in this maze of hallways and rooms.

    Krin gets shot in the leg and falls to the ground. Last hasn't seen it, Isle hasn't either.

    "Gigg," you hear Lala whisper in your ear, guiding you to an alcove near the kitchens. "I'll lead you to Li, but you have to protect my sisters. If you leave them, I will make you pay. Get me? As long as you take care of them, I'll visit Last in a dream and she'll let you go. Even stevens."
    What do you do?
  • Still so many cowboys... but two-to-one is survivable... maybe... Without Lala's help on finding Li, this would be a suicide mission no doubt... still not sure what Last's plan was, if there even was one.

    Krin drops behind Last and the rest of the 'Zons, and I motion to Mimi to cover me for a sec. I rip off my tie and quickly fashion a makeshift tourniquet above Krin's leg wound, and amid a few protests and kicks, I throw her over one shoulder and tell her to shoot anything she sees coming up from behind, knowing full well as much as she hates me, it might be my behind she shoots.

    Nothing to do but trust Lala... since the hospital, that's all I've done, so no reason to stop now.

    I call up to Last and tell her to listen for my directions to where Li is holed up, and I stay close enough to Last and the girls that we don't get separated, but enough distance where I can keep an eye out for any dangers coming their way.

    Angling for stand overwatch for an ally when/where applicable
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    Gigg, you grab up Krin and she bites her bottom lip to keep from crying out from the pain. For a dozen steps that lingering worry if she'll shoot you hangs in the air, but when you hear her fire, it's at someone else, thankfully. You follow in the wake of Last and Isle as they dash from hiding spot to hiding spot, firing and switching weapons. They work well together, covering each other. But there's still so much smoke and that works for and against them.

    Let's see how you stand overwatch as you come upon a full intact door that Lala says is very close to Li.
  • OOC: I feel like this is an important roll. I'm going to cash in my hold from Faceless Special (sex move) with the non-corporeal Lala and get a +1 forward.
    stand overwatch for an ally, roll+cool

    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 5, 4. Total: 11)
  • OOC: Reminder that I inflict harm as a small gang per my NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH move.

    On a hit, if anyone attacks or interferes with your ally, you attack them and inflict harm as established, as well as warning your ally. On a 10+, choose 1:

    • ...And you inflict your harm before they can carry out their attack or interference.
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    You bound after Last and her girls as Last fires at the doorknob, then kicks it open. Inside the room behind two flipped-over couches are a half dozen goons with SMGs, and they open up. You shove the girls aside and the first barrage of bullets tear down the hallway. One fool trying to sneak up on you lot catches a bunch of bullets and drops in a bloody mess.

    You step into the doorway as they try to adjust and unload on them, killing three. Also, Gigg, you catch sight of a little girl, her skin tanned golden, hair dark like night. she's six if she's a day, and she has to be Li. She's hiding behind one of the punks, a chubby fugger with a shotty who's behind a chair trying to keep her out of harm's way.

    What do you do?
  • Little chance I can intimidate these guys into just dropping their weapons and walking out. They're probably more scare of him than they are dying.

    I duck back behind the door frame and look at Mimi and Last. "No more bullets. That little teeter's in there, and we can't risk hittin' her. Time to scoop and scoot." I ease Krin to the floor and sling the AK-47 over my shoulder, reach into mama's purse and pull out the bagged rattlesnake and quickly undo the knot, and unclip the monkey wrench from my belt. I look Mimi square in the face, "Did you know it's the Year of the Snake and the Monkey?" follow by a muffled Horshack laugh.

    I got a good lay of the room when I shot those three cowboys behind one of the couches. I tell the girls my plan is to throw this snake behind the couch with the other two fuggers, wait a 10-15 seconds for them to start scrambling away from one angry and hungry rattler finally free of the bag. That's the moment when I'm gonna bum-rush Shotgun dude protecting Li, and cave his skull in. In the chaos of the snake and my assault, any and everyone close-in on the other two cowboys with knives, machetes, whatever you got.

    I look down at Krin, blood seeping from a gunshot wound just above her knee. "You might have to sit this one out, but you could keep a sharp eye and yell out when shite starts hittin' fans. Everyone ready? Wait for my move..."

