[DVFP] Progress Report (J 5.4, S 5.4)

June, you arrived almost half an hour ago to report your progress to The Fat Man. Who did you bring with you, anyone? After waiting at the gate for a minute, then walking down the path in the palace grounds, you waited at what used to be the front doors for five minutes. Kamikaze came out to greet you, all smiles and half dressed, and escorted you inside, down a busy corridor filled with construction workers into a library. Once you're in the library, Kamikaze leaves.
What are you doing when he arrives?

It's been several hours since your first meeting with Miles and Horse came to your room to ask you to come upstairs to the library. He told you that The Fat Man wants you to be there when he receives information from June. It doesn't seem like Horse knows about your connection with June, and he barely hides his disgust for your friend. What did you pick out to wear from the closet?

The Fat Man was waiting for you in the bedroom at the ground floor with the elevator. He seemed distracted and a bit distant, perhaps tense about meeting with a Brainer face-to-face. You track uncharacteristic beads of sweat on the side of his face as he walks with you quietly to the library.

The doors open, and The Fat Man enters, attended by Sierra.
He moves behind the large wooden desk to have a seat, gesturing subtly towards you, Sierra, to join him. After a moment, he says, "Good evening June Weaver," in his pleasant, rich tones. "I appreciate you coming to see me so soon after we've begun our relationship. We will be having supper soon, would you care to join us?" He smiles genially and waits for your response.


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    A shirtless Kamikaze isn't quite what I expected when I arrived. I wasn't expected, then, which is fine. The bullet holes that we spot on the way..some of them go very deep into the compound indeed.

    When the Fat Man arrives, I'm seated on the bench, loose-limbed and takin' up space, with the library's copy of an old favorite in my hand. His discomfort strikes me odd. Perhaps there's somethin' else goin' on, and maybe last we met he thought those Feed disruptors would protect him from me. But maybe it's somethin' else.

    Horse's distaste for me brushes off like new dust. "Thank you for the hospitality. I would greatly enjoy it."
  • It's about time for dinner and I find the least embellished dress I can, which just happens to be this lovely lace and chiffon number. Teal was always a stunning color on me.

    When Horse comes to fetch me I give him a disappointed look. "I'd appreciate it, Mr. Horse, if you don't talk about my friends in such a tone. I expect you will see Ms. Weaver around quite a bit." I follow him out and up to the top level, and see Miles waiting for me.

    I nod at him, deferentially, walking quietly, sensing his moods. I follow after him into the library. There is no where for me to sit without moving a chair so sit softly at the edge of the desk, giving June a smile.

    I smirk when she says she is staying for dinner. "I'm so glad, it will be good to catch up." It's only been a day, but it's been a very interesting day, and I have a lot to share.
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    "I'm surprised you're here already. Have you made significant progress, or are you primarily here to visit Sierra, June Weaver?" The Fat Man asks while leaning back in his chair, elbows propped on the arm rests as he watches you carefully.
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    "I've already learned a few things that bear reporting." I close the book I've been reading and set it down on the table. "I'm not sure of their time sensitivity, but I wanted you to know soonest, and request a solid connection to electrical power to run my equipment."
  • I raise an eyebrow at that, it's just a small reaction, and with Miles unable to see my face I let it slide before leaning back on the desk a bit. It's showy, but I'm here as a proof of good will. I'm to look healthy, shiney, and we'll taken care of. And I do. The movement is graceful, My hair rippling over my back, my jade birds shinning in the light. Plus, it allows me to see a bit of Miles.

    I'm not sure if I am supposed to appear interested or as if this goes above my head a bit (which it does). So I keep my eyes trained on her, interested but casually so. Still asking for electricity... I'm more interested in Miles' reaction.

