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I think character creation has handled a great deal of setting development already, and the worldbuilding portion of the game is pretty scant. Let's run through some of the relevant questions now so we have a consistent worldview:

Is this environment inhabited?

We've never seen anyone else out here before;
We've seen the occasional humans and settlements;
• We've established a natural human population more or less in equilibrium with the environment;
• We're over populated, something needs to be done to re-establish and equilibrium;
• We're past the point where we could establish an equilibrium again, and the population is out of control.

n.b. — we've already established that a market has cropped up around the Neon Pagoda, and that there is a sizeable population (enough to have clubs and raves), so I'm calling this an urban setting — it fits best if we're in a Noir theme, anyway. Let's talk about the population of this place, though. Are we in a sprawling metropolis with boroughs and subcultures? Or a smaller city with a singular identity, and monoculture?

Cybernetics are considered:

• Taboo;
• Ubiquitous;
• Fashionable;
• Illegal.
• ???

n.b. — seeing as we have an architect, and an A.I. in play, I think it makes sense to keep cybernetics rather open. I also like the idea of them being pretty ingrained in society. Since we do have an Honed in the game, it makes sense that at least some portion of the population will see cybernetics as Taboo — but is that the view of most people? What do you think?

The regime/government/bureaucracy is:

• A Monarchy;
• Democratic;
• Fascist;
• A Republic;
• A Dictatorship;
• ???

and is:

• Firmly in power;
• Newely established;
• In disrepair;
All but eradicated.

n.b. — it looks like the Neon Pagoda provides some degree of Giri enforcement. Whether or not that's a de facto government or a codified one is kind of irrelevant. What matters is that some form of law exists in our setting. The nature of that law, however, is up for discussion.
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