[NULL] Debug Trace [H2, R2]

Havana, you manage to slip out of the bar before the Honor guards can get their hands on you, but this is the Daimyo's building. Glitch follows, without really understanding why. He doesn't protest, but he does ask you where you're taking him along the way. You should be aware: there are Honor guards everywhere in the Neon Pagoda, and they don't so much act as individuals, as they do a hive mind. You've been flagged by them for suspicious activity, and you can't help but feel like you're being watched... That's when a familiar face works its way out of the crowd in the bar — Rostam.

Rostam, Seigi and Kai are a little confused when you suddenly bow, and leave; but they're deeply entrenched in booze, and conversation, so they don't give it a second thought. You catch up to Havana and her mysterious friend just outside the bar. The figure in the shadows is slipping through the ductwork, and following the pair wherever they go. You see it drawing a blade from its back, as it quietly makes its way closer to them from above.

What do you do?


  • This shadowy figure, drawing its blade... well, to be earthy about it, they're drek on my shoe. Hiding in the Veil, or at least I suspect so. I need to get to where I can act directly on this threat. (Rolling Parkour+Powerful, since I'm feeling it...)

    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 3, 3. Total: 8)
  • I maneuver my way to a position of advantage and grab a discarded, empty magnum bottle of some nano-bubbly to use as a weapon.
  • Guessing I'm unaware of all that huh?
    Got my own stuff on my mind... but was Rostam bailing on the party, too? Is he on to us? He wouldn't be working with the Guard... I know that much.

    Once we're outside the bar it's a matter of keeping low and getting gone.

    "We gotta get gone, Glitch," I watch out backs, thankful that I'm stylin' tame today. At least I'm not glowing, right? "you can't go to a place like that thinkin' what you were thinking and have nobody take notice. But I'm with you. You ain't done nothin, right? Thinkin' is not a crime."

    Sometimes it is...

    Rostam isn't really present in the Veil... he's hard to pick out for anyone turned on. But he's a maelstrom in the flow and I know he's following us. I just have to trust he's on our side here.

    "This way," this isn't my home turf so I'm not intimate. But I'm the kind that's sometimes asked to leave discreetly. I take the dark ways out, and gently touch the contacts of my palm disruptor with my fingertips... and hope I don't have to rely on it.
  • image

    Rostam, you scale the side of the bar's entrance, up into the rafters of the Neon Pagoda's main hall. The balconies below are filled with conference goers socializing. The drop from up here is a solid three stories to the glass floor overlooking the Neon Pagoda's main club. You see your target, sword drawn, holding onto one of the many support struts of the thin aluminum trusses supporting ceiling of the main hall — footing up here is precarious, and you can feel the support trusses flexing under your weight.

    Don't fall.

    Whoever your target is, they haven't spotted you yet — but it looks like they're about to pounce on Havana's companion. What do you do?

    Havana, you're not aware of this as of yet, no — unless you're actively scanning the area for any dangers, in which case you should probably roll Analyze. Just out of curiosity, are you carrying your magnum?

    Glitch follows you, but it's slow going getting through the crowd of the Neon Pagoda at this hour — especially a crowd of self-possessed corporate drones that are busy networking their way to the top of the corporate ladder. The elevators and stairs have honor guards posted at them. They're not actively looking for you, but they are scanning everyone trying to enter/leave. If you can get past them, you'll pretty much be home free.

    What do you do?
  • Pretty sure being armed with a deadly weapons is discouraged in a high class place like that. So magnum's at home. Unless I'm totally wrong.

    But I'm alert and wary for danger, so let's go with the analysis roll, it can help us get to safety, or alert me about unseen dangers.
  • [HAVANA]
    Analyze the situation: Scared+0
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 2, 6. Total: 8)
  • Analyze questions:
    What is my best way out? Just play it cool and walk past? Or do we need to find a secret path.
    What if anything appears out of place?

    Of course, my sense of the flow might be a factor here. What do I feel.
  • I don't fall often, but I don't much want a fight up here, so my best course of action is to push before they pounce, I think. I use the trusses to make my way over to my target and aim a kick at their shoulder, trying to knock them down.
  • Havana, Playing it straight would be more difficult than it sounds — Glitch's busted UUID transmitter would flag him for suspicion on the best of days, and the Daimyo's honor guard doesn't fuck around when it comes to blowing threats out of proportion, feel me? So outside of climbing down the balconies to the levels below (which would be damn impressive, if super dangerous for someone who isn't as familiar with acrobatics as Rostam is), your best bet is a distraction. The guards can't focus on you if they're overwhelmed dealing with something else, right?

    As for what appears out of place, at first it appears that would be Rostam – because you catch him scaling the side of the bar's facade into the rafters – but then you spot him dashing along the trusses of the building in pursuit of some shadowy figure, with a sword drawn, staring at you and Glitch.

    Rostam, your eyes are on the cloaked figure as they stalk their prey. You dart between the struts towards them, and launch your attack.

    Sounds like you're trying to Neutralize them. Roll it!
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    Someone stalking Glitch? Because he's after the Daimyo's son? Because he failed? The possibilities flood through my head, but Rostam is here... and he's on the trail of this threat... on the best of days I'm not a fighter. And I'm not even armed beyond my last-ditch stunner.... so all I can do is try to get Glitch out of here and deal with the details once we're lost in the background noise.

    "Wait for the right moment," I say softly to Glitch without looking. As we linger and hopefully just look like we're enjoying some together time outside the party.