    From my new angle I can just see him out of my periphery, and I watch his reaction as best I can.
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    The Fat Man purses his lips in thought. You can practically see him running numbers in his head. "I'm sure we can work out some access to power for you, June Weaver. Now please, what is it that you have to report? I'm keen to hear what you've found." He leans forward slightly, eyes intent.
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    "You may have already known that Gloriana had a working relationship with Parcher, one that probably had extended through her whole career as a sub-warden." I wait to see if this is the case, let it sink in if not. "Parcher was working on a software solution for concealing a subject or location from the feed, remotely. He delivered it to her, functioning."
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    He knows about Gloriana and Parcher.
    "Something that can hide someone from The Feed on a personal level?" The Fat Man says incredulously. "That chum delivered it? Then people could be in the DVFP and the eyes of those outside would be blind to them. Tell me, June Weaver, can you replicate this? Can you disrupt a functional one?" He's keenly interested in this.
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    People. Yes. Individual specialists 'disrupting the plot' of the great spectacle as presented on the Feed, or powerful men and women who want to slum it and engage in more than the usual House depravity...or Gloriana herself.

    "I could disrupt it, but I'd need a serious infusion of jingle to make it happen, to buy the equipment and pay for programming time, and to scout for experts to work with me from Bordertown."

    "I could replicate it, too, but it wouldn't be reliable. Parcher had a year or so on me and a whole lot of resources to test and iterate with. I'm still rebuilding a code base. Tearing something down is faster."
  • I bite my lip, that's what she used to keep eyes of of me. It's what she uses to get around herself, more like. If she's here, and the feed can't see her...

    "I'm sure she can still see everything, even if she is able to block certain individuals." I look at Miles then, he has the feed, I'm sure he's noticed my absence. "That gives her a distinct advantage. Tearing it down would seems prudent if we are to level the playing field. Would you be able to identify the subjects, June?" Might be interesting to know who else she kept hidden.

    I turn to Miles, "Of course, that ask depends on what your priorities are. "
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    "I have avoided the eyes of The Feed here in the palace already. I do not like the idea of agents here, in our house, working invisible to The Feed. Most people see The Feed as a tool of our torture. It is, but it is also the way in which our atrocities are limited. They cannot directly touch us, or all the Houses will see."
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    "I might notice if I was present in the target location when the software was used, or if I was monitoring DVFP security frequencies when she deployed the software. Otherwise it's a tremendous difficulty as I'm without my old research rig." I ponder the pressure I've felt in Sierra's presence..if the Feed hadn't gone insane I would think it could have been this software.

    I grab my crutches from their resting place and stand myself up. "With the Feed defining the purpose and culture of this place, we're left to give everyone the impression that we do this all to ourselves. Interference without provocation would cause popular and legal upheaval. It would destroy revenue. Maybe careers."
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    I smile. "That would be a shame Ooma, but we must do what is right." My tone makes it clear, how much of a shame I think it would be.

    I watch June rise, but I stay sitting and look at Miles'. He's the type of man who prefers deferential treatment. Talk when spoken to, stand once he's standing. I wait for him to indicate this meeting is over.

    I want to ask if June could stay for a while after dinner, I'm not sure if she's available. I truly hope she is, she's so close and... my skin aches to touch hers. To hear her thoughts inside my own. And now that I have Fleece's permission, I don't have much holding me back except June herself.

    I swallow and stay still. She's setting the terms for this, she made that clear, plus we have work to do.
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    The Fat Man listens to you scope out what you can do, what limits you. He glances over at you, Sierra, when you say "ooma". He knows that term, it seems, and it surprises him a little. He files it away and moves on. "I'm hosting a concert in the Arena. Sierra will be singing. It will be a joyous festival and celebration of the strength and spirit of Depot. I'll be attending. June Weaver, I'd like you to attend, bring whomever you wish from your team, they are welcome. I expect that Gloriana will have agents present, you will ferret them out for me."
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    My face slackens a bit, but then recovers into a cavalier smirk at 'ooma'. I roll my neck, once. Dinner and a show for little ole me and my girls. "What time will the concert begin? You can expect me and my people...in a working capacity."
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    "Tomorrow, in the morning. We will celebrate in the light of day, before The Scorch begins. No work, no shops will be open, entrance to the Arena will be free of charge. It will be a new dawn." The Fat Man's quite pleased with this whole idea, he's bought into it.
  • Singing. First thing in the morning? I should just not sleep then, or not sleep much...