    Like a grenade, I lean out into the doorway and lob the unknotted rattler-in-a-bag behind the couch where the other two cowboys are hidin' and wait for the shite to hit the fan....

    Is this Seize Little Li by Force?
  • image

    With bullets whizzing past, Mimi looks at the snake, then hears your declaration of the year. Completely out of character, she snorts a laugh, "Fug me, you are crazy! You've been carrying that damn thing since the yard, and now he comes out to play?" She laughs again, then looks to Last, "Lucky you brought us along, eh?"
    Last isn't having any jokes, she's peering around through a brand new hole in the wall. She hears your plan, and pulls out a knife, nods, ready. Isle pulls the axe she's been carrying over her back, the other two girls pull out machetes.

    Yeah, let's see a SBF here!
  • OOC: Seize by force, roll+hard
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 5, 6. Total: 13)
  • Exchange harm, and choose 3:

    You suffer little harm (-1harm).
    You take definite and undeniable control of it (Li).
    You impress, dismay, or frighten your enemy.

    I'll be scary as fuck coming at the shotgun guy (rasputin) and counting as a small gang in battle (not to be fucked with).
  • image
    You toss the snake into the room, and there's a pregnant pause before one of them realizes what's up, yells "Fuggin Snake!" There's panicked fire and that's your cue. You burst into the room amid the smoke, confusion and gunfire, and shotgun chubby must have some nerves, because he unleashes some buckshot your way. You're scary AF and you feel it practically bouncing off you as you rush him.

    He's trying to switch to a knife when you club him with the wrench, knocking him senseless. But you're not out to kill him, right? Li, the little thing, she screams bloody murder, terrified of you and all the chaos. She tries to run, but she's got only wall behind her. You hear Last and Isle coming in to fire on the other guards, it's a bloodbath.

    Then the gunfire stops. For a brief moment, you're in the eye of the hurricane. The room's filled with books. Like, Sierra would die here, Gigg. Die of happiness. There are old musty tomes, rows of books with similar spines, a ball on a stand that has some picture on it that's mostly blue and it looks like it would spin. A big oak desk that was flipped over, had some expensive barter on it now on the floor.

    Last and Isle are covering the door, one of the machete girls, her name's Twig, she's got Krin half standing, pulling her up painfully so Krin's arm's around Twig's shoulder, Twig holding her up by the side. She asks Twig to grab a few books.

    "Li, honey, it's Last!" Last says as she sees Li bawling in absolute terror. She looks at you, Gigg, "Hey, Gigg. Good work. Hand her over. I need-we need you to make us a fuggin hole back out there. We've got to run, and they all know we're coming."

    Isle moves over to grab a cigar off the floor and lights it with a match that fires up. She laughs, "Didn't think I'd still be around by now. Fat Man's library. Fug me." Isle hands the cigar to Krin, then checks her ammo, looks back down the hallway where you hear some folks shouting.
    What's your plan, Big Man?
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    I bend down on one knee over the dazed guard and clip my wrench back on my belt, looking softly at the hysterical Li. "It's OK, little Li. Nobody's gonna hurt you. I'm your brother, Gigg, and Miss Last here is gonna take you to your mommy. Miss Last is safe, she ain't gonna hurt ya. Go on over there to her, she's here to take care of ya." I point down at my red-painted boots, "It's like you're Dora Splorer and I'm Boots, and we're going on an a venture, see?"

    I hear Last reminding me that time's a-wastin'. I grab the dazed guard by the front of his shirt and drag him over to the door while pulling my shotgun out of it's thigh holster. Slamming the guard hard against the wall, I plant the barrel of the shotgun into the palm of his hand and pin it to the wall, and discharge the first of two shells point blank into his hand to let him know I ain't fuggin' around.

    I lean my full body and weight against him, pinning him against the wall, and shove the barrel hard under his chin. "You have exactly 10 seconds to convince me how useful you can be calling off your friends and clearing a way for me and my little sister and my friends to get the fug outta here. 10 seconds before this UF shotty erases your face and I move on to Plan B. Start talking!"

