[2Dets] Less Sordid Performance Art (BC 02)



  • "I guess you're going to have to learn, Dustin. And this is far better than ending up the way she wanted you. Trust me. And I gave up a favor to get this much concession, so you're going to pay up or you won't have the opportunity to get blue balls. Double the agreed on, I think you said?"
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    He nearly growls with frustration, holding the vial and reaching for something to wash it down. "If I take this, I can get back to my life? It's one hundred percent over?" He's waiting for your word on this before he imbibes. And yeah, he ignored the "double the agreed" question like it's either assumed or he's going to weasel out.
  • I nod. "Once you drink this, transfer the funds, and pay me, you're free and clear."
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    Dustin puts the vial on the dresser and pulls out his phone. Puts the battery back in, and powers it up, "Let's take care of the money shit before I condemn myself to eternal blue balls." He logs into an account and sends you double the normal rate, not one penny more, and calls someone named Tommy to transfer the half million. This takes a few minutes of conversation as he walks through five different accounts to pool everything into one big transfer.

    He ends the call, then looks at you, down at the vial. "What if I pay you to tell Madame L'Infer I took this fucking slime? I swear I will never step foot in her place again, and I'll owe you big time."
  • I shake my head. "That would put my neck in a noose. I have no idea what Madame L'Infer or her people might be able to know or do. If it were an option, I'd consider it."
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    Dustin scowls, trapped, stuck between a rock and a... well, not a "hard place" maybe, according to your point-of-view. He takes a swig of the potion, grimaces, then washes it down with the bottle of rotgut he thinks isn't rotgut. "Fuck! That was terrible."
    He huffs a laugh, looks at you, then the bed, "Wanna give it a test drive, Bianca?" He's only half serious.
  • I raise an eyebrow. "Think I'll take a pass on that one, Dustin. You want a ride back to Stately Roy Manor?"
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    "No thanks, babe, I'll call up an Uber Black and GTFO." Dustin says smoothly as he opens the Uber ap. "I'm not taking any of these fucking groceries with me, so if you want to, I dunno, donate them or whatever, feel free."
  • I grab the rest of the bottle of Benchmark 8 - waste not, want not, after all - but pass on the rest. "All right, I'll take off, then. Try to be careful, Dustin."
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    End Scene
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