    "That's a splendid idea, what a derisann backdrop. The first rays of of the sun hitting the Sands, it's inspired. I'm sure we'll have the appropriate audience. How are you letting the people know?"

    The morning doesn't give us much time to plan, but if June and I can find a few moments of privacy I am sure we can have everything in order by then.
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    "My squads are moving through the streets now. They bought up food and alcohol this morning from market, and they're giving it out now as they carry the word. All ears are open when bellies are full." He cracks a confident smile at that.
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    "So it'll be a full house. Glad I'm workin' the audience, my limit for people payin' attention to me is rather low." I lift off my hat for a moment and fan myself with it.

    "Speakin' of full bellies, do pardon me if I don't have a particular gusto at dinner. I'm not the most dedicated eater in the world, no matter how much I like refined tastes."
  • Ears open, bellies full." Sounds like upper house propaganda to me. "You do know your people." There will always be people like this, unless the system changes.

    I listen to June and...Farathoom, that does surprise me. I thought June would be the face of this rebellion. Then again she may just be saying that for The Fat Man's benefit. There is verbal skill at work here and I feel weirdly like a lamb caught between two lions, a promok out of her depth.

    I smile at the Fat Man, showing some sympathy for June's limitations. "We have sometime before dinner, I'd love to fit in a lesson before dinner."
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    June, your polite decline to indulge in The Fat Man's feast doesn't seem to faze him. Sierra, you ask to have a lesson with June and he looks over to you, "That is acceptable, of course, Sierra. I can leave you here in the library, I do have some matters to handle to ensure everyone in Depot is informed about the Arena Concert." He rises from his seat to leave.
    What do you do?
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    I look around at the rows and rows of books and breathe in the home-like and familiar scent of them. "In an environment like this, a lesson would fit right in."

    I tip my hat to the Fat Man. "Good luck in your endeavors."

    In the back of my mind I'm tryin' to think of what more I can leverage beyond myself to expose these suspected agents. It does seem like somethin' to expect, somethin' Gloriana would do with her resources in here.

    "Well. Sierra, where would you like to pick up?"
  • I lick my lips, that won't do. We need privacy.

    For more than one reason.

    When Miles stands I stand gracefully and turn to him, smiling. "No, I wouldn't dare take up a public space for this." I reach out to touch his hand, just a gentle touch, finger tips against the back of his hand. "I wouldnt want to make people uncomfortable..." I say, motioning incrementally towards June, playing on people's fear of her. "With your permission, I can take her to my room, where we shouldn't be a bother."
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    The Fat Man stiffens slightly, this is "out of scope" from his plan. But you've maneuvered things well here, he can't just say no without rescinding some of the hospitality he's offered. Sierra, why don't you Manipulate him to grant June, the big bad hacker, access to his basement levels.
  • OOC: Rolling to Manipulate

    (Rolled: 2d6+3 . Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 12)
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    He ponders for only a moment, then nods, "Very well, Sierra. Dinner will be served in an hour and a half." He moves towards the door, turning to duck his head in a polite bow, "See you two lovely ladies soon." He turns and exits.
    Sierra, if you choose to lead June down, you may.
  • I wait until Miles leaves the room before turning to June, a real smile on my face. "Shall we, Ms. Weaver? It's just a short walk from here." I move towards June, not touching yet, just seeing if she needs any assistance before moving in front of her to escort her down.

    We pass the kitchens, pass the washer and dryers, and go into the "master bedroom." I push the panel on the wall to reveal the area with the elevator, it opens quickly and easily for me.

