[AotA] Universe & Character Generation

So there's no GM in this game, which might make progress on PBP trickier as there's no one person directing us. That being said- lets make the universe and our characters here!

Describe how your character looks- is it normal/abnormal for their species?
Describe your characters job/role- how did they get it? How do they feel about it?
Describe a typical day for your character, before you agreed to join the Liminal?
Describe one thing you've heard about the Liminal?

(This being PBP it's possible that we'll contradict each other- it's ok to disagree, we should check in on the group hangout if we're not sure if we want to do a thing.)


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    Hello, I am Four. I am here to help you find the answers you seek.

    Four looks like a human, augmented with some tech. She typically wears robes and always has her mala necklace with her- whether as a necklace or bracelet. She is a relatively young AI- about 20 Earth years old- but found her calling early on after coming online.

    Being Minister is Four's calling- she found early on that while sentient beings are very smart and curious, they can be very closed minded and set in their own perspectives. She councils them, often asking thought provoking questions in order to help them find what they seek. She doesn't believe in any deities, but understands why cultures create them and the value that spirituality can bring to a person's life.

    A typical day for Four starts with meditation- she examines the day before and tries to step through it as an organic being would, with their biased reasoning and flawed logic through the lens of their limited perspective. She does this to empathize with them. After that she attends chapel and speaks with those who seek her help. She digitizes physical texts- processing and interpreting the text rather than strictly translating it. At meal time she attends and observes, interacting with people if they like- organic social interaction fascinates her. She likes to spend time weaving in the evening, creating fabric for herself and others. The woman who taught Four to weave impressed upon her the need to include an imperfection- a tradition some cultures include so as to not offend the perfection of Heaven, but the teacher suggested Four incorporate in order to produce a 'character or personality' to the things she made. Four has always included one mistake in everything she's made.

    Four has heard that the Liminal seeks to return to the birthplace of ancient technology in order to be reincarnated into their next form, a process they've completed thousands of times since the beginning of the universe.
  • Hi all — I'm Dwi. I'm here because the Liminal said so...

    Dwi is a young man approximately 30 years old, and of mixed evolutional heritage. His father, a former human ambassador of the Capital to the Taulan fleet, met and fell in love with his mother, a native Taulan. His human genes are strong enough that they form a dominant interest in his appearance: he is of slightly larger than average human height and build, he has no unusual appendages or vestigial features, and he is fairly fit; however because his mother is of a spacefaring race that has not had a home planet for several million years, he is easily sunburnt, has minimal pigmentation in his hair (it's mostly silver/white), and is prone to illness a little more easily than most (a result of his mother's lack of immune system). His eyes also have metallic fragments in them from a failed Taulan ocular implant that are still being broken down by his body. Occasionally, when the sunlight strikes them just right, his irises sparkle ever so slightly — he is deeply embarrassed by it.

    Dwi has spent the majority of his life exiled from the Capital proper. Capital law is very strict – it only grants citizenship to people who are born on Capital soil, with parents who have active citizenship (of which there are a slew of requirements to maintain active citizenship). His lack of citizenship has made it nigh-impossible for him to even step foot on a Capital world. His father has spent years fighting the bureaucracy to obtain official citizenship for him in secret, but this fight was recently made public, and he was forced to retire in disgrace. Dwi has always been told by his father that citizenship in the Capital Cluster is his birthright, and he should fight at every turn to obtain it — but he has mixed feelings about whether he wants to be a part of a nation that he's never truly known.

    As an adult, Dwi has spent his days surveying distant unknown regions of the galaxy. He leases a small ship where he will spend months at a time collecting data about solar systems that may never be visited again. He keeps a Taulan standard day, waking up at the usual time, feeding his pet dog "Rocky", and managing data acquisition from the array of sensors various mining corporations have given him to expand their galactic presence. He spends most of his time alone, and while he tells himself that's a good thing, Rocky would likely disagree — if he could talk.

    Dwi has heard the Liminal is a being which lives in many multiverses, and that it often gets confused as to which universe it is in.
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    Hello? I am Nur?

    Nur was chosen as the representative of her kind to accompany the Liminal. Someone jokingly described her as willowy, a joke she did not get until it was explained that a willow was a tall, slender tree on Terra and it was often used as an adjective there.

    She is assigned to the gardens on the ship, her species' natural affinity for plants and ability to help them grow a little faster a natural fit for her. She loves the quiet of the greenhouse, talking to the plants as she would her siblings. She is young by her species standards, only about 50 solar cycles.

    She is curious about her shipmates, and often seeks them out, only to stand shyly and watch them instead of talking to them. Her home planet is not an official Capital world, merely a satellite of another planet that is. She had just finished her schooling, long days of sitting at the side of an elder as they taught some task: weaving, cooking, calligraphy, medicine.

    Nur has heard that the Liminal is lonely and seeks others of its kind.
  • Now let's describe the Liminal...

    Describe your homeworld's public opinion of the Liminal.
    Describe an aspect of the Liminal's physical form.
    Describe a way in which the Liminal is showing signs of mortality.
  • Liminal says "Jump"...

    Dwi's people are "technically" the Capital; but in reality, Dwi doesn't know what they think, or how they would even feel about something as legendary as the Liminal. To the Taulan flotilla, that's really what the Liminal is — the stuff of legends. To them, the Liminal is a collection of stories, told by travelers over the comm bands about how the Liminal's multiverse-spanning revelations leveled this once great civilization or lifted up that one. The Taulans view these stories with a healthy dose of skepticism and have managed to survive largely without the Liminal's aid.

    The Liminal is beautiful — it's impossible to know if that's their evolved form, or eons of cosmetic, and genetic design, but they appear to be physically pleasing to all beings they encounter — that said, the Liminal's mental state is clearly showing signs of mental degradation. They spend fleeting few moments in lucidity and often find themselves unable to reconcile the realities in their head with the reality they're confronted with.
  • The Liminal is just another of the creatures of the universe, no more, no less. A powerful creature to be sure, but still a being with wants and needs.

    The Liminal is avian in appearance, it's once magnificent feathers now molting with age.
  • The members of Parliament in the Capital don't fully trust the Liminal- someone outside of their jurisdiction- though they make shows of support to keep up appearances. The order Four belongs to, however, deeply respects the Liminal and holds records and teachings of them as sacred.

    The Liminal's eyes change color, though it's not clear if this is voluntary or not.

    The Liminal is no longer able to fly, a condition that signaled to them that it was time to make the journey to the birthplace of ancient technology.
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