[DVFP] The Big Escape (C 4.4, G 4.2, M 4.3)

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Cinch and Gigg,
You see each other across the hallway. Cinch, you see Last holding up a little girl with dark brown hair who is clutching her neck in terror. Right beside Last is one of her Zons, and there are a couple others. You also see Mimi in the line with a shotgun to some guy's head escorting him. In the back, looming over is big old Gigg carrying a woman over one shoulder. They're headed your way, but there's a ton of bogeys coming this way.
Gigg, you just came into the hallway behind the Zons, Mimi and Chubbs and heard a barrage of gunfire, but none of it came your way. Somehow out of that chaos springs up Cinch, only a little worse for wear. Behind her you see the flashing lights of her fipper car.

You're outside the Fat Man's Palace pushing your crue into motion with Dokken and Whitesnake pushing for a big fight with the Fat Man's goons, and you steering them to be smart. You see Cinch's fipper car and the Zons' bikes beside Swagman, all those goons inside. It's gonna be a bloodbath.

That's when...

Outside, you hear the unmistakable sound of a DVFP helicopter. A big, heavy one, the kind that sends out drones and carries a humongous turret gun that's been known to tear down a entire building in minutes, and chews through vehicles like a kid munches on paper.

Cinch and Gigg, you hear it inside and the goons pause. It's everyone for themselves, and when the Fippers come, everyone's guilty. Some of them are pulling back, others are coming faster, trying to snatch Li, maybe they'll beat you all down? Regardless, one of you needs to make the following roll. The other can roll HX and help out. Or, you can just lie low and let them come for you, your choice.

When you really gotta Diddy Mao in the Palace, roll +Cool. On a hit, choose what options do not happen to your group. On a 7-9, choose two. On a 10+, get three.
-You don’t pick up a ‘spotter’, a small camera drone that hovers just out of your sight most of the time
-You aren’t trapped in a collapsing portion of the Palace
-You don’t miss a chance at a piece of loot or trophy
-You don’t lose somebody
On a miss, you get one solitary choice.

You hear it first, of course. Most of the goons on the palace grounds take off running from the palace as fast as they can, dropping weapons and screaming blood murder. Others just stay on the ground and pray. When you really gotta Diddy Mao outside, roll +Sharp. On a hit, choose what options do not happen to you and the crue. On a 7-9, choose two. On a 10+, get three.
-You don’t pick up a ‘spotter’, a small camera drone that hovers just out of your sight most of the time
-You aren’t swept up in the panic caused by the copter
-You aren’t shot by the huge fuggin’ gun on the copter
-You aren’t captured by Fippers
-You don’t run into anyone you’d rather not in the chaos
On a miss, you get one solitary choice.


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    I hold my magnum at my side with one hand, whistle, loud, that kind with your fingers in your mouth to get Gigg and company to look up.
    The sound of the chopper outside, though... guess I was right all along... but they're here too fuggin' soon!
    "Hey! Let's pound sand, fellas!" I call to them, turn to cover our exit with my gun. Just wanna give anyone who's not already beatin' it a little more motivation to clear our way.
    If we're making that roll, looks like i'm helping... if if Gigg wants to fall in behind, I'll make the roll myself.
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    CINCH! Wha.. How.. is she even here? Thought she was headed to Bordertown on a run for Esco? I don't know how she shows up out nowhere to save our asses again, but she's like a cold drink of water right now, so I ain't asking no questions. But what the fug...?!?

    "Cinch!" I yell past Mimi and all the 'Zons. "By all that blazes, we gotta stop meetin' like this! But I'm sure glad you're here."

    "Last, follow Cinch! Looks like she's made a way through Fat Man's reinforcements.

    This place is still crawling with Pops' thugs, and I need to protect Last and Li and Mimi while they follow Cinch out to the vehicles. I'll hang back and try to take out any interference they get from Pop's cowboys.

    There's two things that really worry me.... Krin losing her leg, and that chopper I hear that outside about to unload on us as soon as we step out onto the grounds. I've only seen a Fipper chopper maybe twice in my life, and both times was... well, you ever seen a chain gun? Makes that 50-cal of mine look like a pop gun.

    I wonder if Pop's called in the Fippers on us? Or if the Fippers are about to eat his shite like it's gonna eat ours? If so, maybe one last chance for me and Pops to work together to both stay alive??