    We go down one floor and turn onto the final length of hallway, going slow until we reach the bedroom. Opening the door, I let her step inside.
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    This is Sierra's room:
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    Oh my. Deep into the belly of the beast we go. I thought there might be more to this space and now I'm going to get to see it. All the working tech in here feels so foreign. I look while trying not to rubberneck, followin' Sierra closely. I'm curious what the Fat Man wouldn't want me to find down here.

    I duck into the room Sierra lets me into. "Well, an hour and a half. How much do you think we can cover in that frame of time?"

    I find a hook to hang my hat on and study the room, then Sierra's lovely face. Part of me is plannin' quietly for tomorrow, I can't help it, but the rest is all right here.

    "Things are happening very quickly."
  • I nod. "Very quickly." I bite my lip and move closer, my hand skimming the edge of her sleeve, finding the seam between her skin and the leather glove.

    "We can talk faster like this. I have so much to tell you."

    I look around the room, at the chairs on the far side. Or the large bed in the middle. I can feel myself blush. Hoolies, like an uncertain girl.

    And maybe I am, June was clear last time. There was something stopping her, I don't know if that obstacle was removed or if it's still firmly in place.

    I circle her wrist with my hand, thumb running over the views in her wrist.

    "Where would you like to sit?"
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    "Goodness, it's only been a couple of hours, but let's.." Gingerly, I remove one, then the other glove. I have a bit of a false finish and have to drop to bracing myself on Sierra's shoulder.

    I pause for a moment, breathing in to steady myself and getting a full sampling of the soft, delicious scent of her hair. My own scent is woody, smoky, herbal. "Let's sit on the bed."

    Recovered, I move myself there and settle down. I offer her a bare hand again, mirroring other times I've made the offer. "How are you feeling, in here?"
  • I reach out to hold her hand, our skin sliding together as i move our fingers to fit alongside each others. Then i feel it, that rush of our joining, our nerve ends somehow connecting through flesh, our connection coming truely alive.

    "He's been generous, eager to show his good will and to put me to use."

    "I don't think there are cameras here, I can't hear or feel any."

    I lick my lips, and sit gently near her. Maybe closer than I strictly needed to, but not so close as to be wildly inappropriate - in case I misjudged her.

    "I've got him, he's... whatever I do to some people, I've done to him. Enthralled him. I saw it happen. He'll be more susceptible to my suggestion, more concerned for my safety, but honestly I'm not even sure what the full implications are."
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    We touch more sincerely, and the resonance between us is like two strings speakin' in sympathy. I know that it could be so much louder and deeper, and my old hesitation is bendin' in the wind of temptation and vital certainty.

    "Ah, I see. Not my question, but.."

    "Can't hear or feel them, eh? That's good to know." I lean in over her to look in her eyes, fill up her vision as I bring her hand up to my mouth and kiss at the soft skin behind her knuckles.

    "Sierra, what if..you could take the capacity I have to enmesh my nervous system with someone else's..and you could secret that capacity away in someone's body, grow them up that way? Make them more responsive to others, and more powerful to respond to?"
  • I shake my head softly, closing my eyes. "I don't know how I feel, like I dodged one trap for another? No. I'm not sure. Everything is happening so fast.

    When I open my eyes, she's so close. Leaning over me, inches in front of me, filling up my vision. I can smell the tobacco and cloves that seem to hang on her skin.

    She brings my hand to her lips and my mouth falls open with a little gasp. It's lovely, my lips parting gently, but I'm not doing it for show. I'm barely aware I'm doing it at all.

    I lean forward, my lips bare centimeters away from our joined hands. My eyes intently searching hers. She's teasing me both in body and mind. My heart is racing, it's groshingly delicious.

    "On one hand, I'd say you were describing a weapon. On the other, I'd say you were describing me..."

    I lick my lips and tick my chin forward just a tad, unable to help myself. Drawn to her, to our connection. "What does that make me?"
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    Am I ready to toy with this beautiful weapon in my hand? "It makes you amazing. Possessed of an incredible potential." I just can't help it. I lean in further to catch her mouth in mine, to kiss her with more than just a light, testing kiss. Just because I suspect doesn't mean I know..and I have to know.

