[NULL] Havana Mox, the Empath

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Havana Mox, the Empath



Havana is of fluid gender, wears mixed-media wear with a striking face, mysterious eyes, and a toned body.
Havana is of unidentifiable mixed ethnic descent.



The Burden

Havana's burden is that the flow is also a curse. Havana would be rid of it if at all possible. (Not in stone)

The Flow

When I touch objects sometimes I can use Flow to charge it. You get the Charged Object move.


ABSORB: You begin with 0 Flow. When you intentionally draw on the emotions around you, name someone present; if it’s a PC, choose an emotion and absorb all their spikes. If it’s an NPC, the MC will tell you what you can absorb from them when you roll. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7–9, choose 2. On a miss, choose 1 anyway, but also take 1 harm AP. „ You get +1 Flow. „ They aren’t aware of what you are doing. „ You don’t spike out that emotion yourself. „ You completely clear out or fill up all the spikes in the emotion of your choosing.

SLING: When you tap into and expel the Flow within you, roll+Flow. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7–9, choose 1. „ Spike out an emotion of your choosing in all those present. „ Exclude someone from your sling. „ Avoid suspicion or notice. „ Inflict 1 harm (area, close, AP) to anyone around you

CHARGE OBJECT: When you channel the energy you have from your Flow and use it to charge an object, roll and add +1 for each Flow you expend. On a hit, when an NPC touches your object, you can choose 1 thing from the following list to have happen:
 They suffer humanity harm.
 You may ask them how __________ relates to __________?
 You learn what emotion they are feeling right now, and any thoughts or memories that are tied to those feelings.
For PCs, when it touches their skin choose 1:
 They suffer humanity harm.
 You may hold 1; spend that hold to assist or interfere with them despite any and all barriers that would normally prevent it, including distance.


Havana carries a poison tipped flechette magnum (2 harm close area reload loud)
as well as a derma-linked neuronet palm disruptor (S harm hand reload disrupting)


[Detail: How did you get your cybernetics? Did you: Kill for them, Steal them, Owe Cred, or owe Giri for them?]
Eye (3 tags): Multispectrum, Networked, Magnification. Disconcerting.
Ear (3 tags): Amplification, Selective. Susceptible to jamming.
Arm (1 tag): [options].
Leg (1 tag): [options].
Interface (1 tag): [options].
Chest (1 tag): [options].


[Detail: Create three Beliefs. If a Belief is tested this session, mark 1 XP at the end of the session. If a Belief gets you into trouble this session, mark 2 XP at the end of the session. If a Belief is erased and resolved or changed after being tested, mark 3 XP.]

1. First impressions should never be trusted.
2. If someone stands up to the man, get on their side. (As long as nobody innocent gets killed)
3. I mustn't let anyone see me beneath the veil.


Havana's jam is appearing both as security and a semi-public figure at high class clubs, raves, and underground events where dark-suited thugs would kill the vibe. Havana has been known to work at events of questionable legality. Likely some other, more secret, aspect to this work as well. (Not yet in stone)


[Detail: When you attempt something that benefits you and fail or when you gain XP from beliefs mark each box per 1XP you accrue. Grab the advancement list from your playbook.]

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