    And somehow I gotta get Krin to Cinch and see if she can hightail her to Fleece up at the Irons 'fore she loses this leg. We're cooked in the Depot... there'll no hangin' around here for us and visitin' the 'firmry...
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    "Harley bless us," I whisper when I hear the choppers. This is not fuggin good. SHADES! I look to Dokken, "I need your help to get us all out of here safe. Quickly pair everyone up. We head out, killing what we gotta on the way. Looks like you get your wish for that sword. Giggs and his lot are on their own for now."

    Diddy Mao +sharp (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 3, 1. Total: 6)
  • my solitary choice :
    You aren’t shot by the huge fuggin’ gun on the copter
  • I start moving slowly down the hall, Krin over one shoulder, and keeping an eye for danger when I pass by this huge wall mirror -- or least what's left of it. It was massive, maybe 5x8, but now all shot up, cracked, broken pieces littering the floor, with only a few pristine places left in the frame. And I see my reflection, a mix of wet blood, dried vomit, and brick dust staring back.

    "Pops? Can you hear me? You've gone silent, but if you can hear me, you know there's a Fipper chopper 'bout to lay waste to everything... precious... to you. Me, Li, all your cowboys, just about every gangbanger willing to stand up to the UF, your palace and everything you've built here for yourself. In just a minute, that chain gun and them hellfires are gonna unleash death and destruction and they don't care whose on the other end. And... and... maybe you make it through in your underground bunker, but that chopper is the beginning of the end for you just like it is for me and Li. 'Cuz there won't be nothin' left to stand in the way of the UF, the sandsnakes, St. Anger, or any other vulture thinking they pick what'll be left of ya bones. So, I'm thinking, no I'm knowing... you want that bird outta the sky as much as me. And I know you got a BFG that'll do the job. But I know, Pops, that you can't just send out your cowboys, 'cuz that'll be war with the Fippers and you don't win that one.

    So, I get it. I get why you made me. It's what I do, right? I do what you can't do, right? That's why you had to send me away. That's what I've always been. A tool to get done what you can't do. I get it.

    So, whadya say, Pops. Truce? Tell your cowboys to stand down and bring me a big ole' rocket, and I'll walk outta here and light the sky on fire, huh? Let me do this for ya. Letcha boy do this for ya. It won't look like you did it. It'll look like some muthafuggin' crackpot lost his shite and started shootin' up the Depot. Clean as a whistle. Just like you always planned. In turn, you let me, Li, and all my GDI friends ride outta here and we won't be back. Me and you, we just turn the page and go on. Let me show you I'm serious, ok?

    I whistle up ahead at Mimi, "Hey, Mims! Let him go. New plan. Hey, Chubby, yeah you. Scram! Tsskk! Go on! Go find a safe place to hide 'fore I change my mind."

    Looking back at the mirror, "See, Chubby knows all about the basement, and I'm lettin' that go, Pops. C'mon, I'm the best chance you got, Pops, and you fuggin' know it. Bring me a rocket and I'll fix this for us. Deal?"
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    Alright Gigg, that's a Norman if ever I heard one.
    Roll it (at least Weird's highlighted!)
  • Norman, roll+weird (highlighted)
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 1, 6. Total: 8)
  • image
    Diddy Mao move: cool+2
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 2, 1. Total: 5)
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    "You aren't so badass now, are you, son? Come rolling in here with your fuggin' snake and your band o' girls and now you're gonna get chewed up! you aint gonna take down a chopper today, don't nobody kill a Fipper! You grab that rugrat an you make Chubbs there take you to the basement. The men will let you go, but you leave those bitches behind, all of 'em!"
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    I hear the counter offer from Pops, and its more and more of his murderizing shite. My stomach instantly starts turning flips and if I hadn't already thrown up, I probably would now for sure. I'm sick to my stomach looking up ahead and seeing everyone whose basically about to die, and I'm not sure there's much I can do to stop it. Pops was a gambit I took a chance on, but I shoulda known the most precious thing to him is zero compromise. Never give an inch. I just tune him out, not even bothering with an answer or anymore dialogue other than "Suit yourself," and start quickly making my way toward Cinch and the others.