    OOC: Gigg's claim that Li is his sister is not to be considered canonical. He believes her to be, but it doesn't necessarily mean she is. While Gigg has had this strange unction to rescue her from the Fat Man since Tum-Tum revealed her existence, it wasn't until Gigg stepped on the Palace grounds that he realized she must be his sister. Those floods of memories that he used to live here and walk hand-in-hand with the Fat Man suddenly made it clear to him that Li must also be one of his children too.
  • image
    Go Aggro, my friend. Let us see what we can see.
  • OOC: Go Aggro on Someone, roll+hard
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 1, 2. Total: 5)
  • OOC: Sierra will spend her two holds on Krin to inspire her. I mean, she is in a library. :)
  • image
    As you're threatening this guy Gigg, you hear from outside the palace a very loud, clear voice coming over some speakers. It's Cinch, and she says:
    "This sector is under immediate FPS Priority Lockdown by order of Subwarden Arcpenny, strike squad in en route! All on the premises when the strike squad arrives are considered material witness and subject to indefinite incarceration!"

    The frenetic fight, and you're gentle words to Li seem to take out some of the sharpness in your voice, and you can feel chubby guy start to tell you to "go spit" or something, but then Krin backs you up.
    Krin, still leaning on Prospect, the machete girl who is half carrying her, sneers, "We don't need that piece of shite, Gigg. Don't waste the shell, just gut 'im and let 'im bleed out on Fat Man's rugs." She has a hard edge to her voice.

    Your gun and size, her words, it's enough. Guy caves, looking at the bodies of his allies, seeing what's what, "There's more down than up. Basement levels got bigger guns, men in armor and shit. Up's just bedrooms and offices and shite."
  • edited February 2017
    So that's where he is. In the basement. And this guy has all the blues clues about this place. Sweeeeet!

    "I dunno, Krin, I kinda like this guy. Thinking he and I could grab a juicebox and some sody crackers and have a nice long chat about the basement. Today's your lucky day, pal, you're gonna get a ride in swagman." I spin the guy around and put the shotgun to the base of his skull. "Hands where I can see 'em. You're on point, fugger, and one wrong move or any warning to your buddies, and this 12-gauge takes off your head. Got it? Now start walking towards the front door."

    I glance back at Mimi and Last and Li and the 'Zons, "Sounds like Cinch is saving our ass, again. We gotta make a run for it, pronto! So, let's move out. Keep an eye out behind. Me and Meatshield here got the point. Let's hustle. If you want anything, you got about 10 seconds to get your rhymin' and stealin' done while I secure this hallway here.

    Hey Last? When we get to the vehicles? Where we going? Irons? Junkyard? Where's Li riding? On a bike with you? In swagman? What's the plan?
  • image
    You hear the tromping of boots and calls of orders and shouting from inside, motorcycles outside. Shite is hitting the fan.
    "Junkyard for now. We gotta diddy mao!" Last calls as she hoists Li up in her arm. She starts towards the hallway, Isle leading the way, she lets out a yell, "I got fuggin Li! You shoot me, you kill Fattie's Girl!!!" Then she's out of here.
    Krin looks to you, pushing the prospect away so she can cover Last. Are you picking up Krin again or leaving her in this library? What do you do?
  • Alright, Last taking point, then. I'm gonna have to make sure some fugger doesn't shoot my sister...

    I look down at Krin. Maybe Cinch can hightail her to Fleece at the Irons and get her patched up 'fore she looses that leg... I motion to Mimi and hand her my shotgun. "Cover this muthafugger. If he so much as breathes wrong, plant him with this shotgun." I look back down at Krin, "We gotta stop meetin' like this, ya know? You're startin' to grow on me." I pick her up and position her more gently this time over one shoulder and ready the AK-47 with the other. "You know the drill. Watch my backside, and I'll watch yours." With a supressed Horshack laugh, I walk out the door behind Mims and Mr. Chubbs, grabbing some random book off the closest shelf and stuffing it into mamma's purse. Looking over my shoulder back into the library once last time, "Live free, Sammie, live free and don't let nobody tread on you!"

    OOC: Angling to stand overwatch on Li for any danger to her
  • image
    Let's see those dice, Gigg!

  • OOC: stand overwatch for Li, roll+hard
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 2, 3. Total: 7)
  • image
    Gigg, please go here.
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