    "I didn't become what I am today to be a weapon. I wanted to explore, to blaze trails into new human experience. I wanted to be in control of the future I saw comin' my way. Sierra.. I have to warn you that it's different with me."
  • Her lips touch mine and it feels like my brain has caught fire. I can feel nerves blazing to life, reaching out, seeking June. And I can feel when they start to connect and I gasp into the kiss.

    I move onto her, kissing back, desperate and willing for whatever she can do. "It's different with me too... I want to experience you June. All of you."

    I take my hands and hold her face, finding more contact, more connections. I pull her towards me and move back scooting up toward the headboard. I moan softly as she catches my lips again.

    I'm not afraid of you, June. Are you afraid of me?"
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    I follow her to the headboard, kissing again, alive to the way she opens up to me, connects with me. I'm on the edge of a mesh that feels so rich and analogue. Already it's like our touch echoes, spiraling up into something words hardly exist for.

    I separate from Sierra and pull off my coat, then wind down my suspenders. I grin down at her, eyelids low. "Fear is a small word. Today, tomorrow..let's not be small."
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    I raptly watch June remove her jacket and I can't help but to think that June would have made an excellent Skinner. All those layers, like armor, peeling away.

    Fear is a small word. Today, tomorrow..let's not be small

    I release a breath, staccatoed from the intensity of this moment. I rise up onto my knees, running my hands up the sides of her crisp white shirt, fingers trailing along her edges and curves. My hands graze the front of her, in a light tease, to meet at the top button of her shirt.

    "I don't believe either of us were made for small things. And together, together Ooma, we have the potential to do the unspeakable."

    I make quick work of them, kissing her collarbone and neck as it becomes available to me. Craving that spark.

    "He has a Gryphon fawn, a pretty boy, who shares his bed. I'm not sure, but I suspect they might be contributing to the wealth of this place... Gryphon and Manticore have always had a tenuous relationship."

    Once I have all her buttons undone, I turn to show her the lace and button back of my dress. "Could you?" I say softly, pulling my hair to one side and looking at her over my right shoulder.
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    Oh, how I'm ready for this attention. While Sierra undoes my shirt, I balance with my hands on her hips and kiss her brow. I reach up and feel the softness of the skin of her arms, shoulders, neck.

    Outwardly my response to her words is a satisfied chuckle. Inwardly, our sharing continues. "How long has this fawn been with him? It's been interesting to see him respond with such..bold spending, after the palace was crushed. I've wondered if he had sponsorship for some time."

    Sierra presents her back to me and I feel the need to draw it out, waste a little time. I toss my shirt away behind me, revealing all of my angular shoulders and tattooed and scarred chest. The dark trails of wires are visible through my skin in places.

    I lean in further than necessary to start undoing her dress, nuzzling at her neck and kissing at the nape of it.

  • "I'm not sure. Fleece is going to examine him, try to find out what she can. She's examining his whole force, should give us a good idea of what we are dealing with..."

    I watch June strip over my shoulder, revealing the tapestry of her skin. A map of self experimentation, realization, exploration - proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that only June owns her body. It's stunning. I'm wildly curious, jealous that I thought two pin pricks in my ear was bodily rebellion when clearly, I don't even fathom what that means.

    When she moves on me I moan, deep in my throat, my head tipped to the side to give her mouth better access.

    " I want to trace your scars and trail my tongue along the electricity that runs through your body. I want to chase your spark. I want to know you, June Weaver."

  • photo JuneWeaver.png

    "It will help us learn more, for sure. I quite like Fleece.." Not sure how much more, but that's on our ability to use the facts Fleece brings us.

    I slide Sierra's dress down her body, slowly, then lean in and wrap my arms around her, holding her to me indulgently. "There's quite a lot of spark. While you chase, I hope we come to a greater resonance. May I do the same?"
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    My dress slithers down round my knees, exposing my skin to the cool air. June holds me, my back to her front, nothing but skin on skin. When her hands come around my stomach I gasp, and lean my head back to rest against her chest, my eye lids fluttering.