    Krin has gone strangely quiet, and I wonder if she's even still conscious. I pat her gently on the rear with my hand, the way someone pats a baby while putting them to sleep, and say, "I won't let them take you alive, Krin. I promise you that much, and that's pretty much all I got right now."

    I whistle up ahead to Cinch and Last. "When we make a break for it, you gotta leave the bikes, Last. You'll be sitting crows on 'em. Split up and go with Cinch or Mimi, ok? Cinch's ride is best for Li, ok?"

    I shake his shite outta my head, and clear my throat. I sling the AK over my shoulder and unclip my wrench, and for a moment the world goes quiet and still, before I unleash chaos helping Cinch clear a path to the door...
  • OOC: Act Under Fire to not follow advice of mask, roll+cool
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 2, 5. Total: 8)
  • OOC: Aid Cinch, roll+Hx
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 5, 1. Total: 7)
  • [CINCH]
    Quick as we can I lead the way to the waiting vehicles. Last thing we want is to get stuck in here, immobile... you sit still too long, you die.

    "Come on! Come on!"

    Choosing to get out without getting caught in rubble.
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    You rev up your engine and with the shadow of that thing looming, the whup-whup-whup of the rotors, and the impending doom it represents to you and yours. Tesla leads the way towards the gate, that narrow passage in the wall surrounding the palace grounds. There are dozens of the Fat Man's goons ahead of you, some of them fighting among themselves to get out, to clear this place, avoid the Fippers, get away. As you keep charging, bellowing at the crue to blaze, Skid and Quiet Riot get too close to a Fat Man goon who reaches up and snatches her off the back of bike and throws her to the grass. Skid tries to turn and pull her back, but he ends up lying the bike down. The goon runs forward and tries to mount the bike to ride off, but Whitesnake quick draws his six shooter and blows the guy's head off, his body crumples and the bike drops.

    Skid hops on with Motorhead and QR holds out a hand for you to pull her on. She slips a little, and you have to slow down for her, and all the while, it's dark from the shadow of the chopper, it passes overhead and you hear their terrible turret gun belching a long line of noise, like BAAAAAAAH! BAAAAAAH! It's like a fuggin' dragon spewing fire, and you hear it rip through concrete, metal and bone near you, dirt and grass flying in the air.

    Ahead you see the crue getting away, driving over some of the Fat Man's goons to GTFO, but you lost too much time, Motley. There are Fippers on the ground now. They're aiming some guns at you, weird contraptions with backpacks and you've never seen it before.

    If only you could reach that gate.

    Quiet Riot grips your side and ducks her head into your back, bracing for something. For something coming.

    The world goes black. The last thing you hear amid the din of the rotors and the screaming is the sound of your bike's wheel spinning in the air. You hit the ground hard, and feel Quiet Riot's tiny body beside you.

    What's the last thing you say before you lose consciousness, Motley?
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    Cinch and Gigg,

    Dashing for the exit, you run through a hail of bullets from The Fat Man's security team (that's 3-Harm to all) before you hear the chopper's turret fire. Every one of those armored fuggers hit the deck, and you are the eye of the hurricane.

    Sunlight, you hit the outside amid the rubble and there's swagman. Cinch, to your left you see the chopper coming down. They have riot gear, narcojets and gyro-mounted MP Stopper Lasers, Cinch. This is a capture and quell hit.

    The gate's swarming with goons and crue trying to GTFO, and there's nowhere else to go but over them. Isle grabs her bike, but Mimi grabs your hand, Gigg, she's trying to pull you to the Fipper car, to Cinch's car. She wants you to leave Swagman behind.

    Gigg, when you look at Last, she's still got Li in her arms, she covered her up during the mad dash, and she has her in a clutch even now while she tries to get her bearings. You see a bullethole in Last's arm, and blood's pouring down Li's back. It must've torn through her. and either Last doesn't realize it or she refuses to accept it. Li's dead. Her whole fugging mission is toast, and now the Zons are in it deep.

    Cinch, the group here right now consists of
    Krin (injured badly)
    Last (and Li)

    Who gets in the car with you? You can carry four, right?

    What do you do?
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    I try to fight the blackness but it is too strong. I bark out a feeble laugh, as it overtakes me.