    Glancing up at Rostam and our pursuer, though, has given me an idea. I trace the conduits and wires from the neon and glaring overheads... find a spot where they meet. A junction, a switch... and as I pass I'll touch it with my disruptor, casual--like a breeze... but the discharge should overload whatever's linked... hopefully blow a few of those neon tubes... send some quickening sparks flying and get these guards looking the other way so we get make dust.
  • [HAVANA]
    Rolling to Divert the guard's attention from myself and Glitch. +0Scared +1Analyze
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 6, 4. Total: 11)
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    [HAVANA] 10+ Choosing 3:
    * Your actions create an opportunity for you or someone else. (For Rostam, or for Glitch to also escape if need be)
    * You’re able to slip away. (Will take this or the previous twice if need be)
  • [ROSTAM] Trying again, correctly.
    (Rolled: 3d6+2. Rolls: 5, 1, 6. Total: 14)
  • [ROSTAM] Spending 1Hold to change the location (GM choice).
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    Havana, the light fixtures explode with loud a loud POP, and sparks are flying everywhere as the plasmas cool, and disolve. The guards immediately turn their attention to the lights, and while the guards are busy trying to find out what's going on, and who is responsible for this, you manage to slip away with Glitch in tow.

    Continued in [NULL] Glitching Out [H3]

    Rostam, You land your kick square on the would-be assassin's shoulder, exactly where you aimed it. They're heavier than you expected though, perhaps sporting a military-grade sleeve. They stumble forward, almost losing their balance before they grab on to a strut, and turn to face you. They raise their sword to swing at you, and the lights explode underneath you, sending sparks flying. An arc of electricity discharges through the support strut this mysterious figure is holding on to, and they convulse as the high-amperage courses through their body. Their sword goes flying off into the distance, and they don't recover from the shock quickly enough to catch it.

    A few short moments later, the shock subsides, and they reassess their odds with you — evidently they don't like it, because they bolt. Leaping from truss to truss, they make their way for the window, and the rooftops outside.

    Do you pursue them?
  • I'm juiced up on adrenaline, and Havana may not be one of "my" people, but they're still known to me... and this mysterious attacker seems to be an interesting challenge. I pursue to the roof.
  • image
    The target crashes through a window in the upper rafters of the Neon Pagoda, but the chaos down below leaves most people clueless. You pursue them across the beams, out the window, and into the warm, muggy night. A tremendous updraft hits you as you cross the threshold of the window, and land on a small overhang of the Neon Pagoda's lowest roof. The target has already started running for some skybridges on the north-side of the pagoda.

    I know you've already hit Parkour in this thread, but I think your pursuit of whoever this is plays into that hand perfectly. If you agree, roll it. If not, what do you do?
  • I will certainly use my skills to get to where I need to be. And now I'm pissed.

    Parkour with Mad (+1)
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 6, 4. Total: 11)
  • [ROSTAM] I'll take these three:

    Leave no trail or trace.

    Navigate to an advantageous spot.

    Change, reorganize, or manipulate the environment to their detriment.
  • I don't know this area well, but I know areas like it. I leap off the roof and grab the supports of those sky bridges swing myself up into a shadowed nook so this assassin? or whatever won't see me when they run past.
  • The mysterious figure leaps from rooftop to rooftop, as fast as they can. They seem aimless, taking you around the market in a random walk in hopes they'll lose you. You manage to herd them up into the rooftops of a small corporate apartment building a few blocks away from the Neon Pagoda. You're able to trick them into thinking they've lost you, and they're wandering around the rooftop, trying to get their bearings.

    You're well hidden among some HVAC equipment, when you hear a vocoded, and almost inhuman voice whisper, "shit," as the realization that there's nowhere to go but backwards dawns on them.

    You have the drop on them, and they have nowhere to go. What do you do?
  • I step into a patch of light, on the balls of my feet and blocking their escape route. "There's no need for violence. Who are you after, and who sent you?"
  • The figure spins around, and its head darts around searching for an exit. They back away from you slowly when they realize there isn't one. You see the mechanical face of your target for the first time in real detail.
    It's a cybernetic helmet, completely obscuring whoever is underneath it. The glowing cameras where eyes should be focus on you, apertures narrowing into thin slits. The figure stands their ground.

    "I don't know who you are, but I've got no quarrel with you. I'm an enforcer, protecting the interests of my employer, and I am sworn to secrecy — I won't betray them."
  • "Are you after Havana?" That's what makes the most difference to me. Don't know the other person. "And why would you think it was okay to operate in the Neon Pagoda?"
  • The mysterious figure is silent for a moment, they seem to be pondering an answer, and stalling for time. They start pacing around you, trying to figure a way out of their current predicament...

    "I don't know that name," they answer, "and I operate wherever my master tells me to. It would be prudent to let me go..."
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    Well, I've given Havana time to get out of the immediate threat, and there's no real reason for me to take any risks here. I have the quarry at bay, they're mine to set free. I step back. "Go, then... but I'll be watching for you."
  • The figure stands surprised at first, and they don't move for a moment as they try and piece together whether you're setting them up. Eventually, they slink past you, and bolt for the nearest exit. What do you plan to do?
  • I plan to let them go. I don't know who Havana was with, and I'm not much interested, but it seems like Havana wasn't the target. Only a fool continues a fight after he's won, and I certainly won this contest.
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