    I can feel what is between us building. I move against June's body, desperate to feel all of her against me. When I grind down, I moan in frustration, feeling her pants against me. I look up, meeting her red eyes with mine.

    "You may do whatever you desire."
    I move my hand to the back of her head and pull her cool lips to mine.
  • photo JuneWeaver.png

    I kiss back, letting her brace my head while I reach down to undo my pants. "Then believe me, I shall."

    The uncertainty of where this will go is thrilling..I try to take it slow but with her full permission it's..challenging. Between moments enjoying the delights of Sierra's advance on my body, I push my way into her senses, into her mind, trying to bring us closer.

    It's good. Very good.

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    I feel her hand working between us and when her pants fall away I moan happily into the kiss, breaking it, so I can turn in her arms - straddling her leg and fitting my thigh between hers.

    "Oh heavens, yes." I breathe out. The pressure where my body needed it most, combined with the pressure from our joining makes me feel high.

    I make good on my promise, tracing my nails down her chest till I find the dark lines underneath pale skin. I bow my back to lick and nibble the path from her sternum to her throat. That's when I start to feel it...

    I can feel June slipping into my mind, Tendrils tracing the pathways from my skin to my brain and they sound, oh Gloriana, it sounds like music. The sharp sound of the violin and the deep echo of a Cello cascading and building as she moves toward me.

    I moan against her neck and let myself fall gently backward, taking June with me. Drawing more, ever more of her skin to mine. Helping her along. I take a moment to listen, to learn the rhythm, to hear the melody and all the possible notes in between.

    "You are so beautiful."

    I listen and I learn the harmony, construct it in my mind and I play.

    The chords of the piano ring out, the notes beginning, joining with a harp and I can almost see the silver lines of music fanning out from me, reaching to join with June's. Aching to complete the composition.

    "Tell me what I need to do... " I think, before taking her mouth with mine again.

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    Alright, let's mix in some mechanics here. Hypnotize should fire right now, Sierra. Let's see how that happens.
  • OOC: ROLLING hypnotize *crosses fingers*

    (Rolled: 2d6+3 . Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 12)
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    Wow, okay, that's grand. Now, since it is time and solitude and you're seeking info here, Sierra. I think the Deep Brain Scan move would trigger before we fade to black. So, let's see that one next.

    Once we have those rolls, I'll move you both to a new scene that assumes we've faded to black on the on screen physicality, and things have moved into more psychic / esoteric areas. This is also where Sex Moves will fire.
  • photo JuneWeaver.png

    Pulled over her, calling me beautiful, I pause to see Sierra with my simple, external sight. I've been with quite a few people, and I can count on one hand the ones who have sincerely called me beautiful. I slide a hand behind her head, feeling her soft hair, reading into the freedom of perception that her sheltered life has gifted her with.

    "You deserve so much better than you've gotten. I wish we had the time to really..ah! Really engage in study."

    I kiss her and let go of my senses. "You need to resonate with me, gently teasin' out the depth of the connection. Take your time, do it when it's right."

  • "There is always tomorrow." I lean back tacking a breath, "tomorrow, and tomorrow's tomorrow." I don't think or say, if there is a tomorrow, we both know what is at stake.

    She retakes my mouth and I whimper into the kiss. Her voice in my head is perfectly in time with the growing symphony. I let go of my body, trusting it to bring us to completion, and concentrate instead on our resonance.

    It takes, I am not sure how long, before our two melody's meet. I can feel myself, tentatively reach out with a trail of tinkling notes, before pulling back, readjusting, adding in the depth, pulling in the harp and sliding alongside her, testing the harmony. Before finding the right chord, the ride place to slide them together and then, oh heavens, we synthesize.

    The music, us, we're insumatt...

    OOC: Rolling Deep Brain Scan
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 10)
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