    "At least most of them got out safe, I'm sorry I couldn't save you too, Riot. "

    I then accept the blackness and the early release it brings.
  • OOC: Read a Sitch, roll+sharp (highlighted)
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 5, 3. Total: 8)
  • All I see is the blood. Not mine, or Mimi's or Cinch's or Last's. Just Li's blood. And all this insanity was for nothing. In my heart, I knew she'd end up like mamma if she stayed with him. But the naked truth is, she ended up like mamma because she ended up with me. I killed my sister. Just like I killed my mamma and and just like I killed my brother. Not any of these fugging cowboys. Not these Fippers. And certainly not Pops. This is all me. Just like it always was.

    I start to feel my sanity creeping out of my skull. Like in the old days, before Chaz came, and before Motley and Last and Lala and June and Mimi. But now it's pouring out of my brain like all that blood pouring out of Li.

    Trembling almost uncontrollably, I let Mimi lead me by the hand to Cinch's car, and I quickly put Krin in the backseat. "Cinch, can you hightail Krin to Fleece up at the Irons? Ya'll be safe there, at least for little bit." I bend down a whisper to Mimi, "Help Cinch get out as many of the Zons n Crue you can. Get Fleece to get that bolt out of ya, ok? Junkyard's yours, don't let them snakes take it, alright? Everything is looking pink and reddish and I see Last holding Li and I don't think she even knows yet. They need to diddy mao before I don't know them anymore. I look back up from my whisper to Mimi to Cinch, "Time to boogity boogity. I'm gonna buy ya time."

    I turn my back and my helmet and mask hits the soft lush grass, and suddenly I can smell the overwhelming odors of high octane fuel, gunpowder, and ozone. I take a couple of steps toward swagman, and my mishmash of old tattered riot gear and coyote pelts falls of my body. I pull out that broken and busted 50-cal M2 from swagman's hold, and I start laughing out loud as as I remember that cat and mouse con Quiet Riot and me ran on Ziggy's cowboys. I can still feel how her breasts felt against my chest when she jumped into me and hugged me...

    Bare-chested and unmasked, I turn and study the chopper and all them fippers for a moment, and ask myself, What's my best way in (to draw them away from Cinch)?

    The sun feels good on my face. There's a hot wind hitting my chest from the rotor blades, and the last essence Pops and Lala and the others slips away and its just me left. Whoever me is.
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    It's madness. Just hell come to Earth as I turn to lead the group out the gate to the waiting cars, to the getaway... we wanna be anywhere but where that assault team's got their weapons trained.

    I have faith that things'll work... somehow everyone'll get outta here. Bleedin, bashed, but breathing. We'll come through it.

    But as I reach the car and cycle the doors, I finally turn and shout "hurry the hell up, get ov...."" I just can't say another words as I see the blood. The obvious end of that li' child... whoever she was. I don't even fuggin' know... I don't even know why.

    Everything slows down and my chest tightens so much I can't breathe... but I can't stop... I force myself to keep going.

    "Come on! Y'all get out here, mount up!" Mimi, Gigg and Krin reach the car and Gigg... yeah. I can see it on him. He ain't coming... and he says as much.

    "In!" I shout over the chaos to Mimi, "help Krin! Mimi, take shotgun..." I rush out to help Last to the car. Help her bring the poor dyin'... or dead body of that girl, at least, somewhere to be set down safe... get them in the back with Krin.

    Gigg walks to swagman as I go, I try not to watch him but he's... he's fuggin' glorious. Really... he's gonna give us a chance.

    I ain't gonna waste it.
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    If you charge right at them, they will ignore Cinch and Last and the others.

    If you charge these fippers you'll probably be shot to death in seconds. Maybe tens of seconds if you're lucky.

    Are you sure?
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    After you whisper your words to Mimi, she seems stunned, like she can't comprehend what you're about to do. She'd never do it, no way. For them? But here you are, "buying time".
    "You better make it out, you ugly fugger!" she yells after you. "I don't want your stupid junkyard!" The last couple words come out a little strangled.
  • I flaunt the 50-cal, pumping it like a barbell high in the air with one arm, the Ingram MAC-10 SMG in the other hand. I start off walking slowly towards the chopper, and begin to sing loudly at the top of my lungs

    "I love my boots, my boots and me
    They help me swing from tree to tree
    I feel so happy with them on my feet
    We're best friends, yeah, my boots and me

    As I scream out the final line, I take off in full rush with intent of breaking through the fipper line and getting to that chopper, brandishing the 50-cal like a champion's trophy, spraying sub-machine gun fire with the other hand, and bellowing, "LOOK AT ME YOU FUGGING MUTHAPHUGGAHS!! LOOK AT MY FECKING FACE!!"

