[AotA] Introductions

Hello world! Welcome to our playtest of Autumn of the Ancients, a sci-fi hack of Fall of Magic.

Rules here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ek5x11r80d9knst/aota_full_letter_v2.pdf?dl=0
Map here: http://apo.calypti.ca/aota/map/

Take some time to read things through, and explore the map. Whenever you're ready, we can talk about any hopes/expectations you have for the theme/setting, and any safety tools you'd like to place in play (lines/veils, etc). I generally support the use of X-Cards, so as always if something happens in play and you want it to stop (no questions asked), just post a single "X" in the thread, and we'll stop play until we can roll back to a safe place.

If you've got questions, ask away. If not, I'm excited to hear what people have in mind for characters!


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