    Notes to the GM, in case any of this matters:
    The Unexpected: when someone sees me unmasked for the first time, they take s-harm, in addition to anything else that happens.
    Unmasked, I am: Ashamed. I have hard=0 until I cover my face again.
    I took off all my armor and left it in the grass, but I'm coming at these guys scary as fuck, so Rasputin gives me +1 armor, and NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH means I count as a small gang.
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    Last, Krin, and Mimi get in your car while Isle and the prospects hop on bikes to follow you out. You're the arrowhead, Cinch. Let's see you try to outdistance another vehicle to get everyone in that car and out through the gate. Take a +1 Forward from Gigg's sacrifice. The chopper's speed is currently 0.
  • image

    As you charge the Fippers, you see four of them are running to your right across the grass towards a couple prone forms on an overturned bike. The rest of the dozen or so guards in their head-to-toe armor and their big shiny guns gape at you as you come closer. One of them says in shock, "What... the hell... is that thing?"

    You cross thirty yards closer, the BRAP BRAP BRAP of your Mac-10 announcing your intentions. A woman's voice calls out clear and true over the chopper's speaker, "Stop standing there, you idiots! Put that thing down!"

    Machine gun fire, you barely feel it. Gigg, you keep moving forward, step by step. Ever closer. Like a tidal wave. Several of the guards drop to a knee, bring weapons to bear with military precision. You feel the force of the bullets ripping into you, Gigg. Your skin screams with the searing hot metal. You feel sweat and blood running down your arms, your bare chest, your legs.

    But you keep coming.

    The woman calls out again, "Kill it! Use the turret! We don't need that one!"

    You're twenty feet away, Gigg. The rotor's constant whup-whup-whup thuds in your ears, your eyes are half-lidded with pain and agony. You see Lala among them, watching, her eyes full of compassion and awe. Cinch surely got away. Krin and Last and Isle, and Twig. They have to be safe. Mimi, they won't get Mimi.

  • OOC: When life becomes untenable, choose 1:
    • Come back with -1hard
    • Come back with +1weird (max+3)
    • Change to a new playbook
    • Die

    Triggers Pit bull: whenever your life becomes untenable, name the person you hold most responsible. Take +1 ongoing to all rolls versus them, forever. (All rolls with them directly as a target count, of course. Rolls against their family and friends, minions, or property may count, in the MC’s judgment. MCs, remember your job is to make Apocalypse World seem real and keep the characters’ lives interesting, not deny the PCs bonuses.)

    Person named: The Fat Man
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    So I got Krin, I got Mimi, and I got Last and the body of the girl.
    I been ferrin' folks outta the Iron's all night. Now back here without a good day's rest and this... most harrowing drive of my life, maybe.
    I know what those choppers can do... I seen it. And Gigg's walking right into that shiite. I put it out of my mind, have to. I put the smell of fresh blood wasting out behind me outta my mind... the dust from the chainguns volley clinging to everything and everyone... it don't exist.
    There's the way I gotta go... take these people and lead this little convoy of ours outta here and find somewhere safe... if such a place still exists.
    Power on. Doors sealed... our ears pop as the dampers engage and gently enough for the first moment... I hit then hit the road hard. Aim close-in, their guns aren't easy to aim when you're passing by in a blur.
    I take one last look at Gigg... and shudder deep inside. I'll feel for him later... I will. But this may be the last time I see the glorious wretch.
  • [CINCH]
    Outdistance (+2cool, +1Gigg, +Relative speed (Mine is 2)
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 6, 4. Total: 13) Plus speed.
  • image

    You ride hard and fast, slipping past the chopper, past the crue and the goons, to daylight, to the gate. Last clutches to the little girl, Krin sucks in hard breaths as she bleeds, her eyes glassy. In the back, Mimi watches every single moment of Gigg's final furious act.

    You make it out, Cinch. Those Zons who didn't get in your car are worse for wear, but they follow your wake and survive. Gigg's sacrifice wasn't in vain.

    End Scene
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